Common Exercise and Weight loss Myths You Should Know

Exercise for weight loss

Weight with exercise will help you become healthy and fit but you should not take everything you see out there without knowing the real facts from reliable sources.

There are few programs out there like Emily Lark – The Back to Life system that can help you in your exercise routine.

See some of the most common myths about weight loss and exercise out there and some tips to help you.

Only an intense workout will help you lose weight – As you know, no pain, no gain

Not only intense workouts can make you lose weight. You can keep fit and lose weight by doing simple activities every day. So, you don’t have to over-stress before you can see a significant result in losing weight.

Here are some simple activities that are good for you to burn calories without too much stress.

  • Walking, Dog-Walking
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Clapping
  • Singing

The more you sweat the more weight you’ll lose

This is funny but there is a half-truth in it because you lose water and salts from sweating. Sweat account for a small amount of weight that you will normally gain back when you rehydrate.

So, what counts is the calories you burn while sweating it out and the excess calories you don’t replace.

Remember that your sweat helps to cool your body temperature down because of heat build-up from the exercise.

There is just no reasonable amount of fat in sweat or at least nobody has discovered a significant mass of it oozing out through our skins when we sweat.

Exercise is for fat people only

It is a common misconception to believe that one cannot be fat and fit.

Also, a slim person may not be as fit as you may guess and may not be able to do some serious fitness exercises as easily as a fatter person.

You can be fat inside while looking okay on the outside.

TOFI is an acronym to describe one who is thin on the outside and fat inside.

With the possible effect of internal fat and symptoms of obesity, one may have need medical help and staying active can also help. See more on Dr. Chatterjee’s blog.

Exercise is the surest way to lose weight

You should know that even though exercise is a means of losing weight, it is also a way of gaining weight.

Bodybuilders normally exercise a lot to gain weight as well.

So, if you do the same type of exercise and eat like a bodybuilder, you should expect to add weight.

The good side, however, is that you are more likely to add on positive weight in muscle mass rather than fat mass.

The truth is that only workouts alone cannot guarantee weight loss and people who are normally active and don’t do serious exercise can lose weight effectively.

Get Instant fat burned and gain muscles now with this pill and only a little exercise!

For your good, you should not believe the hypes on some of the “fat-burning” products out there.

For one reason, they may more than likely be ignoring best medical practices.

On the other hand, it will lead you to have unrealistic expectations and this may discourage you from your normal healthy workout routine.

The truth is whatever exercise you do, you should expect to commit weeks of exercise.

You should continue with your lifestyle commitment to being physically active and stop overeating.


Now that you know the facts from myths, keep pushing yourself to do the simple activities until you will not need to push yourself to exercise.

Instead, your desire to workout a bit and stay more active will be natural and eventually a habit.