Spa and Wellness Leaders Head to Capitol Hill For the Third Year

a_group.JPGOn Tuesday, March 21st, the day that President Donald J. Trump was on Capitol Hill for his ill-fated effort to confront members of Congress about health care, so were spa and wellness leaders, and another chapter of wellness activism was written in our nation's capital as our Executive Director, Damon Cory-Watson, led the gathering for Wellness Warrior's Third Annual Day on the Hill.

Joined by spa visionary and designer Sylvia Sepielli, Green Spa Network’s Executive Director Paul Schmidt, and Mary-Elizabeth Gifford, WSPA co-founder and immediate past WSPA board president, as well as members of ISPA (International Spa Association), the Global Wellness Institute, various regional spa groups, and WSPA (Washington Spa Alliance), these citizen advocates began their outreach by gathering at the steps of the Capitol.

The U.S. wellness economy is now worth $14 billion dollars a year," said Damon Cory-Watson, Wellness Warrior's Executive Director. "Policymakers have not yet grasped the significance and potential of this economy to significantly shift our nation's health outcomes. We have an opportunity to strengthen the wellness community, while positively impacting our nation’s health,” he added as a camera crew from the Showtime Network’s new show on politics, “The Circus,” filmed the gathering.


PHOTO: Greg Kasparian (left), Treasurer of the Washington Spa Alliance and and Paul Schmidt (right), Executive Director of Green Spa Network proudly hold the Wellness Warrior "Day on the Hill" banner in front of the Capitol building. Wellness advocates (middle) deliver certificates to members of Congress who received high scores for their "wellness votes" this past year according to Wellness Warrior's new initiative, 

Our non-profit group founded by the “godmother” of the modern wellness and spa movement, Golden Door and Rancho La Puerta's Deborah Szekely, has launched a new online coalition-building and advocacy initiative,, the focus of this year’s Day on the Hill. Each year this annual tradition immediately follows the Washington Spa Alliance's Annual Symposium, which this year, was held at the new Watergate Hotel. An online tool for all Americans, Wellness Warrior’s provides real-time rankings of how members of the House of Representatives and the Senate vote on wellness issues. By typing in a zip code or clicking on a state, PolicyWell generates an "wellness score" for each member of Congress. As part of this year's Day on the Hill, our citizen activists hand-delivered certificate "report cards" to the top-scoring members of the major political parties.

This is the time to bring the voice of the wellness community—along with its wisdom and its experience with health and healing—to policymakers in Washington, D.C.,” said Cory-Watson.  

A lot of people say they speak for wellness, but until now there have been no national organizations that exist specifically for wellness and the spa community. Many spa owners and wellness operators are making remarkable positive change with their clients, with their staff, and in their own communities," he added. "Now is the time to unite spas and wellness centers around the country to make a difference, provide a network and the tools so that all Americans can lead healthier,  happier lives.”


Thank you to all the wellness warriors who joined us for the third annual Day on the Hill. We salute you! And, if you haven't done so already, we encourage everyone to visit, click on your state, enter your zip code and take a look at how your legislators voted on bills that affected your wellness this past year.

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  • Maria Otero
    commented 2017-04-08 21:29:03 -0400
    Excellent work! Educating policy makers AND the new administration on health and well being for all is essential. Keep it up!!
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