What’s The Best Place to Buy Testosterone Online

best place to buy testosterone online

Nowadays, buying online has been one of the most convenient ways of acquiring the things we need.

In fact, even medicines and supplements such as testosterone cypionate boosters are also available in the online market.

Moreover, doing this cyber shopping is an advantage not only because we do not have to get out of the house and avoid becoming in contact with people affected by the current virus the world is experiencing.

But we also get to see what other people say about the products we wish to add to our cart.

We do not have to rely on our friends and relatives alone about the advantages of the product but we also get to see its honest disadvantages based on what the other consumers say.

For this reason, buying testosterone boosters via electronic shopping can be considered a safe and effective way of finding what suits our health needs since we can easily compare products online.

In this article, you will be able to find the best place to buy testosterone online.

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Are There Online Doctors That Prescribe Testosterone?

Online prescribing or e-prescribing is becoming more popular and normal, especially during this time of the pandemic as it helps the doctors and the patients avoid being infected with the COVID-19 virus through face-to-face interactions.

In fact, 84% of all prescriptions in the USA in 2020 are issued online.

In terms of testosterone, the primary sex hormone for males, people choose to do home shopping because it is easier to consult a licensed physician while being safe in the comfort of their homes.

And yes, there are medical companies that provide a telemedicine service that is actually accessible anytime.

In fact, 76% of the US hospitals provide a telehealth service.

This type of health service allows people to easily connect to a medical doctor to get professional advice and legal prescription about these testosterone boosters, supplements (testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, depo testosterone, and testosterone undecanoate), or testosterone hormone replacement therapy.

Some also offer free consultation as long as you buy medications from them.

Moreover, some companies even have a testosterone hormone specialist in their workforce and this is an advantage for those people who cannot afford to travel far just to see one.

For example, if you are from the Philippines, and you have low testosterone levels, and there is no currently available testosterone specialist or hormone clinic in the country to help you receive a testosterone replacement therapy, you can connect with a telehealth company in the USA or in other parts of Asia in just a few hours.

Furthermore, in case a patient with low testosterone is able to connect with an online doctor who can prescribe testosterone…

…it is a must to make sure that the telehealth company the doctor is working with abides by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in order to protect the patient’s data and privacy.

This will not only keep the patient safe in terms of his or her identity but it will also help in making legit transactions.

Lastly, take note that even though a patient with low testosterone gets to see a medical doctor online and the prescription is given, the problem will only arise when the chosen testosterone cypionate treatment which was bought is not safe, effective, or is not actually a legit one.

For this reason, it is advised to always be sure that the product you are buying is going to address your low testosterone issues.

Take note that there are different brands and generics when it comes to testosterone such as depo testosterone, testosterone undecanoate, and testosterone enanthate.

Some other medical doctors may also instruct you to buy a specific brand, but, if you already have a certain brand in your mind, it is also advised to share it with the specialist to see if that product might suit your health needs.

How To Get a Doctor to Prescribe Testosterone

In terms of testosterone, while there are some steroids that can be bought over-the-counter from a pharmacy, there are also some that require a doctor’s prescription.

Usually, these testosterone injections or oral products that require an Rx form contain some ingredients that may possibly cause harm, especially for patients with pre-existing medical health conditions.

Another reason why there is a need for a doctor’s prescription when buying testosterone injections is because of the fact that testosterone comes in different dosage forms.

So, for example, if the patient is required to use testosterone injections as his testosterone replacement therapy, a strict policy of prescription requirements is observed.

So how do you get a doctor to prescribe you testosterone when the one you opt to buy requires an Rx?

Before, the only way for patients to get a prescription was by setting up an appointment and visiting a medical doctor’s clinic.

After this, the process of appropriately prescribing medicines will follow.

According to the World Health Organization, after identifying and evaluating the health condition of the patient, knowing the therapeutic objective will be done before prescribing the right medications.

However, this process is changing day by day.

There is a growing population of telehealth companies that do online consultation and services.

So, if you want to get a testosterone prescription, you may consider the following options:

  • Consider a physical appointment with a medical doctor
  • If you cannot go out of your home, you may want to consider telemedicine
  • Consider reaching out to a urologist for the treatment of your sex organs problems
  • For patients with hormonal imbalance, a reproductive endocrinologist could help

As you see, there are different types of doctors whom you can get to prescribe you testosterone.

Although both the physical and online consultations are effective, it is a must for you to know the main cause of your testosterone issues.

Is It Legal to Buy Testosterone Online?

As technology booms nowadays, it is safe to say that it is legal to buy testosterone online.

In fact, there are many e-stores (around ⅓) that even allow the consumers to buy steroids online via the following methods:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Cash on pickup
  • Order and pickup

According to the DEA prescription guidelines, before a patient can procure medications or testosterone replacement that are controlled III substances like injectable testosterone, their health condition must be validly diagnosed by a medical doctor.

Moreover, when doctors prescribe testosterone, a certain procedure must be followed:

  • Preliminary blood tests or blood work
  • Physical examination
  • Discussion about the risks and benefits of the chosen testosterone hormone replacement therapy
  • Medical history
  • Evaluation of symptoms

However, for that testosterone replacement hormone therapy that can be bought over-the-counter, the procedure above is not being strictly followed.

Still, this remains legal especially when the companies have permission to sell medications online.

  • So when does buying anabolic steroids such as testosterone propionate online become illegal?

The only time it gets illegal is when the patient is buying a testosterone therapy product without a prescription.

Take note that purchasing testosterone boosters or pills via teleshopping is risky as these products are ought to affect the health of the consumers.

It is a must to understand that testosterone affects the health of your nervous system positively or negatively.

Because of this, the following factors must be considered when buying one:

  • Is the company a licensed pharmacy to sell testosterone online?
  • Is the location of the company in the United States?
  • Is the testosterone therapy product legit and registered?
  • Is the product manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?
  • Has the patient undergone a lab test to validate low testosterone levels?
  • Does the company that advertises testosterone show the possible side effects of the product?

According to the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, around 3 million people in the United States have been using testosterone such as the brand testosterone enanthate for non-medical purposes and they do frequent administration this medication.

This means that even when patients are only experiencing symptoms of low testosterone levels and without medical necessity, they are already supplying themselves with this hormone via testosterone replacement therapy.

However, high levels of testosterone also come with a risk.

Because of this, it is advised to procure products that can actually control and regularize your testosterone levels.

Testosterone Boosters – And The Only One We Recommend

For those who want to buy testosterone online, there is only one product that we recommend – Testogen.

This is the best place for you to buy real testosterone online!

Using this product can help you boost and produce testosterone naturally. One reason we love it is that it actually regularizes your hormones.

This means that it keeps your T-levels average so you wouldn’t have to worry about having too much of it in your body.

Other benefits of this product include the following:

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Effectively treat low T-level symptoms
  • Increases the energy
  • Enhances your performance and confidence
  • Promotes muscle growth, muscle strength, and fat loss
  • Prevents weight gain
  • Revives your sex drive
  • Made in the USA and UK (a proof that the product is legal)
  • Manufactured in FDA-approved facilities
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves mood and focus
  • Easy to use
  • Fast-acting (works within 2 weeks)
  • No adverse effects
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Provides hormonal balance as well for women with estrogen fluctuations

So, generally, we recommend this product because it does not only help you in treating testosterone deficiency but it keeps you away from the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels as well.

It is made with Zinc, Aspartic acid, Fenugreek, Vitamin D3, Korean Ginseng, Boron, and Nettle leaf extract.

To get this improved overall wellness, all you have to do is to consume 4 capsules every morning and you will already get the youthful feeling even as you age.


Indeed, online store shopping is becoming more and more popular today.

It offers the consumers a convenient way of procuring their medical needs such as supplements like testosterone without being at risk of getting infected with other viruses during this time of the pandemic.

In terms of buying testosterone online, around 35% of stores offer the selling of these products without a valid prescription and only less than 2% of these companies are legit and licensed.

If people continue to buy from these illegitimate companies (black market) that offer extremely low prices, not only their money would be at risk but also their actual health.

Fortunately, Testogen, manufactured by MuscleClub Limited from the United States, offers a safe solution for those who want to buy testosterone online.

Aside from offering you a fast-acting experience, rest assured that Testogen can improve your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to buy testosterone cypionate online?

In general, testosterone is a prescription medication. However, if the testosterone cypionate or testosterone hormone replacement therapy product you wish to buy does not require a prescription, there is a risk when buying it. Some people say that it is illegal to buy testosterone online without a prescription.

However, when the product is made from the USA and the company provides a license to sell these products online, it is safe to say that procuring products from websites or online stores like these is legal and safe.

How can I get testosterone injections?

There are different forms of testosterone boosters that are effective for most men and of these include testosterone cypionate injections. Further, these injections are the prescribed form of testosterone. So, to get testosterone injections or intramuscular injections, a patient may consider going to a pharmacy or buying it in an online pharmacy.

Either of the two, the patient must learn how to properly inject this product in order to avoid unwanted side effects.

If people opt to go to physical pharmacies or stores, pharmacists can help these people to learn the proper administration of these drugs.

On the other side, if the patient opts to buy testosterone injections online, he or she can request the seller to provide an administration guide.

What are the signs you need hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone deficiency comes with symptoms and signs. According to the study of some members of the American Urological Association, low testosterone symptoms and signs include low energy, poor concentration, depression, declining sex drive, mood swings, and erectile dysfunction.

In women, one of the signs of having low testosterone levels is vaginal dryness. However, the best way to know if you need hormone replacement therapy is by undergoing a laboratory test to get the accurate levels of your testosterone. Present your lab results to a medical doctor for validation.

Can I treat my low testosterone level condition at home?

Normally, when people procure testosterone online, these products will be delivered to their homes or mail address. In terms of testosterone injections or shots, people may opt to self-administer the product or consider getting professional help. Any of these two ways are safe to do and the former is more convenient, especially during this time of the pandemic.