What Does it Mean When You Dream About Being Pregnant

dream about being pregnant

People say that dreams are the stories that you play in your head all day and then they follow you at night.

Especially, the thoughts you have before sleeping, appear in the form of images and metaphors in your dreams.

Well, this might be true because the majority of the population dream about the things they think of the most.

Anything that makes you extremely happy, sad, worried, or anxious is likely to appear in your dreams.

Sometimes the things you fear the most are likely to haunt you at night.

For instance, one night before an exam, your child is likely to dream about his or her paper, being late for it or missing it somehow.

However, one night before a school trip, the dreamy scenarios of children can change completely!

This is because their thoughts change with the situation! 

So, what if someone is having dreams about being pregnant?

Is it their repressed wish or do they keep thinking about getting pregnant all day?

Well, this article has the answer. It explores the meanings of different pregnancy dreams. So, let’s begin.

Dream About Being Pregnant? Here’s What It Means

When do Dreams Occur?

Most dreams occur when you enter the REM cycle of your sleep.

This stage of sleep starts when your eyes move quickly in various directions and happens after roughly 90 minutes of falling asleep.

It is at this time that your brain is very active and processes your thoughts in the form of symbols, not words.

On the other hand, according to Dr. Sigmund Freud, dreams are imaginings of a childhood wish that is repressed for a long time.

He studied dreams for understanding the unconscious mind and stated that dreams reveal suppressed wishes or deepest desires of an individual.

Dreams About Being Pregnant 

According to a professional dream analyst, Lauri Loewenberg, a pregnancy dream isn’t just a random dream.

Loewenberg believes that it might be a sign of your growing, developing, or new life.

Loewenberg notes that pregnancy-related dreams might be a way of communication by your subconscious.

It might be conveying to you something a little harder to accept in waking life.

Such dreams may be nature’s call for a person to focus on what they’ve been ignoring for a long time.

Different types of pregnancy dreams have different interpretations, here we’ve gathered some for you.

If you have been dreaming about being pregnant lately, this might be the time you pay attention to these interpretations and find out how relatable they are to your life!

Note, interpreting dreams is a complex and subjective process and not all interpretations hold for everyone.

Dream about a Positive Pregnancy Test

A non-pregnant woman who fears pregnancy mostly dreams about a positive pregnancy test.

It is a sign that she wishes to get pregnant but something is hindering her.

It might be her inner angst of responsibilities that come with the baby or some external pressure like inadequate sources of finance, psychological issues, the reluctance of her partner or family members, etc.

A dream expert says a positive pregnancy test can be a sign of hope or happiness.

Nature might be reminding you that someone out there is looking for you to have them.

For a person who is trying to get pregnant, a positive test dream may indicate their intense wish and longing for having a baby.       

Experts from the University of North Carolina conducted a study that says that women who are not pregnant commonly have dreams about pregnancy.

They examined around 100 participants including both pregnant and non-pregnant women.

The results showed that 83% of the non-pregnant women dreamt about their pregnancy. It might be because they are preparing for the maternal phase of their lives.      

Dreams about Twins and Triplets

Pregnant women have dreams about giving birth and having twins and triplets.

These dreams may be strange to some because they usually depict random thoughts and emotions during pregnancy.

1) Multiples

For example, if you dream about having multiples, you should not take them literally because it might only be a subconscious representation of your overwhelming feelings about having children and taking care of them.

2) Twins

A pregnant woman’s dream about twins might be a sign that she is carrying twins.

On the other hand, it could indicate that the dreamer is feeling twinned with somebody like their partner.

In the sense of being “of two minds” concerning an important element of their lives, individuals may believe they have twins within themselves.

A dream involving twins could imply that the woman is considering her future and how she would nurture many children.

3) Triplets

Similarly, if a pregnant woman dreams of having triplets, it could just be a wish for triplets.

A dream involving triplets, on the other hand, could also symbolize that the woman is eager to establish a family and have more children.

Triplets indicate a high level of fecundity. Their peculiarity serves as both a virtue and a marvel.

Loewenberg’s Interpretation of Pregnancy Dreams

According to Lauri Loewenberg, a pregnancy dream might be relatable to the real life of the dreamer.

Such dreams give you a better understanding of something ongoing or forthcoming in your life by presenting it in another scenario.

Here are some of Loewenberg’s interpretations of some dreams about pregnancy and how they may relate to you.

1) Growth & development

Having dreams about pregnancy most probably reflects some kind of growth and development in your life.

If you had a dream where you’ve just conceived a baby.

Such a dream could mean that something important is in its beginning.

It may be new beginnings, a new relationship, a new venture, a big project, a new job, or a new project at your workplace, etc.

2) Notable progress

Secondly, if you dream about your third trimester, it is like you may see notable progress in your goals and awaited projects.

Loewenberg believes that all your struggle is likely to end fruitfully.

3) Feelings & emotions

Moreover, dreaming about morning sickness might be a sign of uneasy feelings and emotions.

Something you are putting effort into may not feel right, you may feel awkward and question yourself.         

Additionally, dreaming about getting pregnant and being in labor could mean that something in your life might be draining you emotionally, it may have caused much pain but is hopefully ending soon.

All you need to do is to keep pushing because you’ve got this near!   

4) Lost in life

If you’ve lost your baby in a dream, you are most probably feeling as though you are getting lost in the shambles of your life.

But you may just be overreacting and this can cause you to miss the sight of the beauty in your life and belittle its significance.

Do Pregnancy Dreams Affect Women’s Health?

According to a 2004 study published in the journal Holistic Nursing Practice, the dreams that pregnant women have can affect the outcome of their pregnancy, as evidenced in the study and narrated by the authors who wrote that dreams can alter pregnancy outcomes.

Sleep disruptions produced by dreams were the focus of the investigation.

As a result of their research, they were able to identify numerous distinct types of pregnant dreams; there were dreams about the baby, being a parent, and some dreamt about how they gave birth.

The fear of their partners not being present for the birth was a recurrent motif among pregnant women in several of these dreams.

This emphasizes the value of having a spouse present during the delivery process to assist.

The research also suggests ways to help these women before they give birth.

For example, the authors discovered that many pregnant women have abnormal pregnancy dreams that they are scared of when they wake.

Plus, they are reluctant to discuss for fear of being judged.

Doctors can assist women with reassurance.

This would allow them to express any fears, as well as doctors, nurses, and midwives to emphasize the normalcy of these nightmares.

What if your Pregnancy Dream is Scary?

Having nightmares during pregnancy is a common occurrence and some professionals may even tell you that it is normal.

These dreams tend to occur after a woman has found out about her pregnancy.

Dream interpreters believe that the experience of nightmares during pregnancy may be linked to the normal anxiety associated with being pregnant and anticipating childbirth.

It is also often related to insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

To try to prevent these terrible dreams, try to relax and worry less about childbirth.

Also, work with your care provider to try various sleeping techniques.

Avoiding people and situations who instill fear and anxiety is also another method you can use to help prevent nightmares.

What if you Dream that your Family Member or Friend is Pregnant?

It is quite common that a non-pregnant or a pregnant woman may dream of their family member or friend being pregnant.

The dream experts believe that such a dream could indicate that you develop a certain aspect of yourself that can closely correspond to someone else’s personality.

It can also mean that your mind is resting on the person and that you are missing them.

So, if you are having recurring dreams about a specific person, try to call or hang out with that person. It may also be a sign of good news to come.


The occurrences of pregnancy dreams tend to be very normal.

Many women have anxiety about such dreams, but it’s vital to realize that they’re extremely normal and can reveal a lot about a woman’s mental condition.

One of the most fascinating aspects of pregnancy is how a person’s dreams can take on new significance.

If you are pregnant and having pregnancy dreams, don’t stress yourself because it is normal.

They are metaphors for all the emotions that you are going through because we all know what a roller coaster ride is these nine months.

Also, if you are not pregnant and still having a lot of pregnancy dreams, don’t take them for granted.

Talk to your spouse or a trustworthy friend, consult your doctor or analyst and ask for a suitable dream interpretation.

These dreams might make a point that you are not turning your ears to.