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Candid Reviews – The Aligners, Orthodontics, Price, & More…

Written by Jane Summerfield

There is a saying that goes like, ‘The world always looks brighter from behind a smile’.

It is not attributed to anyone in particular, but what an apt phrase this is.

A beautiful smile is one of the best assets a person can have.

One need not mention that a beautiful set of teeth will add to the sparkle and allure of a heartfelt smile more than anything else.

Some of us, unfortunately, feel inhibited by these very teeth to smile big enough or wide enough.

Unaligned teeth can do more than spoil our smile.

They often take away the confidence to be ourselves and smile at the world.

To add to the woes of crooked teeth are the challenges faced in getting proper orthodontic treatment.

The entire treatment often is challenging in terms of the time taken as well as the costs involved.

These were some of the major concerns I faced when my partner expressed the desire to opt for teeth alignment.

Following is an honest account of how we chose Candid aligner treatment and all that we learned about the whole process in general and this product in particular.

I am sure readers will benefit from my account and may even visit a Candid studio to set their teeth straight.

Let us dive right in…

Live Candid Co Teeth Straightening Review – All You Need to Know

What is Candid?

Candid is a company that provides orthodontic support to users through Candid’s aligners.

A lot of people are now avoiding traditional orthodontic treatment due to the ongoing pandemic situation and the challenges that it is creating.

In what is one of the pioneering moves in remote treatment, Candid treatment was put forward as a sustainable solution that could be done from the comfort of home.

Who made it?

Candid was founded by one of the leading orthodontists worldwide, Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, along with five other pioneers who wanted to bring about a change in the aligner treatment industry.

When each of the founding members of a company is a renowned orthodontist in their own right, one may well imagine the standard of care that can be expected.

Setting a high bar in the orthodontic industry, the company also has a physical presence in the form of Candid studio.

Each treatment process is executed strictly on the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) guidelines.

Why was Candid created?

Candid was created with the sole purpose of providing people with a choice of aligner treatment that moves away from traditional braces and has a completely different approach towards crooked teeth.

Teeth are what lend beauty and radiance to any smile.

However, orthodontic processes can often put people off treatment.

To add to the different challenges of getting good treatment is the current COVID situation which is creating havoc worldwide.

Candid Teeth Aligners give a chance to those with teeth alignment problems to correct these insufficiencies in a remote manner.

They have clear aligners that do their job without becoming too obvious to outsiders.

Candid customers also benefit from remote monitoring to get the desired results.

Orthodontics – What is it about?

“Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that addresses the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns. It may also address the modification of facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics. Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is common.”

The above is a very formal and on-point definition of what orthodontics is all about.

Some of us, albeit a small percentage, are blessed enough to not need our teeth looked into for a major part of our lives.

This, however, is not the case with most of the global population, who do need attention from dentists from time to time.

A lot of us still believe that a dentist is all that dentistry is about – fixing cavities and pulling out teeth or capping them.

While that is indeed what dentists do, a lot of people also need correction of their dental profile for different reasons.

The extent of correction varies from person to person.

For some, it is purely cosmetic, like teeth whitening.

A whitening foam might do the trick but might not sustain the results that an orthodontist can give.

More than this need, it is the requirement of setting teeth straight with aligner treatment that concerns the majority of people.

The use of clear aligners as opposed to traditional braces and ugly metal fixtures is something that attracts people to orthodontists.

Invisible braces are modern medicine’s boon to people who need to set their teeth in perfect alignment and improve oral health.

Bite correction is another important facet addressed by orthodontists.

Facial growth problems can also be taken care of by them and the use of cheek stretchers has been known to help the cause.

A whole lot of babies have congenital cleft lip issues that need a team of physicians to take care of and correct, and an orthodontist finds a primary place among the treating panel.

Baby teeth need special care when correcting a cleft lip and are also about gifting a new smile to the afflicted child.

As one may see above, an orthodontist holds a prime position among the profession that many of us broadly label as dentists.

It is a branch of study that benefits a whole lot of people suffering from tooth problems of different sorts.

What is Candid Treatment Plan All About


Candid’s treatment plans are a reflection of what dedication, expertise, and teledentistry can create when the intent is strong.

Like I said earlier, Candid was set up and co-founded by a team of orthodontists whose mission was to provide world-class teeth straightening in an easy-to-access way.

Now anything to do with teeth has always invoked images of a studio and appointments to be booked and visits to be made in person.

For those with teeth beautification issues like whitening or straightening, traditional metal braces immediately leap to mind.

Candid Co has helped change the way people look at orthodontics and aligners in the industry.

Aligners are the new buzzword in the industry and they are considered a viable and effective alternative to teeth aesthetics.

Along with Candid, there are many other aligner companies that provide such services to users.

So, what makes Candid different from all of its competition?

Well as one of the benefactors of their method, I would definitely say it is their customized treatment plan that is gaining them positive reviews from people with various teeth problems.

It might be protruding teeth or crooked teeth or simply teeth whitening, Candid team goes right to the root (no pun intended) of the problem and devices a strategy to deal with each person’s specific dental challenges.

To top everything, the entire Candid cost of treatment is way more reasonable and hassle-free than having to do the in-person treatment.

Traveling to your orthodontist, having to take multiple sessions of treatment, and paying for in-office visits only gets the cost chart ticking away.

Remote monitoring the Candid way is the hallmark of their treatment plan.

This is called Candid Monitoring.

All one needs is a starter kit and the whole process gets underway. This is especially relevant in present times, where keeping a distance is very important.

Before COVID it was normal for Candid customers to visit Candid studios to get their teeth straightened.

However, the company has acted very responsibly to change its approach to treatment in keeping with pandemic protocols.

Their panels of doctors have been consistently providing the highest quality of care to clients through their online platform with regular interaction and constant monitoring.

With customized treatment design, the team at CandidCo gets to deliver the best treatment to their patients with the most startling results at an affordable cost.


What can one expect at the studio?


The Candid chain of orthodontic treatment centers was first begun in 2017 in the form of an online company.

As I have stated above, their approach and planning towards each client are very systematic and highly customized. With their affordable solution to teeth alignment, CandidCo is a name to reckon with in this field.

In keeping with their treatment modalities and given the popularity of their approach, Candid studios in the form of physical orthodontic treatment outlets have since come up at various locations.

One may find Candid studio locations online on searching or by using their website.

These are swanky and sleek studios located in different cities throughout the USA, Austin, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, San Jose, and Washington DC.

These are not really ideal times for in-person dental or orthodontal consultations. Before these current pandemic restrictions, however, a person did have the choice of walking into a physical Candid studio to get assessed by a Candid studio specialist and begin treatment.

Candid studio location guide online will help anyone willing to get in-person service.

Once at any Candid studio, skilled technicians take over the entire process.

From taking an impression of your teeth to capturing pictures from all angles, every detail is handled by them.

This helps to create a 3D image of a person’s teeth which aids in taking the process of alignment further ahead.

In what is mainly a painless process, the only requirement from Candid is that the client should have a professional cleaning in the last half-year.

This helps them get a better image and ensures better overall hygiene as well.

A hallmark of Candid treatment has been their amazing customer service team which I can vouch for with a lot of emphasis.

This team has been available at all times to guide users, help them get in touch with treating doctors, and provide every support needed.

Getting started on the Co teeth alignment treatment

If you have made your mind up about getting your teeth aligned with the Candid process, here are some of the steps to get going.

Remember these are not just dentists here but specialists in teeth alignment and beautification.

They are the smile engineers who do their job in a safe and effective manner for everyone to be satisfied.

1) Assessment

The first step to get going is to get your teeth checked by the orthodontist team at Candid.

This will ascertain if you are a candidate for straightening in the first place.

Candid aligners are made for a specific purpose.

They are highly customizable no doubt, but still, the team needs to ensure that the client actually is a candidate.

For this purpose, one option would be to visit a nearby Candid Studio to get your teeth scanned by Candid team experts there.

However, in the present circumstances, that possibility is ruled out.

The next option is to order the at-home starter kit. This starter kit allows you to create the best impression of your teeth and to move on to the next step.

2) Treatment Design

Once you have the impression of your own teeth, you need to upload this to the Candid website.

This gives the assigned orthodontist for your case a perfect 3D look into your teeth.

Albeit virtual, this makes the base to start treatment plans for straighter teeth.

The team of orthodontists and technicians then get together to come up with the perfect aligner for your particular case.

This is what makes the online Candid platform so customized.

3) Kit Arrival

The next step begins when your Candid aligners arrive at your address.

This well-packaged unit comes replete with all instructions.

It is all packed into a single box and also contains customized Candid teeth aligners to work on your set of teeth.

Along with these, there is premium whitening also included in the package.

This will give you whiter teeth that are also straighter and much better aligned.

There are other items in the starter kit which we will elaborate upon in the next section.

4) Monitoring and Maintenance

Remember that there is always the Candid Monitoring system that is in place to help you through every step of the way.

This is a special monitoring system that keeps you on track about your clear aligners and how effective the system is.

It is now up to you, the user, to follow directions exactly as mentioned in order to get your desired goal of perfect teeth.

How do Candid teeth aligners work?

This brings us to the question- how exactly do Candid teeth aligners work to give users the desired results?

I will try and explain this as lucidly as possible since I have been one of the beneficiaries of this.

My dream of straight teeth has been fulfilled and for someone who wore braces for a long time, this is an immense relief.

To put it simply, Candid teeth aligners work just like any traditional teeth alignment process would at an in-person orthodontist’s office.

They use invisible aligners or braces to achieve the goal of better-aligned teeth.

As you would expect from one of the best aligner companies, they use stiff plastic tray-like appendages.

The trays are made of BPA-free thermoplastic that is transparent and does not show up as metal braces would.

These apply gentle but firm pressure on teeth that have gotten out of line, so to speak. It is recommended to wear your plastic tray for at least 18 to 20 hours daily in order to get desired results.

The treatment module consists of going through 5 to 12 trays over the course of 4 to 10 months as per directions.

Normally a person is to use one set for 10-14 days and then move on to the next.

It is to be noted here that each tray is thoughtfully designed by experienced orthodontists.

The move from one tray to the next is designed to gradually tighten the teeth structure into a more aligned pattern.

This is a continuous process in a calibrated manner, so it is essential to stick to the aligner treatment exactly as prescribed.

In case there is any difficulty, it is advised to contact Candid for help or guidance.

Their experienced team is always there to help through Candid Monitoring.

With helpful customer care representatives attending to all queries, treatment and resolution is not a problem at all.


Contents of Starter Kit of Candid Teeth Aligner

Once the starter kit is ordered, the whole process of teeth alignment gets underway.

It is to be noted that it takes about 4 business days for the starter kit to arrive.

Once the Candid aligner kit arrives, find the following items inside.

1) User manual

There is a user manual that gives detailed instructions on how to use each component in the starter kit. Each of the items is neatly labeled for ease of identification.

The manual will help to further identify and pick out the right item as and when needed.

2) Hardening putty

This is divided into two parts – deep blue and grey putty.

Blending them gets the putty activated and it begins to harden.

The provided timer is there to keep this process in control.

Filling this putty in the provided tray and sinking your teeth into it is the next step in order to create the right impression.

3) Cheek stretcher

This item does exactly what it says – it stretches out the cheeks in order to allow for the best pictures.

Selfies allow for good enough pictures. Inner mouth photos need better clarity and resolution though, and the same can be done by using flash or asking someone else to help.

The photos will then need to be uploaded on the site for the right-sized aligners to be made.

4) Plastic trays

These are the devices into which one needs to put in the mixed putty to harden up and bite into.

The bite should be such that every tooth sinks into the putty in order to get a true impression.

This will help the orthodontist to get a genuine 3D visualization of the condition of your teeth.

5) Gloves

This inclusion in the kit is very understandable.

You will be putting stuff in your mouth and hygiene is of primary importance.

The mouth is the pathway to any infections and takes them directly within the body.

6) Prepaid return box

After one is done with impressions, the only thing left in the starter kit is this return box.

Put the dental impressions into this and send them to the address mentioned, either by mail or USPS as convenient.

It should be noted that if care is not taken while getting the impressions, the whole exercise will be futile.

It is quite possible that Candid may reject your impressions and you may need to repeat the process all over again.

Who should not use the teeth aligners?

  • This method of teeth straightening is only for those with milder correction issues. If there are major problems, it is always advisable to seek in-person advice from qualified orthodontists.
  • Those having problems requiring medications should seek clearance from their physician before committing to Candid.

The Cons: What I did not like?

  • This process does not give the real feel of visiting a clinic that some people prefer.
  • It does not work for severe cases of teeth deformity.

Candid Testimonials From Customers

“I priced traditional braces and Invisalign before finding Candid. It’s saved me thousands of dollars and I have a beautiful smile again!” Shannon B.

“My teeth are straight just in time for my wedding. The best part was that I got to choose a payment plan, so I didn’t break the bank!”  Audra S.

A beautiful smile is a priceless accessory and Candid provides an easy way to achieve this, as is evident from the reviews above and many others on the website.

Why not give it a try?

The Pros: What I liked About Candid

  • This is a very easy process of teeth alignment from the comfort of home.
  • There is no hassle of office visits which is especially great in pandemic situations.
  • There are no visits involved and one gets monitored regularly at home by the nearest orthodontist in the local area who is affiliated to Candid.
  • Candid aims to provide professional orthodontic monitoring at all times via Candid Monitoring.
  • There is an entire support team to help in case of any problems.
  • They use a clear aligner that does not make the process too obvious.
  • Candid links up with your insurance provider which helps in big-time savings for clients.

Insider Information

Candid offers a full refund on its starter kit if they feel the user would not be an ideal candidate for their process.

There need not be any hesitation in getting one with the knowledge that the money will get refunded by the company.

I found the customer service team very receptive to every query and willing to answer questions patiently and accurately.

Buying Advice

I bought my starter kit as well as treatment kit directly from the Candid website.

This is a patented system where results of the starter kit will lead to assessment by a Candid orthodontist followed by a treatment plan.

I would advise buying only from the direct website, not only to avail best discounts but also to make use of their refund policy in case your dental profile is not considered fit enough for the Candid treatment protocol.


For mild teeth structure problems that are not grave enough but not casual either to let go, I would definitely suggest Candid.

Just follow the steps mentioned above and seek an initial consultation with a Candid orthodontist to get the ball rolling.

Leave it up to the efficient, helpful, and knowledgeable team of orthodontists with long years of experience behind them.

They will come up with the best treatment plan customized to your dental architecture and take it from there.

Believe me, the search for straighter teeth just got easier with Candid aligners.

Anyone interested in flashing their pearlies with utmost confidence, do it the Candid way.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it actually work?

For cases where teeth alignment is not too severe, Candid works very well. They have a great system where an impression kit is used to get a 3D imagery of teeth and then proceed to rectify.

Is it FDA approved?

Candid uses a process of 3D prints to create aligners for further treatment. These aligners are FDA approved, which is authentication of sorts for many users.

How Much Does It Cost?

Opting for monthly payments of $79 will ensure full care, monitoring, and every need taken care of, including regular monitoring. Click here to get started >>

How long does it take for the aligners to work?

Regular use of Candid aligners for 18 hours a day can give results in as many as 4 weeks of use. I can speak for myself that regular use of Candid fixed my irregular and crooked teeth satisfactorily within 5 weeks of use.

Is Smile Direct a good aligner company?

Smile Direct Club has a similar profile to Candid in that it makes aligners for at-home use.

The plus point about Candid compared to any other competitors is that Candid has only orthodontists on board which means they provide a more specialized level of care.

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