Tom Brady’s Diet & Workout – His Fitness Regime, Weight Training, Lifestyle, Stretches & Meal Plan

Tom Brady diet

Tom Brady is an American football quarterback.

He launched his football career as a backup QB when he was in high school already.

When he got onto his varsity team in his junior year, he was already gaining much interest from college recruiters.

He played for the University of Michigan in 1995.

He was soon promoted from being the back-up QB, to the starter, and then on to team captain.

Over his 20 seasons as a top footballer, he now is currently playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers – on his way to another Super Bowl.
No wonder he has been named the games’ Most Valuable Player (MVP) five times over – arguably the best quarterback player ever.

After all, he has three NFL MVP trophies behind him, 14 Pro Bowl selections; not forgetting his record Super Bowl count.

Tom Brady’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine – How Does He Stay In Shape?

Current Stats 

  • Weight: 102 kg./225 lbs.
  • Birthday: San Mateo, California, USA
  • Birthplace: 3 August 1977
  • Awards and Accomplishments:
    • ‘Super Bowl MVP: 2001, 2003, 2014, 2016’
    • ‘NFL AP MVP/PFWA MVP: 2007, 2010, 2017’
    • ‘Bert Bell Award (Player of the Year): 2007’
    • ‘NFL AP Offensive Player of the Year: 2007, 2010’
    • ‘NFL AP/PFWA Comeback Player of the Year: 2009’
    • ‘14 Pro Bowls’
    • ‘3 First-Team All-Pro’
    • ‘30x Player of the Week’
    • ‘10x Player of the Month’

Workout Principles of Tom Brady

tom brady

Tom Brady doesn’t do bench presses or squats.

He incorporates equipment like massage balls, resistance bands, and vibrating foam rollers.

He works on his muscle mass too.

He also works with his brain – he does visual and auditory processing as well.

He is known to practice mindfulness as well.

Tom Brady’s Training Methods

Tom Brady is well known for using the “TB12 Method.”

This method focuses on pliability, i.e. adding flexibility to the muscles through a series of different workouts, using resistance bands.

What is the TB12 Method? Four years ago, Tom released his best-selling booked called “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.”

This gave readers a glimpse into these training methods.

This workout program and diet of TB12 are fundamental to Brady’s overall performance.

It also gives him the opportunity to sell his TB nutritional products and other stuff.

Tom Brady’s Workout Routine

Like many celebrities, Tom Brady also has a personal trainer. He gets his help from Alex Guerrero.

Because of him, Tom Brady stays in top physical form. When it’s his off-season, Tom visits a private training facility in the Bahamas.

There he puts his TB12 workout to use. He will work out four to five days a week.

This still gives him time for his brain exercises.

Let’s see what Tom does during his workout routine during this off-season. This is according to the 2019 Men’s Health interview:

  • Tom wakes up at 5:30 am.
  • He does a 4-minute pre-workout massage from Guerrero. It targets 20 different muscle groups.
  • He does a 40-minute resistance band workout.
  • He includes squats, lunges, planks, and shoulder exercises.
  • He has a post-workout massage to flush lactic acid, increase blood flow, and expedite his recovery time.
  • He does 15-minutes of online brain exercises to enhance visual precision and cognitive function.

As we mentioned earlier, Tom prefers resistance band training to regular weight training.

This is so he can focus on speed, agility, and core stability. He prefers the resistance bands because the heavier weights can lead to tear-prone muscle fibers.

Guerrero says, “You can’t do weighted squats one day and then the next expect to be fast and nimble in the other direction.”

A full-blown TB12 workout program looks something like this

  • Warm-up: This is a pliability session with a TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller or Sphere. Your muscles are prepped as well as the nervous systems for an optimal workout
  • Warm-up: You attach resistance bands over the shoulders. They must form an “X” on your chest. Then you run in place until you feel warmed up.
  • Exercise 1: Banded standing rows
  • Exercise 2: Banded push-ups
  • Exercise 3: Banded core rotations
  • Exercise 4: Deadlifts
  • Exercise 5: Bicep curls
  • Exercise 6: Banded triceps extensions
  • Exercise 7: Deceleration lunges
  • Exercise 8: Banded shoulder presses
  • Exercise 9: X-band squats
  • Post-workout: Tom has a ‘pliability session.’ He will make use of a TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller. This enhances recovery and stimulates the nervous system

Tom Brady’s Diet (& Diet Rules)

He is not vegan, although the TB12 diet consists mainly of whole foods and has a disciplined edge to it.

It is touted to increase energy levels and is excellent in reducing inflammation and warding off injuries.

It also bolsters performance.

Some say the diet is too restrictive to maintain for long periods of time.

These are the basics of the TB12 program:

  • Eat organic, locally grown, seasonal, whole foods and avoid processed foods
  • Don’t combine the fruit you eat with other foods
  • Don’t combine high-protein foods such as fish and meat with carb-heavy foods like bread and brown rice.
  • Drink half your body weight’s worth of water every day. Try and avoid drinking water at mealtimes
  • Try and avoid eating about 3 hours before you go to bed

Toms diet during the day

  • Wake up at 5:30 am – drink a berry-and-banana smoothie.
  • Eat a post-workout breakfast of eggs and avocado.
  • Lunch: Salad with fish and nuts.
  • Snack: Hummus, guacamole, or mixed nuts throughout the day.
  • Dinner: Chicken with roasted veggies.
  • Cheat food: Very occasionally things like a sliver of bacon or a piece of pizza.

Tom Brady’s Supplements and Recommendations

1) Multivitamin

Tom’s company, TB12, provides these top vitamins which lay the foundation for all-over body health.

This multivitamin helps to fill the gaps in the diet, enabling you to perform at your best.

2) Brain supplement

This supplement keeps the brain healthy.

It supports mitochondrial function and also boosts mental and physical energy. It is high in antioxidants, helping to counter the effects of oxidative stress on the brain.

3) Omega supplement

Essential fatty acids, found in the TB12 omega supplement, help with energy.

The omega supplement also helps with musculoskeletal functioning and calcium metabolism.

Tom’s omega supplement can help to enhance immune function and support nerve, hormone, and brain function.

It helps fight inflammation too.

4) Probiotic supplement

It’s essential to have a healthy and balanced gut because it has a profound effect on your entire body.

The Tom Brady probiotic supplement combines pro- and pre-probiotic strains.

Probiotics support nutrient absorption, digestion, and also improves the balance of good bacteria in your gut.

5) Vitamin D supplement

This sunshine vitamin is essential to the body because it plays such an important role in the proper function of the body. It is a regulatory hormone vitamin for multiple physiological processes.

Did you know that around 1 billion people in the world are vitamin D deficient or insufficient?

If athletes suffer from vitamin D deficiency, it is usually because they have decreased UVB – ultraviolet B radiation absorption into their skin.

6) Vitamin Protein supplement

Proper recovery after workouts is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you ignore recovery, you can end up with injuries, and even where you over-train.

To enhance your recovery, the TB12 vitamin protein supplement is the one to go to.

Tom’s company has a plant-based protein supplement.

When you drink this protein within 30 minutes of your workout your body gets into optimal recovery mode.

You make a lot of choices about your body.

You should never slack when it comes to recovery. Your body will thank you for the benefits it receives from consuming plant-based protein.

Recommendations of Tom Brady

1) Eat veggies

Tom eats a plant-based diet.

Tom’s personal chef has been quite open about the fact that he gives Tom a diet that consists of at least 80% of veggies.

Tom eats clean plant protein sources.

The other 20% of his diet is attributed to lean meats.

Tom’s lean meat that he eats is sourced from grass-fed organic animals.

Grass-fed meat is leaner and much higher in key nutrients than grain-fed meat.

2) Tom recommends you do some of his exercises

Tom relies on a 9-exercise workout in season.

It improves functional strength and improves the conditioning foundation.

This 9-exercise workout accelerates the recovery process. See the video about his exercises.

3) Get more sleep

When you get a good night’s sleep, you are refreshed because your body has had plenty of time to replenish itself.

4) In the morning, drink a glass of cold water – make it the first thing you do

That’s what Tom does.

He says that you need to stay hydrated because it’s crucial for living your most healthy, best life.

It flushes out toxins and increases your chances of “pliability.”

5) Roll out

Tom Brady uses a foam roller on his muscles every day.

When the muscles are pliable, they absorb the impacts and stresses that occur during daily life and sports.

Doing your job well means staying healthy and fit

Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

6) A trainer is a good idea

Tom Brady had Alex Guererro, a guy who was his personal coach and who hovered around him.

He achieved undeniable results with Tom.

Being a licensed massage therapist who works on jockeys, marathoners, etc., you will understand why Tom uses the word “pliable” a lot when it comes to his muscles.

A lot of the above recommendations are common sense.

You will notice that your body will pay you back and you will probably feel 10 years younger.

“You should never restrict what you really want. We’re humans, here for one life”Tom Brady