Top 7 Weight Loss Diets You Can Try

Mediterranean Diet

Dieting done right can save you from being among the stats of people who struggle to lose weight but cannot find success.

Whether you seek a long-term weight loss solution or a short-term one, diets can serve.

With many options available, which diet plans can you try that will help you lose weight?

1) Low-Carb: Gluten-free Diets

Low-carb diets mean you have low carbohydrates in your diets.

This diet plan and menu should include good quality protein and vegetables with low fat as well.

There are many styles of low-carb diets but most people choose gluten-free diet plans.

You should look at this clarification on gluten-free diets.

2) Paleo Diets

Paleo dieting comes from the idea that paleolithic humans were mainly hunters and gatherers and yet they had natural foods that kept them healthy.

The main plan includes a wide variety of foods excluding processed foods.

According to a BBC article, there is no guarantee that paleo dieting will make you lose weight.

The main advantage of this style of meal plan though is that it will help you avoid excess complex sugars from processed foods.

3) Ultra-low-fat diet

Ultra low-fat diets are based on the idea of cutting down fat to at most 10 percent of your daily calorie requirement. If you open up to this idea, it is believed to work for a shorter period compared to other meal plans.

An alternative to this is the low-fat diet plan that allows a 30 percent fat per daily calorie.

4) Weight Watchers Diet

Formally Weight Watchers, WW is a trusted solution that you could try to your weight loss needs. If you are looking for a good organizational weight loss solution, WW might be the option among others.

With programs like WW, everyone can worry about following the plan than having to make one themselves.

5) Atkin Diet

Atkin diets are one of the classes of low-fat diets.

But this plan is well known because it has been well studied. You can find just enough information about the Atkin diet in the relevant literature.

However, there could be misconceptions about the suitability of this plan for diabetic patients.

As always take information from trusted professional sources if you have any health conditions.

Apart from patients who may have health conditions, Atkin diet plans have been shown to offer long-term benefits in weight loss.

6) Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet recommends that you include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes in your meal plans. This meal plan is based on the statistical success of people in the Mediterranean region in having lower heart conditions.

The Mediterranean meal plan also includes tubers, whole grains, fish, seafood, and extra virgin olive oil which makes it unique.

The Mediterranean diet’s benefit to the heart its benefits have been linked with potential benefits for weight loss.

At least, you will be preventing disease conditions following this meal plan.

7) Wine Diet

The wine diet plan for weight loss recommends wine and eggs majorly in the meal plan.

Until recently, wine diet links with weight loss had been unclear.

And even now there may be less information on the benefits of the wine diet in weight loss.

Though we may not yet understand the whole truth from a popular scientific point of view, the evidence of the potential benefits of a wine diet makes it something that you could try in your effort to lose weight or keep it off.


Whatever you try by way of meal or diet plan, eat healthily and seek the help of a qualified medical professional if you want to be on the safe side.

We have not included intermittent fasting in our list but these are some of the diet plans I find interesting that you could try.