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Welcome to my personal Focus Factor review…

We are living in challenging times where terms like brain fog’ are heard with alarming regularity.

Which in turn is making people look for brain supplements in order to boost mental faculties.

Feeling stressed and anxious is, unfortunately, a part of our lives now.

People around me are not an exception to this, with many struggling with waning mental focus.

Some of them have been searching for organic ways to improve memory.

It is no surprise that for our brain to function properly we need to give it proper nutrition.

In my search for an effective supplement, I came across Focus Factor in many places.

Focus Factor reviews overall seemed promising and I finally made up my mind to focus on bettering my mental health with this.

I am sharing below information on brain health supplements and their role, if any, in cognitive health improvement.

Stay with me, readers!

Focus Factor Supplement Review  – All You Need to Know

Focus Factor


What is Focus Factor?

Focus Factor is a popular brain supplement made in the USA.

This completely natural product contains ingredients sourced organically.

These components are then brought together in specified proportions to create the product.

People taking Focus Factor have reported better cognitive function, help to improve focus, and better mental acuity.

Who made this Nootropic?

Focus Factor is manufactured by Synergy CHC Corp, a leading name in the medical and health supplement industry.

Focus Factor has been recently launched online by this company in an effort to reach more and more customers.

This brain health supplement is made under stringent quality control in the USA. The best part about Focus Factor is that it has a clinically tested and patented original formula.

This gives its users the confidence and assurance to buy Focus Factor for their benefit.

Why was Focus Factor created?

Focus Factor has been created with the aim of improving memory, concentration, and focus in an increasingly stressful world.

Mental health and wellness are very closely related to physical fitness.

Better brain health automatically means the ability to focus on your work, giving better results.

As we all know, any kind of need produces products that address the problem.

There are legit ways to achieve this and there are shortcuts too.

People would obviously want something that can be used long-term without adverse effects.

This is where Focus Factor scores.

There are negligible Focus Factor side effects because of the organic composition of this dietary supplement.

This is the driving reason behind the creation of the Focus Factor.

What does a brain health supplement do?

Why do we need supplements at all for adequate cognitive functions?

This is a common question that arises. Stressful work environments, as well as a lack of proper nutritional supplements, lead to the decline of nerve cells over time.

This is somewhat inevitable in the modern-day scenario.

A lot of focus is on physical fitness and appearance without focusing on the mental aspect.

We tend to overlook the mind-body connection in all of this.

But we do realize a gradual but steady decline in focus, concentration, and memory.

This affects our daily routine and our efficiency at work.

This also takes away from the ability to function as a cohesive unit.

In fact, there is a marked acceleration in cognitive aging worldwide.

The intent is to caution people and not alarm them when I say that below-par cognitive performance can also affect the quality of life.

So much so that many are seeking out a healthcare provider at an age where things ought to be otherwise.

These are all situations that might sound familiar to people.

It is to address these and jog up overall brain function that a brain health supplement is created.

These are formulated to improve brain function by improving the connectivity of brain cells.

A non-interventional method that will do this, using legit and safe components, is very much sought after.

Kids and Extra Strength Pack

As is obvious Focus Factor has been at the forefront of supplements targeting brain health.

The product has found many takers worldwide who have noted a marked improvement in their cognitive abilities.

When this happens and a product gains popularity in the dietary supplements industry, it is followed by more variety and improved versions.

Focus Factor Kids and Focus Factor Extra Strength are exactly that.

They have been created to bring the goodness of Focus Factor ingredients to a younger population as well as pack in more punch to the existing version.

Focus Factor Kids comes in a kid-friendly chewable and flavorful version.

It contains components that pack in a lot of goodness.

There are neuro-nutrients to fortify and enrich the brain. Its proprietary blend enhances cognitive performance and boosts the immune system.

The formula also contains many vitamins and minerals that are needed for growing kids and their ultra-active brains.

Focus Factor Extra Strength has the same nutrients as Focus Factor original.

It adds an extra dose of some neuro-nutrients and Vitamin C that give added boost to the brain.

This helps Focus Factor work extra hard to increase the brain capacity.

Users report better memory recall and focus by using these variants that the company offers.

Focus Factor ingredients

It has already been mentioned that this leading brain supplement is made of naturally sourced ingredients from all over the world.

Listed below are all Focus Factor ingredients as seen on the website and product label.

1) Dimethylaminoethanol

Also referred to as DMAE bitartrate this component is found in fatty fish.

Some trace amounts are also found in the human body.

When you buy Focus Factor you are enabling choline into your system.

This is known to help with learning and memory retention. Brain fog features get addressed too.

2) L-glutamine

A protein-building block of amino acids is essential to enhance neural connections.

The central nervous system works in response to brain signals.

L-glutamine fortifies synapses thus helping in robust brain activity.

Brain health is assuredly improved with this component.

3) Bacopin

Also known as bacopa monnieri or Brahmi, this is an ancient herb that is native to China and India.

Over the ages, its memory restorative properties have been harnessed to good use.

Its use helps to improve focus and learning and has been used to combat the effect of Alzheimer’s.

4) L-pyroglutamic Acid

Derived from glutamine, this is also an amino acid derivative.

Humans have been found to have restored memory and better retention after being on this.

Multiple Focus Factor reviews speak about good memory restoration. This component is possibly the main reason that helps improve memory.

5) Phosphatidylserine

A number of reasons for brain fog exist, but it is believed that nerve health is primary.

This component is believed to be very good in restoring nerve sheath conditions and speeding up receiving and sending of brain impulses.

Focus Factor Original has a proprietary blend that contains phosphatidylserine in balanced amounts to help renew brain connections and arrest the age-related cognitive decline.

6) Docosahexaenoic Acid

Popularly known as DHA in shortened form, this is a vital omega-3 fatty acid needed for healthy brain development.

If you are still wondering how does Focus Factor works to improve brain function, DHA is the secret.

It nourishes the brain and enhances cognitive abilities.

This component is vital for growing children.

It is included in the Kids version of Focus Factor for its docosahexaenoic acid concentrate content.

7) Inositol

This is a kind of sugar that our body produces from the carbs we consume.

Inositol is responsible for dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine production.

These are what we know as happy hormones and help to overcome depression.

How does Focus Factor improve mental performance? The answer to this also lies to a large measure with this component.

8) N-Acetyl Tyrosine

Another amino acid precursor, this component gives a boost to cognitive function.

It helps to promote epinephrine and dopamine flow to the brain.

This keeps the brain active and helps slow down the decline of mental faculties that might or might not be related to age.

9) Bilberry Fruit Standardized Extract

This component is extracted from Bilberry.

Basically an effective antioxidant, it has been shown to be neuroprotective.

This means it acts to keep nerves and connections and sheaths in good working order.

It also promotes dopamine release, thus promoting a better state of mind.

10) Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Known more popularly by its shortened form GABA, it plays a major role in handling stress.

It works on CNS and has been reported effective on short-term memory problems.

11) Grape skin and grape seed extract

We often think we are having a healthy diet but a lot escapes us.

This is why an ingredient on Focus Factor’s ingredient list from grapes is so special.

Anthocyanins are extracted from grape skin and grape seed as an antidote to Alzheimer’s disease progression.

These can also play a big role in reducing oxidative stress and help lessen the chance of ischemic stroke.

12) Vinpocetine

A plant as quaint as the periwinkle produces an alkaloid that influences vinpocetine to be chemically reproduced.

It works to prevent dementia and can also reverse the effects of stroke to a certain extent.

13) Huperzine A

Chinese herbology has contributed a lot to Alzheimer’s and this is one example.

It has been found beneficial in individuals with cognitive issues from Alzheimer’s disease.

14) Boron

Healthy adults need a certain amount of boron that might not get adequately fulfilled from daily intake.

This can lead to brain sluggishness as age catches up.

The proprietary blend of minerals in Focus Factor balances this requirement very well.

Focus Factor nutrition labs show the effectiveness of this element in relation to better brain function.

15) Vanadium

This natural element is present in abundance in seawater.

Studies show that this can act as an antioxidant at certain concentrations.

Focus Factor includes this in acceptable amounts to give the necessary push to brain cell function.

Vanadium plays a big role in reversing the effects of ischemic stroke.

16) Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Leaves from this tree that is native to China produce Ginkgo Biloba extract.

This is an herb much used in traditional Chinese medicine.

It is a powerful antioxidant and also helps improve nerve function.

It is also believed to improve memory and better information assimilation and processing.

Age-related problems that lead to degeneration of brain cells are controlled with Ginkgo Biloba extract.

As one can see, all of these ingredients are chosen with a deliberate focus on improving brain activity and preventing brain fog.

Their effectiveness gets more apparent in long-term use.

The recommended dose of this brain supplement

Instructions are a bit unclear on dosage.

Most Focus Factor reviews that I came across spoke about two tablets with meals each day.

However, many users have reported significant weight loss with a slightly higher dose of this supplement.

Each dose of this supplement is designed to deliver a maximum punch of neurologic supportive nutrition to the brain.

While all the ingredients are sourced naturally, it is not wise to overdose on recommendations.

The dosage has been arrived at after scientific research and study.

It would be better to complement this with a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to keep the brain active and healthy

  • Speak with any health professional and they will recommend physical activity as one of the best ways to stay mentally and physically agile.
  • Taking a healthy diet is also important in order to promote better health and wellness.
  • Regular check-up of parameters for high blood pressure, blood sugar, and other common problems is a must.
  • Keeping mentally agile by being involved in daily activities will help prevent the onset of cognition decline.

Who should not use the Nootropic?

  • Those below 18 should only use the Focus Factor Kids version only since that is tailor-made for young folks.
  • Those suffering from serious neurological problems with cognitive decline must confer with their treating physician before taking Focus Factor.
  • Those on medicines for an existing condition should check for any possible contraindications.
  • Those with any history of allergies to any of Focus Factor ingredients must stay away from this supplement.

The cons of the brain health supplement

  • There are some negative Focus Factor reviews online where users report the absence of noticeable results.
  • My personal details are out there on an online forum and I would like to have the assurance of complete security of the same.
  • It would be good to have tabulated data based on clinical research about Focus Factor.

Focus Factor Testimonials from Customers

I have seen a definite improvement in my concentration. I HAVE to be focused on my new job.

I’ve been using this product for at least 10 years. I could not survive without it.

I’ve used Focus Factor for years because it gives me energy and my mind is clearer.

We can see that users like Ben J. have actually been on Focus Factor for a decade.

That is a really long time to be on a supplement and is testimony to the safety and efficacy of the product.

Harnessing natural ingredients to help brain development is the USP of the product.

I began to take Focus Factor 5 months back.

I took this decision based on scientific evidence supplied by the makers about the effectiveness of their product.

And I have noticed an immense improvement in my mental faculties after being on this brain health supplement. Regaining memory, concentration, and focus has been a highlight of my journey thus far.

My brain is getting its daily requirement of nutrition in an easy-to-take manner.

Having experienced these benefits, I certainly would request people to consider Focus Factor Original as well as variants as suitable.

Pros: What I liked about Focus Factor

  • This is a completely organic product that is safe and totally legit to use. There are no banned or questionable ingredients that might cause problems in the long run.
  • Focus Factor is available through online purchases as well as in stores. Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon are some of the prominent stores where one may walk in and purchase this product.
  • There are variants that have since been introduced and customized for use by different user profiles.
  • To promote cognitive function among old and young alike, the company has come out with audiobooks and an app called Brain Hub. This version is very helpful for a lot of people who are more into apps and other mediums of keeping their brains active.
  • Focus Factor has the backing of double-blind clinical studies to bolster its claims of brain function improvement. This has shown 44% improved memory recall in users compared to those on placebo.
  • Payment options are many on the website and it is safe and secure to pay online. There is the added benefit of free shipping to anywhere in the US. There is a minimum purchase value of $50 for this to apply.
  • Focus Factor is manufactured in the USA under hygienic conditions in keeping with industry standards.
  • There are multiple health benefits experienced by users – improved brain signals, more mental clarity, and better focus. There is a positive impact on immune health too.
  • Focus Factor comes in easy-to-use pill form as well as berry-flavored gummies that make it attractive to kids.
  • There are added health benefits and a fit body thanks to the nature of ingredients included in the patented formulation.

All of the above pluses helped me decide in favor of Focus Factor. However, the fact that it has added benefits over mental health led me to commit to this supplement. I am happy I chose wellness in this way.

Insider Information

Improving brain health is the primary goal of this supplement.

This is what people use the Focus Factor for.

However, there is added benefit to reducing excess body weight as well.

This is mainly due to particular ingredients in the formula.

It has been seen that taking a little bit more than recommended dose has helped accommodate body weight in a lot of users.

This comes as a big plus for those who are using this supplement.

However, being patient and using it for the long run is recommended to get the best results.

Buying Advice

It is easy to buy Focus Factor online as well as by walking into stores.

For those wishing to make their purchase from the comfort of home, the direct website makes it easy to do so.

Not only does one get genuine products but also guarantees and shipping are vouched for by the makers.

Besides the website, online purchases can also be made at Amazon.

For those who feel more comfortable seeing and handling a new product before buying, Focus Factor has its presence at various retail stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and Costco.

All one needs to do is to walk in and pick up the variant that one feels will suit their requirements.

My Verdict: Is It an Effective Nootropic?

My Focus Factor review overall leans positively towards this organic supplement.

Without exposing myself to any chemical components I am still able to address my requirements.

There are adequate neuro-nutrients and nootropics in the formula that help keep me sprightly and alert.

Seeing the positive change in me, a lot of my friends and family have expressed interest in Focus Factor.

Results may vary from person to person but this product is certainly recommended for long-term benefits to the brain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this brain supplement actually work?

The majority of users have benefited from Focus Factor. They have noted marked improvement with Vitamin D and Vitamin E supplementation. While every such product will have some people responding inadequately, for most users Focus Factor really works.

What is the main ingredients of Focus Factor?

Bacopa monnieri is the chief ingredient of Focus Factor. This component has been known since ancient times to improve attentiveness and focus as well as help reduce inflammation. It is the main ingredient in Focus Factor.

What is the best nootropic supplement on the market?

Brain supplements are basically as good as the nootropics they contain. Depending upon the ingredient list and nootropics one may choose from the best names available. This Focus Factor review reveals everything you need about this supplement and the ingredients in other nootropics. Qualia Mind and Four Sigmatic Reishi Elixir are some leading brain health supplements. Lyte Trace electrolyte concentrate is another good supplement.

Is Focus Factor good for the brain?

With age and stress, brain cells lose their connection and efficiency. An all-around supplement becomes the need of the hour. With its neuro nutrient-rich composition, Focus Factor aims to improve cognition and help the brain concentrate better.