Weight Loss and Exercise Apps You Should Use

Exercise and weight loss apps

Using an exercise app is the cheaper alternative to hiring a professional fitness trainer to help you lose weight.

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You should take all necessary precautions to avoid injuries if you are working alone.

Otherwise, your coach should help you with safety guides.

As smartphone apps are part of our lives today, which apps do a good job as tools to help you lose weight?

1) The WW App – Weight Watchers® Reimagined

Background: Founded in the 60s by Jean Nidetch, Weight Watchers, now, WW rebranded in 2018, moving a step better from being seen as “grandma’s diet” program.

WW now portrays itself more as a lifestyle, rather than a diet plan brand.

Delivery: This line below, from weightwatchers.com, describes WW best as a company capable of delivering a good exercise app for weight loss.

“At WW, weight management is a partnership that combines our knowledge with your efforts.”

Android and iOS apps free and paid features.

Comment: Weight Watchers® Reimagined is overall a comprehensive program built into an app. Many users find it very useful.

2) My Diet Coach

Background: My Diet Coach is a health and beauty-focused program. They are comparably a new company and have focused on the mobile application.

Delivery: My Diet Coach program gives more attention to the app tool they have and they focus on the mind and person as well.

Comment: Good app designed that focuses on exercise and lifestyle change to help users lose weight.

There maybe is a challenge with getting the Android app on regular smartphones at the moment.

3) Daily Burn

Background: Daily Burn was founded in 2007, by Andy Smith and Stephen Blankenship.

The company found success because of very visual content in the exercise and workout space.

Delivery: Cool and slick user interface that is available on any device including smartphones and PCs and smart TV devices.

Users can have access to well-structured varieties of workout programs.

Comment: Daily Burn makes the workout process more interesting and engaging for users.

It’s an app that encourages interaction with the Pilate exercise as a unique feature compared to other companies.

4) Noom

Background: Noom is a wellness company that uses technology to help change users’ behaviors.

They have very flexible programs that can be more leaned on nutrition or exercise.

Delivery: Noom relies on using technology to help patients have the best experience possible in workplace wellness and personal lifestyle change.

Comment: The Noom app is one you should try. The Noom app might help you lose weight better than other ones because of its unique strategy.

What you might like about this program that it is motivating and they promise to make you happier.

5) MyFitnessPal

Background: MyFitnessPal was created in 2005 and have since established their brand as a go-to place for weight loss.

Delivery: MyFitnessPal apps integrate well with customers’ needs and serves useful products for a workout as well. Which includes wearables.

Comment: Overall, MyFitnessPal is highly recommended and they have received positive reviews in the media too.


When considering which apps to use, the cool features and aspects of featured apps work.

Surely you will like the human interaction side of most of these apps as a plus. Some of the apps have free versions so you have to decide if you need to pay for featured versions.