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Noom For Weight Loss Review: How Good Is It? – Cost & Testimonials

Written by Jane Summerfield

The mind-body connection is not just a phrase thrown around casually.

It is something tangible and real.

The pursuit of wellness and ideal body weight is quite common.

One has the option of choosing a weight loss program depending upon what his or her goal is.

I thought I knew it all when I decided to go down this same route.

The more I delved into weight loss programs though, the more lost I ended up feeling. Every second product was promising something new and effective.

How would I know what suited me best?

In this dilemma, I have gone through processes, like changing my eating habits and exercising, none of which truly helped.

It was only with the Noom program that my focus shifted from dieting to mindful eating.

And what a difference that has made!

Read about it all here…

But first, here’s is a little disclaimer…

Note: We might be compensated for any purchase(s) made but that ain’t gonna stop me from telling you the whole truth. Read more…

All About Noom Diet – How Does it Work?


What is Noom

Noom is a weight loss program like no other in the industry.

It is an app-based program that you can access at any time from your phone.

This weight loss app is like your personal trainer, coach, fitness guide, and dietician all rolled into one. This program is not only about monitoring food intake though.

It is about providing the user with a holistic approach and doable solution to achieve a healthy weight.

The focus is on behavioral changes and providing healthy options in every situation.

Who developed this weight loss program?

Noom is a successful weight loss app that has been created by Saeju Jeong, who is also the CEO and co-founder.

This app has been made available for both Android as well as iOS systems globally. In fact, data shows that Noom might just be the most downloaded health apps in the world.

This proves the efficacy and popularity of Noom.

To the credit of developers, their online diabetes prevention program has been certified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Why was Noom created?

Noom has been developed with a view to providing users with a new approach to the pertinent problem of weight loss.

It is an app that needs to be downloaded onto the phone and gain a health coach more than anything else.

Healthy body weight is the target of the Noom weight loss app.

Controlling body weight and remaining at a good level is the pursuit of millions of people worldwide.

Whether it is body image or simply to stay fit and healthy, having a balanced weight is necessary.

Many people shy away from aggressive dieting or a high level of exercise, while others are scared of having to undergo intervention.

Still, others doubt the contents and efficacy of dietary supplements that they may need to ingest.

An app that will guide them into healthier lifestyles while monitoring intake of healthy nutrients, how many calories intake, attaining weight loss goals and maintaining a food log seems a dream come true.

This is exactly the need Noom fulfills.

How does the Noom diet help users to lose weight?

I will first talk about the Noom diet and what it means. Noom diet focused on mindful eating as a means to achieve weight loss goals smoothly and effectively.

There are registered dietitians on the Noom panel who advise each person individually about things they should and should not eat.

Noom helps users who want to lose weight with a color-coded food system.

This health app guides users to pick the best from a food group.

Whether one may take grilled chicken or lean meats, how to use a calorie tracker, and guidance to adopt a healthy lifestyle are all part of the app.

By a color-coded food system, I mean here that the app advises the user to pick what they need.

It has categorized food as green foods, yellow foods, and red foods.

Green foods are highly recommended and include fruits and vegetables. These are high fiber content and low-calorie dense foods.

Yellow foods have comparatively more calories but provide necessary proteins.

They have meats and dairy products. Red foods are high-calorie-dense foods and one should be careful in consuming them.

They are not bad in moderation and in mindfulness.

Using the Noom app will definitely help you to lose weight but the thing needed here is commitment and consistency.

There is no supplement to be eaten to keep track, nothing of the sort. It is all about your own willpower to stick to a routine like this.


Noom Vs. Weight Watchers

Like Weight Watchers, Noom is also a weight loss program that is available in app form for users.

The app is available for download on Google Play and Apple Store alike.

Both of these apps target an audience that is looking for weight loss programs that do not entail taking any specific dietary supplements or going to gyms mandatorily or in extreme cases, going under the scalpel to attain ideal body weight.

Each of these apps has its own following which is in huge numbers and speaks of the popularity and effectiveness.

There are subtle differences to their approach towards food and eating habits though.

They look at helping users inculcate healthy habits that not only have to do with the right kind of food, but also conscious and mindful eating.

While Weight Watchers is about assigning value to each kind of food that you eat, Noom is about classifying foods by colors according to their food value.

In addition, Noom is also about tracking your daily activities and how many calories you are burning.

It also helps the user decide upon choosing between calorie-dense foods and healthier options.

However, the most pertinent difference between how these two apps compare has to do with the focus that Noom places on the psychological aspect.

It forces the user to be mindful about eating well and to think about what is going inside their mouths and the consequences of the same on their health and weight issues.

It is often said that the mind-body connection is vital and needs to be nurtured for overall wellness and good health.

That this adage is true is proved by the success story that Noom has become in many a weight loss journey.

It is more supportive and result-oriented than any fad diet that many opt for.

How to Use Noom Diet

  • The first step to using this weight management app is of course to download it from the app store. Once you install it and set up your specifications you are good to go.
  • Next step is to go to the top of the app screen and choose ‘Log Your Meals’.
  • Choose the particular meal you wish to log.
  • Now choose an individual food item, feed a recipe or check the bar code of the item selected.
  • Check for serving size depending upon your weight loss goals and add it to the screen.
  • Repeat this process for all the items in that meal and hit Done.
  • Check out the color balance of the foods you have chosen on your meal plan.
  • This will give you an idea of the kinds of foods you are eating or have been consuming and how good or not they are in your scheme of things.

Downsides of an online weight loss program

Noom is essentially an app for helping users choose the right food groups and thus lose weight.

However, what you put into the app will form the basis of your journey forward.

Healthy weight loss can occur only if the starting point is based on honesty and transparency. After all, it is your own body that needs correction.

Anyone who has lost weight successfully on app Noom will tell you about the positives of food logging and having a daily calorie budget.

You will also be expected to cut out on processed foods and focus more on zero-point foods (although that terminology is more to do with Weight Watchers than Noom).

Remember that the Noom program needs your complete dedication and honesty to be a success.

From accurate food logging to noting the right calorie density to maintaining a weight chart, the onus lies with the user.

It is you who needs to track food accurately and ensure your choices stay more in the green-yellow range than venturing into red.

There will be negative reviews online about every product and that is to be expected. The same holds true for Noom too.

The catch with these apps is that a lot of the success has to do with the integrity and application of the user.

If you are consuming more calories or fewer calories then be candid about that.

Based on that input Noom will calculate your calorie budget and take your weight loss program forward.

Just focusing on healthy foods and expecting results is not the way.

Who should not use Noom?

Noom is a weight loss app that does not have many drawbacks to mention. It is entirely up to the user to follow the instructions as best they can.

If they are unable to, the loss or inversely, the resultant weight gain, is entirely theirs.

I did not find much to say against any group specifically. Having said that

  • Noom app is not for those who are technically challenged.
  • Noom app needs focus and dedication and not everyone is able to self-motivate enough to follow an app without one-to-one interaction with a physical trainer.
  • Noom app should not be followed if there are preexisting medical conditions leading to weight gain or serious eating disorders.
  • This healthy weight program is to be used in moderation if the user is a pregnant woman or below 18 years of age.

What I did not like

Initially, I was a bit doubtful about the effectiveness of a phone app.

  • Noom users can get distracted by advertisements that pop up in the app.
  • The pricing of the app is slightly opaque and one gets the full picture over a period of time. There are multiple upgrade plans with more blogs and suggestions and quizzes but all of these come at a cost.
  • Results will show only with consistent efforts and having healthy habits.
  • There might be problems with subscription cancellation should one wish to discontinue the app.

Noom Reviews from Users

“I think we all turned the nose a few inches, years ago, to end up at our current weight. Noom helps you point the nose in the other direction. The lesson: small changes, made daily, really add up. That is why I would say that, for the behavior modification material alone, and the fact that it takes soooo little time, the cost of Noom Weight Loss Coach Healthy Weight Program is worth the cost, hands down.”

“I’m not sure about the negative reviews, though I thought it might have to do with a few excessive treats going unlogged… Nevertheless, I was amazed how in a few days, I began losing near a pound a day. That may not seem like much, but it quickly accrues. I went from 256 to 243 in a little more than a week. And then I lost my battery for a couple of weeks, still able to follow with what I’ve learned, but I can’t log in or learn more till my phone returns. However, I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in losing weight.”

Not only for your current weight and goal weight but also to keep parameters like blood sugar and blood pressure under good control, give Noom a fair try.

It will help to put a tab on your food intake in the healthiest manner possible.

What I liked About Noom Diet

In my goal of healthy weight, I have been helped by the Noom app like no other:

  • It is an app, which means I have access to my data and progress at my fingertips all the time.
  • I have learned the basics of mindful eating with the help of this app.
  • There is constant and interactive health coaching for users that I find very useful and supportive.
  • Using this app has taught me to differentiate between calorie-dense foods and has aided in losing all the weight that was in excess.
  • Noom has a group coach as well as blogs and weekly quizzes that help a newbie decide where they stand in the scheme of things.
  • One may interact with #NoomNerds who are also new to counting calories on this food logging app. This acts as a big morale boost.
  • I could track my weight loss progress from day #1 and know exactly how I needed to move in order to reach my goal weight.
  • Noom helped me to track my calorie intake online that I found more practical than some other weight loss program I had enrolled in earlier.
  • Being on a Noom diet as per guidance from dietitians is a big boon for new users.
  • Anyone who feels he or she is carrying around too much weight can give this app a chance.


Insider Information

It is easy to get carried away by counting calories and getting into a high state of achievement with using the app.

Noom dieters need to be aware that too much calorie cutting cannot be good for the body either.

While there are write-ups and blogs on the app that also seek to provide medical advice, it is good to check with your own physician to ascertain you are not depriving yourself of essential nutrition and that your goal weight is realistic and in keeping with your bodily requirements.

Buying Advice

As is apparent by now, Noom is an online app that one needs to download. The payment to download the app has to be made online as well.

To be candid, there is just one way to get the genuine app and that is to go directly to Google Play or Apple Store and download Noom, depending upon the interface Android or iOS that you are using.

Normally if one is visiting some weight loss platform or online page that is talking about Noom, there will be a link that will again take you to the app store.

However, for security reasons, it is better that one visits the app store directly from their own phone, checks out the app and its details, and downloads to begin using.

My Verdict

My fight with losing weight has been a tough and uphill battle.

Having tried a lot of things, I find this app-based program quite useful.

There are days when I do slip up and cheat a bit, but cheat days are built into every weight loss program, are they not?

With the kind of sustained weight loss that I have experienced with Noom, I would definitely recommend it to users.

The only thing is to stay honest and committed to your goal through all of this.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Noom really worth the money?

Most Noom reviews speak highly of the app and how it helps them with weight loss issues. For anyone wishing to lose weight with calorie reduction, a bit of investment in terms of money, effort and focus is needed. When results begin to show with better health and improved wellness, it all feels worth it.

How much does Noom diet cost now?

Noom has a free introductory offer, after which paid subscription comes into effect. At present, it costs $59 per month to subscribe to the app. Alternatively one may pay $129 for a three-month subscription.

What are the disadvantages of using the weight loss app?

Noom is an online platform for weight loss that can at times recommend diets that are deficient in sufficient calories. While there is psychological input taken, sometimes it is possible to gloss over eating disorders with this app.

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