The Pros and Cons of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy Bear Implant

Cosmetic surgery has gained popularity in recent years. Body and enhancement technology has become more developed.

Breast implants are one of those procedures that many women seek out. Many surgeons recommend gummy bear implants or form-stable silicone breast implants because of their quality.

The material used emulates the natural look and touch of women’s breasts.

However, controversies on the safety of breast implants have also been raised. What makes gummy bear breast implants different from other types?

All breast implant procedures have their advantages and disadvantages, whether made of saline, silicone or form-stable silicone.

We will look more into detail about what makes gummy bear implants different and what it has to offer.

Gummy Bear Implants – All You Need to Know

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What Are Breast Implants

Women who want more prominent and natural-looking breasts can find gummy bear breast implants as a great option.

Breast implants are not only beneficial for aesthetic purposes. Breast reconstruction can be done for women who need it for medical conditions like congenital deformities.

Gummy bear breast implants have a silicone shell and silicone gel filling.

Their consistency is similar to gummy bears, which earned its name.

It is scientifically known as form-stable or highly cohesive silicone gel implants.

In the mid-2000s, cohesive silicone gel implants were allowed by the FDA. Breast implants have varying levels of cohesiveness.

Thus, highly cohesive, form-stable implants (gummy bear implants) were designed to look like a natural breast.

The gummy bear silicone breast implant is the newest type in the market.

Gummy Bear Implant Pros

  • They are soft and quickly bounce back to touch. This breast implant has a consistency similar to a gummy bear candy.
  • Gummy bear implants do not have to fit the existing breast tissue. This advantage can help women undergoing breast reconstruction.
  • Even if the implant shell breaks, a form-stable silicone gel will hold its shape. They have a firm consistency, so they have less chance of forming ripples and capsular contracture.
  • Gummy bear implants have less risk of leaking silicone into the surrounding breast tissue. This is because of the thick gel within the shell.
  • Traditional silicone gel implants and saline implants are less firm and more prone to implant rupture. They come in a round shape, while gummy bear implants have a natural droop to the bottom half.
  • Gummy bear breast implant has the ability to replicate natural breast tissue. It is designed to have a more natural feel of real breasts.

Gummy Bear Implant Cons

  • Any breast augmentation surgery holds its risks. Traditional silicone implants, saline implants, and gummy bear silicone implants all have chances of leaking.
  • They all have the risks of leaking and rotating. Despite gummy bear implants having less risk, they may be more noticeable and complicated to detect if these do occur.
  • Other form-stable silicone gel implants complications may include asymmetry, sensation changes, and scarring.
  • Gummy bear implants are tear drop shaped and do not address droopiness issues. Its shape is less full on the upper half of the breast.
  • Gummy bear silicone implants are more expensive compared to regular silicone breast implants.


It would be best to communicate your preferences and expectations for the outcome to a surgeon. A breast augmentation procedure can be customized based on your goals and body type.

Expectations and the limits of plastic surgery will be set by evaluating plastic surgeons on actual patients.

Individual results may vary depending on different factors with patients.

Scheduling regular screenings are essential to detect any complications the patients may experience.

Gummy bear implant leakage is more challenging to detect than other silicone breast implants. Hence, during the consultation, your doctor will ask you to set schedules for screenings.


Gummy bear implants are more expensive than traditional silicone implants and saline-filled implants. Its high quality and procedure

Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to know more about its exact cost and procedure.

If you have existing health conditions and medicines, you should notify your doctor first. Your plastic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery.

Bottom Line

Gummy bear breast implants have a thicker consistency. It is a teardrop-shaped cohesive silicone gel implant.

Hence they look and feel more natural.

They may last longer and are less likely to cause ripples and capsular contracture.

Despite their benefits compared to traditional implants, it comes with drawbacks.

Gummy bear implants are more expensive because of their higher quality. A board-certified plastic surgeon should do the procedure.

Since gummy bear implants have a slightly longer incision, more experience and skills are needed.

If you decide to choose gummy bear breast implants, you should be informed of the risks entailed and prepare for the cost and aftercare needed.

You will need to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon for professional medical advice.