How Safe Is IPL Hair Removal?

How safe is IPL removal?

While Intense Pulsed Light laser hair removal can be your magical one-way ticket to a hairless body, there have been several concerns regarding the safety of this technique.

Therefore, we have rounded up key information for you to decide if the process is safe for you or not.

Is the IPL Hair Removal Technique Safe?

The answer to this million-dollar question is that the IPL hair removal treatment is completely safe to use as it has been awarded a seal of approval by the FDA.

In addition, studies have shown that most people can tolerate the procedure well, and they do not suffer from any post-treatment complications.

Nevertheless, a few individuals with sensitive skin have complained of suffering from mild side effects.

Some of them include facial redness and skin tenderness, which subsides with time as well.

However, it’s always best to ask your practitioner to perform a patch test before going for the full treatment.

IPL Hair Removal and Pregnancy

While there is no specific research targeting this concern, healthcare professionals usually advise pregnant women to avoid hair removal.

Again, this is due to the uncertainty surrounding this situation because of the lack of research.

However, it’s common for pregnant women to seek this treatment since they experience additional hair growth caused by hormonal changes during this time.

While most of the hair goes away on its own after pregnancy, you can opt for the IPL hair removal treatment if it doesn’t.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Different people have different thresholds of pain.

However, the IPL hair removal treatment is fairly painless, and most people who undergo this treatment regularly describe it as snapping rubber on your skin.

Therefore, you don’t need a topical numbing ointment for this treatment.

Necessary Precautions for the IPL Hair Removal Treatment

The following are the necessary precautions measures that you should keep in mind for this treatment:

1) Qualified Practitioner

This one’s a no-brainer!

The IPL hair removal technique is a cosmetology procedure that should only be performed by a highly qualified healthcare professional or a certified practitioner.

2) Minimal Sun Exposure

It’s no surprise that the sun is the number one enemy of your skin, and you should avoid it as much as you can daily.

But, it’s particularly advised to limit your sun exposure before and after the IPL hair removal treatment as it could induce skin sensitivity and burn your skin.

3) Melasma

Anyone suffering from melasma is recommended to avoid the IPL hair removal treatment since the light from this treatment might aggravate your pre-existent melasma.

4) Avoid Other Forms of Hair Removal

If you’re going for IPL hair removal, then it’s best to avoid waxing, threading, or tweezing your hair for at least half a month before the treatment so that the hair follicle stays intact and it’s better affected by the treatment.

IPL Hair Removal Myths

It’s time to bust a few myths regarding the safety of the IPL hair removal technique.

1) The Threat of Cancer

There is a certain myth that IPL hair removal causes cancer.

However, since the light penetrates deep within the skin to attack the hair follicles, it does generate a minor amount of radiation.

That being said, the radiation is not harmful enough to cause cancer.

2) The Threat of Infertility

Another baseless assumption is that IPL hair removal leads to infertility.

While the laser does penetrate deep within your dermal layer, it does not affect the regular function of other organs.

Therefore, using IPL hair removal for your groin or any other part of your body won’t make you infertile.


The IPL hair removal treatment is a true blessing for people with excessive hair growth.

However, there have been several concerns regarding the safety of this procedure, and you’ll be pleased to know that it’s perfectly safe to use, it’s not painful, and no, it doesn’t cause cancer or infertility either.