Back to Life System Review – Is Emily Lark’s Erase My Back Pain Program Worth it?

erase my back pain review

Today, we will look at a popular program called the Back to Life System by Emily Lark (AKA – Erase My Back Pain program).

“You need corrective surgery,” the orthopedic told my husband when we visited him for an attempted resolution of back pain issues.

We sat stunned as these words reverberated in my ears.

Surgery sounded too drastic, and there was always a fallout with recovery not going as per schedule and problems creeping up.

My husband had felt incapacitated with back pain for a long time now.

He preferred sitting out on family functions or events and tempering down holidays to more rest days to ease his growing back pain.

Acupuncture, naturopathy, aromatherapy, you name it, we did it.

Nothing helped until we decided to give yoga a try.

We were desperate for anything that might help.

Thankfully Back to Life has been a boon for us.  I don’t have many words to say how amazing it has been.

Through what seemed like innocuous and simple routines, Emily Lark, the designer of this program, has come up with a foolproof method of treating chronic back pain.

My husband is much recovered now, not only physically but also in spirit. He is almost a changed man in terms of his outlook toward life.

I cannot be happier and share all I learned about the product and our experience.

Does The ‘Erase My Back Pain’ System Work?

Back to life

What is Back to Life?

Back to Life is a system of exercises and stretches targeted to decrease and heal back pain.

This method shows how to reclaim one’s life free of pain in the most natural way.

It works by focusing efforts to strengthen the core and define good posture for anyone wishing to rid themselves of recurrent and debilitating back pain.

Using natural means and working up the surrounding musculature is the target of this method.

Who made it?

Emily LarkErase My Back Pain is a healthy system of stretches and strengthening for back pain relief devised by Emily Lark, a certified Registered Yoga Teacher.

Using simple methods and targeting specific areas and muscle groups, this system aims to help those with back pain and distress in daily activities. She also has a YouTube channel.

Why was Back to Life created?

Back pain, specifically lower back pain, is one of the most common conditions at these times.

It is believed that most people past 40 are likely to develop back pain.

With sedentary lifestyles, this affliction is becoming more common among the populace.

Seeking relief in this situation is natural, but the question remains; what sort of relief is available to people generally?

The commonest form of relief is analgesic use, which temporarily dulls the sensation of pain but is definitely not a lasting solution.

The effect of continued analgesic use on the body is another matter altogether.

The liver takes a beating and affects the entire body’s well-being over time.

More importantly, the pain remains since it is not being addressed by this method.

Finding lasting relief and going to the root cause of back pain drove Emily Lark toward creating Back to Life.

Being a registered yoga teacher, she fully understood the reasons that cause back pain and the need to strengthen specific muscle groups that support the back.

Identifying and working on these muscles would eventually help to bolster and support the back and help overcome this problem.

Not only that, the regular yoga practice can become a very good way of life that leads to the holistic healing of the body and soul.

This is the prime reason behind coming up with Back to Life.

What is Erase My Back Pain all about?

Back to Life is a system of stretching exercises designed by a trained yoga professional to help with chronic back pain. There’s a specific program called the Erase My Back Pain program.

It is created to help the body unlock its potential to heal itself, something that gets lost or subdued while living out life.

With its targeted system of workouts, the user can not only unlock their potential but also gain strength and flexibility each day.

Once this kind of workout becomes part of my daily routine, it is that much easier to get into good shape overall.

Back to Life not only heals pain but also ensures whole-body rejuvenation.

Let me take you through the details of this routine in a systematic manner.

1) 10-Minute Workout


There is a 10-minute workout to be done every day.

These exercises need to be done in a sitting position and can be done from any place.

2) Core exercises are part of the routine


If you are wondering what the purpose of core exercises is in back pain, there is indeed a deep connection.

Strengthening the core tightens the belly and supports the back muscles.

3) Specific exercises

Specific exercises designed to address sciatica pain follow step #2.

Sufferers know how painful sciatica can be, with pain radiating down the hip joint into the legs.

4) Natural pain relief exercise

The next step in the routine is what the site describes as natural pain relief exercise.

This routine targets the areas around the neck, shoulders, hips, and back region.

Stressful lifestyles, as well as back pain problems, tend to manifest in many areas apart from specifically the back itself.

It is important to target these surrounding musculatures to get full relief from pain of any kind at all.

4) Stretching exercises

Last and definitely one of the most important are the stretching exercises that form a very important part of Erase My Back Pain.

These are based on yoga postures and help to relieve stress and tension.

Performing these stretching exercises helps relax our tissues and muscles and ease lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

What is Crossed Syndrome?

Crossed Syndrome

Back pain, as stated earlier, has become a common ailment among people these days.

This is more of a lifestyle issue in maximum cases. At the same time, for a small percentage of people, other problems, such as causation, need further investigation and different treatment modalities.

Wrong posture is often the root cause of different pains, specifically back pain.

Sadly, this is one of the modern phenomena of present-day living.

The crossed syndrome is a typical outcome of the wrong posture in people and the cause of chronic and often debilitating back pain.

There are two categories of crossed syndrome – upper and lower crossed syndrome.

1) Upper-crossed syndrome

Especially there are more cases of the upper crossed syndrome, a ” configuration of overlapping overactive and underactive muscle groups in the neck, chest, and shoulders.

Poor posture causes the syndrome, including the forward head posture, which occurs when people use electronic devices, read and drive.”

Jennifer Huizen wrote an extensive article about it on Medical News Today.

Most of us are hooked on to some device for a large part of our day.

We either have a laptop or a tablet or a phone that we are forward bending into or cocking our ears at or squinting into late into the night.

These are not postures our bodies are made for; the effects are duly felt over time.

2) Lower Crossed Syndrome

Similarly, there is the lower crossed syndrome, which according to Physiopedia is also known as Unterkreuz syndrome or pelvic crossed syndrome.

An imbalance causes muscle strength in the lower part of the body resulting in pain, weakness, tightness, and loss of flexibility upon moving these body parts.

This, too, can be attributed partly to a modern lifestyle with an increased incidence of sedentary routines.

This means we are moving around much less, spending our time confined to a seat with our knees bent at a certain angle and our backs not getting the stretch they need.

Hours of this day in and day out without a break are sure to take a toll on our posture and health.

As a result of these syndromes, which I have discussed under the label of the crossed syndrome, the patient tends to favor one side over another in their activities of daily living.

This, in turn, creates further problems since the favored side now begins to show pain symptoms because of further imbalance.

Do stretches work for back pain?

As we see, Back to Life focuses largely on stretching out the muscle groups around the back and the core, hips, neck, and shoulders.

The maker, Emily Lark, insists that proper stretching can undo the effects of improper posture that tend to create a cumulative effect on the body in a very bad way.

The question in many minds, I know, would be this – stretches?

  • Just stretches to deal with terrible back pain?
  • Will that be enough?
  • Do medicine and science even endorse that?
  • How real is this, anyway?

I went to various portals to check out the authenticity of this claim and found to my surprise, that many websites were endorsing stretches in a big way.

There is a review by a Ph.D. named Sandy Anderson, which truly impressed me with the effectiveness of proper stretches in eliminating back pain.

The different parts of the Back to Life system

As readers might have gathered by now, this is a system of exercises to tone the back muscles and provide relief.

There are no pills to be taken or smoothies to be made.

There are no time schedules to follow or worry about missing out on doses and affecting the continuity of treatment.

So, how does this system work? Does it truly help to ease back pain?

Since I have been diligently following this routine for many months, I am sharing the details.

1) There is a 3-part video instruction routine

These sets of instructions will help the user get their posture right and correct their alignment.

This goes a long way in correcting back pain and other pains in the body.

How does this happen, though?

Ideally, the human body is built to perfection and in impeccable symmetry.

Each of us is meant to hold ourselves up in a certain manner to gain maximum mileage from our bodies.

Unfortunately, none of us honor this perfectness and develop our manner of sitting, standing, walking, and lying down.

We do not even realize the harm wrong postures can do to us until the pains manifest themselves.

This is what the first part of the Back to Life program intends to do.

2) Three types of dietary modifications

Emily Lark has come up with a list of certain foods that need to be avoided and certain additions to the diet to achieve foolproof back pain relief.

Foods that need to be included in the modified diet are chosen with care for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Such changes in food intake can significantly contribute to easing back pain over time.

3) Changing sleep position

As readers can discern, the Back to Life program is as much corrective as it is curative.

Not only during our active and awake moments, but we are also prone to develop faulty sleeping postures over time.

Some of us curl up into a fetal position; some prefer a particular side, while others sleep upside down.

However, not all of these positions might be good for back pain.

Comfort is one thing but getting back pain relief is something else altogether.

This step in the Back to Life program helps to align the back and spine in a way that helps back pain while the person is sleeping.

Not only does this help in pain recovery, but also overall good health.

4) Stretching in goalpost mode

One of the classic stretch postures derives its name from the way football goalkeepers stretch across the goal post to prevent the ball from going in – stretching out both hands and feet in maximum measure.

This helps to eliminate stress and helps relax tight and tense muscles in the neck and shoulders.

5) Posture correction to ease muscles and stress

Focusing on proper standing and posture is very important for overall good movement and fluidity of actions.

This, in turn, ensures fewer chances of developing pains and aches.

The videos and booklets emphasize correct posture that also prevents falls and stumbles.

6) Exercise to help with a supple and youthful spine

Can you believe that it takes less than a minute of targeted exercise to get your spine in top shape and stay ageless over time and all kinds of exposure to stress?

It is indeed possible with the BackToLife system.

Get the discs of your spinal column in order with these routines.

Some goodies that come with the packages

Along with providing conclusive pain relief by addressing the root cause, there are other goodies with the Back to Life package.

Let me share some of these with our readers here:

1) Back to Life Manual

This fully illustrated color manual comes as part of the package.

As its name suggests, it promises to take the user back to life as they knew it before back pain became a part of their lives.

It includes a pictorial representation of many therapeutic exercises devised to relieve instant back pain.

One may do these at any time or place at one’s convenience.

2) Healthy Back Checklist

Along with the above manual for back exercises, this checklist consists of different tricks to avoid and get rid of back pain.

It also contains several recipes that help the user to lose weight effectively.

If any reader is wondering what weight loss has to do with back pain, let me tell you that carrying excess weight on oneself puts the back under greater strain, and it may be more vulnerable to back pain.

Who should not use the program?

Back to Life is a 10-minute workout session designed to target back pain.

There are no big no-nos in using this method.

If a person is severely incapacitated with back pain and performing even these simple stretches feels too painful, they might stay off.

Back pain might sometimes be caused by certain other medical reasons, for example, non-functioning kidneys.

It is important to investigate such cases and seek a physician’s opinion before beginning Back to Life.

Cons: What I did not like

  • The instructions are only available online.
  • One needs to be regular and committed to doing the regime each day.
  • Online instruction does leave a gap between comprehension and execution, which can be a bit questionable for some people and might add to more problems.
  • Discipline is required to be at it day in and day out for the best results.

Back to Life Reviews from Customer

“After reading Emily Lark back to life reviews, I tried this program for my sciatica. Although I am on level one; but still, I can feel the difference. Erase my back-pain pdf version helps to understand all the postures. – Elizabeth.R”

“I must say if you want to stretch your core muscles and say goodbye to your back problems permanently, then consider trying this program. It is a great fun activity, and it has helped me a lot” – Natasha.

“The creator of the program explained every step-in detail. Nutritional tips provided by Emily are beneficial and help to maintain yourself.” – James.T

Back to Life is a complete wellness package that helps make the back more supple and painless and improves overall fitness and wellness.

All of this comes as a one-time investment on the user’s part.

To top it off, all of this can be done from the comfort of home without requiring pills or smoothies to be taken or visits to the gym or any equipment.

For all those suffering from back pain, this is the solution you might have been waiting for all along.

The Pros: What I liked

  • Erase My Back Pain is a completely natural treatment option involving no medicines and no side effects.
  • Back to Life provides holistic healing for the back and general wellness.
  • All it takes is 10-15 minutes of one’s time daily to enjoy positive results. An easy Yoga for easing pain
  • I do not need to engage with a trainer and shell out money to get back in shape.
  • Back to Life is about targeted yoga routines to strengthen back muscles and can be done anywhere.
  • The positive impact reflects the back, a tighter stomach shape, and overall fitness.
  • This product comes with a 60-day full refund policy for anyone who feels dissatisfied or less than impressed by the progress they are making.
  • Back to Life helps eliminate troublesome back pain and gradually eases the person into a fitter and better way of life.
  • Regular yoga practice, per the manuals, provides the user with more strength, flexibility, and resilience.
  • There are two instructions options available to the user to avail of this product. The first is only a digital download, while the second also has physical products along with the download.
  • No chemicals are involved in the process, saving the user from experiencing toxicity and other side effects.
  • One may use it from the comfort of one’s home and even while traveling since there is no equipment to carry or no pills to remember to take.
  • A regular exercise routine releases happy chemicals into the bloodstream that, in turn, help to elevate mood and alleviate stress.
  • Back to Life helps the user tap into the inherent healing powers of the human body to heal their back and other issues.
  • There is over 150,000 satisfied users who are in a better state of body and mind after being on the Back to Life (Erase My Back Pain) system.

Back to life CTA

What to watch out for

While the program is worked out by an experienced teacher and is designed and paced to ease the user into a routine, one size indeed fits doesn’t work here.

It is important to be vigilant and mindful when doing the exercises, and if aggravation is felt at any point, taking a few days off would be advisable.

In case symptoms do not improve or worsen, do seek medical advice.

It is important to remember that each person is different and will respond in their way to exercise or any treatment regimen.

It is wrong to expect the same results from a particular routine for two different persons.

Buying Advice

The one piece of advice that I will hand out here is to buy directly from the website.

It is much easier to avail of special discounts and other offers that keep popping up on the site regularly.

Also, there is the bonus offer of manuals to assist the pursuance of back pain relief on the website, which might not be applicable for purchase elsewhere.

Back to Life entails downloading the program from the website, which is secure and completely safe.

This, too, matters because you are potentially exposing your computer to unsafe websites.

Why go to such trouble in any case?

Stick to the official one and avail of benefits while staying safe.

Another advantage of downloading from the official site is that one gets notified of any new updates or additions Emily Lark might have for the user.

You risk missing out on this if you are not in sync with the official website.

My Verdict

There couldn’t be a better way to find relief from back pain and gain overall health than by this method.

My husband’s back and entire neck region, shoulders, abdomen, and lower back are much better than when he began.

He has stopped taking pills for pain because he does not have pain complaints that bother him significantly enough.

The best part is his outlook toward life has changed with this regime.

I find myself better able to handle the stressors of daily life in a way that has helped not only me but also my immediate family.

They find him easier to handle and a much more pleasant individual.

It is time for all of you to choose a healthier option without delay.

Why delay it and suffer from the consequences of pain at all?

Give Back to Life a chance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is yoga effective in healing chronic conditions?

Many of you might be aware of this ancient practice of exercise propagated many years back in India and recently brought to the notice of the whole world.

In its original form, this is more than an exercise routine. It is a way of life where good living is enmeshed with purity of thoughts and breathing awareness to bring maximum benefits.

It is seen as a cure-all for most illnesses, especially those which are lifestyle conditions.

How legit is Emily Lark’s program?

This program is completely safe and natural and only involves performing certain guided stretches and simple exercises to ease back pain. It is completely transparent and based on yogic postures.

There are no pills or creams involved in the whole treatment routine. The whole thing is as legit as can be.

Is there an easy refund on the program if someone is not happy?

A large part of how successful you are depends on the degree of your discomfort and how tenacious you are with the stretching routine and dietary changes.

Having said that, if there is dissatisfaction at any time during the program, there is a refund policy that one may avail of by getting in touch with customer care.