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Pelvic Floor Strong Review – Ingredients, Side Effects, & Customer Reviews

by The Well Team

Last updated on April 10th, 2021 at 11:17 pm

Welcome to my comprehensive review of Pelvic Floor Strong…

I had my first child many years back and since then have had one more to complete my idea of a ‘happy family’.

It was only recently, having done with raising my children and settling into a relaxed routine that I realized I was lacking in happiness in some way.

I could not even laugh out loud for fear of leaking in a public place.

A simple act of sneezing could be big trouble.

And I was rushing to the washroom bit too often than I had done in the past.

Come to think of it, there were signs ever since I delivered my second child, but then one is young and things are happening all the time and there is little time to focus on oneself.

After an ‘accident’ too many and a lot of embarrassment later, I decided I wanted control.

Control over my bladder, control over my emotions, and most importantly, control over the way I wanted to live my life.

After my physician told me I was experiencing symptoms related to pelvic floor weakening, I decided I would fight it out.

It was consoling to know that I was not alone in this situation and many women experience these problems.

I did not like the idea of visiting doctors or going out to someplace to get therapy for this.

My search for something non-medication-based and home-based led me to the Pelvic Floor Strong program.

The name resonated with me immediately and seemed to state the agenda of the product clearly.

I am documenting all that I experienced and my journey of knowing about this product.

Be with me as I share this with you all…

Pelvic Floor Strong – My Honest Review

Pelvic floor strong

What is Pelvic Floor Strong?

Pelvic Floor Strong is a home-based exercise method that is very simple and effective in doing what the name suggests – strengthening the pelvic floor.

This program comprises exercises that can be done from the comfort of home with easy-to-follow instructions.

Who made Pelvic Floor Strong?

Alex Miller

Pelvic Floor Strong has been devised by Alex Miller and is also referred to as the Alex Miller Pelvic Floor Strong Exercises.

Alex Miller is a fitness trainer and women’s health expert who specializes in devising exercise routines that are specifically directed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Why was Pelvic Floor Strong created?

Pelvic Floor Strong was created by Alex Miller so that women could be provided an opportunity to regain control over their pelvic muscles and strengthen them.

Any woman who has gone through childbirth at some point in time will have problems with the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles.

Abdominal exercises directed at this muscle group are the most viable means to strengthen the pelvic floor.

However, not everyone can or should instruct women into doing these.

It needs someone with a specific understanding of female physiology to provide able guidance.

This is where Alex Miller’s expertise and experience came in.

With her background as a women’s health specialist as well as a fitness trainer, she knew exactly where to focus.

Her program, Pelvic Floor Strong was created with the sole aim of providing a women-specific set of graded exercises to be done from home to achieve stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic Floor – What is it and why do muscles weaken more in women?

The pelvic floor is actually made up of muscle fibers of different types and is located below the pelvis.

This muscle sheath acts as a barrier between the pelvic cavity on top and the perineum below.

Both men and women have similar anatomy in the pelvic region; however, women’s bodies are physiologically structured to accommodate childbirth.

For this reason, a woman’s pelvic cavity is much larger than a man’s one.

The functions of this sheath of muscle are manifold, as I will list soon.

As readers go through the list of functions, they will begin to realize how important this sheath of muscle is and why it affects women so much after childbirth and also as they progressively age.

  • The pelvic floor helps to support the pelvic organs like the intestines, uterus, and bladder.
  • It plays a crucial role in urine control and continence.
  • The pelvic floor helps to maintain correct intra-abdominal pressure.
  • It also helps a woman in the birthing process by helping to guide the fetus towards the pelvic girdle.

Since the pelvic floor muscular sheath is so important to a woman’s physiology, it is important that this piece of muscle stays strong and taut.

Unfortunately, that does not happen, which is when problems arise for women.

So, what are the reasons behind the pelvic floor muscles getting weakened in women?

  • The most common reason for the weakening of the pelvic floor muscle is pregnancy followed by childbirth.
  • Aging is another reason for the weakening of the pelvic floor, where in general muscles all over the body tend to lose their tautness.
  • If the woman gets obese with age, that could also lead to the weakening of the pelvic floor sheath.
  • Women who are accustomed to heavy lifting can unknowingly cause harm to their pelvic floor muscles, which tend to weaken over time.
  • Anyone with chronic cough may also have weak pelvic floor muscles, given that each time they cough, the pressure is exerted on this very muscle sheath.
  • Injury to the pelvic region caused by some accident in the past, like a car accident, can lead to the onset of pelvic floor weakening.
  • History of pelvic surgery in the past and healing issues can also be a reason for weak pelvic floor muscles in women.

What problems does a weak pelvic floor sheath cause?

There are quite a few organs that are collectively known as pelvic organs.

These include the bladder, the uterus and vagina in women, the prostate in men, and the rectum.

The very description should be enough to explain why a weak pelvic floor can cause so many problems.

The organs themselves also speak of why it is so important to strengthen this area.

It also gives a ready insight into the myriad problems that are caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor.

This is true for both men and women, in different ways.

As discussed earlier, the pelvic cavity is larger in women to accommodate pregnancy and childbirth.

The pelvic floor in women not only has to bear much more weight during this process and get weak but also the process might be repeated times over depending upon how many children a woman has in her lifetime.

Needless to say, even single childbirth or repeated events takes a big toll on the pelvic floor musculature in women.

Any muscle in our body helps movement because these tighten and relax with each movement.

In a weakened state, the pelvic floor muscles keep trying to tighten themselves and do not relax enough in the process.

This leads to different problems.

Weakening of the pelvic floor due to childbirth is a problem unique to women and Pelvic Floor Strong caters specifically to this need.

I am listing below the symptoms aka problems that a weakened pelvic floor sheath causes women.

I am sure every female reader of a certain age and beyond will identify with these.

1) Incontinence

One of the commonest symptoms of pelvic floor weakening is incontinence.

This is the condition where one cannot control an embarrassing leak of urine or stool.

This can happen even if the amount of urine or stool is relatively less.

The problem lies in the muscles in the region, which lose their ability to contract enough or effectively to stop the leakage.

2) Frequent urge

This is another common symptom of pelvic floor dysfunction.

There is an urge to repeatedly go to the washroom to either pass urine or stool, even when there is not enough to evacuate.

There is also a feeling of incomplete evacuation or need to force in order to do so.

Urine may take two or three ‘start stops’ to fully evacuate from the bladder.

3) Constipation

It is a common finding that those suffering from pelvic floor weakening often have constipation.

This is essentially the need to force the stool out.

This happens directly due to the weakening of the muscles in the pelvic region, of which the rectum is one.

4) Painful urination

Often related to urinary tract infections, pelvic floor weakening can be one of the indirect causes as well.

Incomplete or unsatisfactory emptying of the bladder might lead to residual urine retention and subsequent urinary tract infections.

5) Lower back pain

Experiencing intermittent lower back pain is another symptom associated with this condition of weakened pelvic floor musculature.

When no apparent medical condition can be ascribed to or has been ruled out for lower back pain, it is presumably due to the weak pelvic floor sheath.

6) Genital area pain

There might be unexplained pain in the pelvic area as well as rectal pain not necessarily associated with bowel movements.

There might also be a pain in the genitals themselves, again not due to passing stools.

These symptoms might indicate pelvic floor weakening as well.

7) Strain to Stool

If there is a need to strain too much in order to pass stool, this might also be due to weak pelvic floor muscles.

Sometimes things might get as bad as needing digital assistance to help with stool evacuation.

8) Painful coitus

Moments of intimacy can be marred by pain during intercourse.

This is a definite put-off for relationships.

Because of extreme discomfort or pain, the very thought of getting intimate with their partners can become troubling.

This is a very difficult situation for both partners.

Different ways to treat weak pelvic floor muscles

As can be seen from the above section, weakening of the pelvic floor sheath can lead to a variety of problems.

We have focused our attention on women because the Pelvic Floor Strong program caters mainly to women.

It is not that men do not have this problem, but it is much less prevalent in them generally.

It is important to note here that there is no surgery that cures this condition.

Here are some ways that one may address this issue of weak pelvic floor muscles.

1) Biofeedback

This is the most prevalent method to treat pelvic floor weakening.

Different methods are used to see which will be most effective for a specific person.

The aim is to retrain muscles in the pelvic floor so that they do what they were doing earlier – relax and clench with equal efficiency.

This helps to gradually strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

2) Physical therapy

This is usually done simultaneously with biofeedback to enhance the effect of the same.

Depending upon the results of biofeedback, the therapist is able to isolate which muscles are too tight and then provide specific exercises to help them to relax.

3) Medication

It is important to have soft stools and easy passage to ease the pressure on the pelvic floor.

For this reason, any over-the-counter stool softener is recommended for those suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Normally these are not habit-forming or cause any side effects, but one may always consult a gastroenterologist if they so wish.

4) Relaxation therapy

Learning to relax muscles is also part of retraining muscles.

Relaxation for muscles can be achieved by various means.

Yoga, meditation, sitz baths, acupuncture are means to achieve relaxation.

In cases where the muscles are too tightly wound, doctors just might consider injection to relax muscles in the region.

5) Targeted exercises

These are specific sets of exercises designed to help relax muscles in the pelvic floor and help them work more efficiently.

Performing these daily and regularly can help provide marked relief to those suffering from pelvic floor weakening.

This is the premise on which Pelvic Floor Strong was created.

Pelvic Floor Strong – What does the kit contain?

As readers might already know, Pelvic Floor Strong is a digital exercise program designed by women’s fitness specialist, Alex Miller.

She has designed it to specifically target her female audience who are the most widespread sufferers of this condition.

One may order the program online from the website and receive their own kit of Pelvic Floor Strong.

There are five components in the kit, namely:

1) Informational video

Informational video

Information video called ‘Pelvic Floor Strong’.

This is for those who perform better when there is actual action happening on the screen before them.

Videos are useful for achieving correct posture and to visualize how a particular exercise should be done.

2) Informational manual

Informational handbook

Information manual also called ‘Pelvic Floor Strong’.

Some users prefer to have a written manual to follow and find it easier.

They can then understand each routine better and take their time mastering each position.

3) 10-minute quick start

Flat belly fast exercise video

10-minute quick start video called ‘Flat Belly Fast’.

Alex has created this video to target what she called the ‘mommy pooch’.

A growing mid-section is another problem associated with aging and lack of a proper exercise routine.

This instructional video is meant to take users through some basic exercises targeted at their abs.

4) Exercise manual

exercise manual

Exercise manual called ‘Flat Belly Fast’ is a printed version of #3 and is again for those women who prefer to read each posture, try it out, and perform the routine at their own pace and ability.

5) Checklist for diastasis recti improvement.

Diastasis recti improvement

This condition which means separation, partial or complete, of the rectus abdominis muscles, is mainly attributed to childbirth.

With this checklist and being regular about the exercises outlined in the kit, one may easily keep a check on how and to what extent their diastasis is improving.

Ways in which Pelvic Floor Strong helped me

Pelvic Floor Strong has been immensely helpful for me in different ways…

  • First and most obviously it helped strengthen muscles in the pelvic floor, what the program is set to do.
  • It has improved control and helped my leaking problem.
  • Diastasis recti have been addressed with this.
  • Pelvic Floor Strong has improved my posture remarkably.
  • My lower back pain is almost nonexistent now.
  • I get a peaceful night’s sleep without stressing about having to run to the toilet.
  • I have increased confidence in myself and feel assured about getting intimate.
  • Pelvic Floor Strong has brought about a lot of positivity in my outlook towards life.

How is the Pelvic Floor Strong program structured?

The entire program is divided into 7 chapters for users to be able to better follow it.

Chapter 1

Just an introductory chapter of all that one can learn and imbibe in the program.

Chapter 2

Kegel exercises are taught in this chapter. These exercises are renowned for their effect on pelvic muscle strengthening. These exercises will help you to keep the pelvic floor muscles loose as well as retrain them to relax and clench better.

Chapter 3

This chapter is all about getting abs and core in great condition.

All the exercises in this chapter are designed around this requirement.

This chapter teaches to engage abs in order to control leaking as well as to attain a flat belly.

Chapter 4

The focus of this chapter is to improve posture.

It also gets the body’s metabolism going which in turn helps us to lose weight and become more active.

It teaches to use 30% more muscle for movements, thus burning more calories.

Chapter 5

In this chapter the user gets to know how to address and solve different issues that arise due to pelvic floor dysfunction.

Chapter 6

This chapter teaches users the three-movement routine for overall wellness and a better lifestyle.

Chapter 7

This is the last chapter in the program that teaches users three easy ways to prevent leaking accidents.

What kinds of exercises does Pelvic Floor Strong teach its users?

As I mentioned, Alex Miller is a fitness instructor and women’s health specialist who happens to have made pelvic floor her specialization.

She has created a routine for women to follow which is effective and easy to perform at the same time.

Using her vast experience in this field and constant innovation, she has come up with a mix of different kinds of routines.

Her videos are graded to ease every user into fitness steadily.

Here is a list of the various sorts of routines that Alex has incorporated into her video.

1) Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are very beneficial for pelvic floor muscles.

These have been performed for a very long time to help women gain more control of their bladder and bowel movements.

They are good for both genders but specifically useful for women.

These exercises are best performed on empty stomach.

Bladder movement is definitely improved by performing these exercises on a routine basis.

No wonder they find a place in Pelvic Floor Strong.

2) Core exercises

Strengthening core muscles is the main target of these routines.

These include muscles in the abdomen, hips, lower back, and pelvis regions.

Core exercises are very important in helping with leakage control during movement.

As the core muscles increase in strength, they help improve bladder control.

Additionally, core muscle fitness improves the abs definition.

3) Belly fat removal

It is known that belly fat is one of the most difficult places to dislodge fat from.

Even the most active people often fail to hide their own little muffins.

Pelvic Floor Strong includes exercises to not only tone up muscles in the region but also fire up metabolism considerably.

More active metabolism means more efficient fat burning and subsequent fat loss from all areas of the body.

4) Quick fix movement

The Pelvic Floor Strong program includes some routines to improve movement.

One can see the focus on overall improvement that Alex aims to provide her users.

It is not only what the product name says but also overall toning and better fluidity of motion.

Do exercises help to correct diastasis recti?

Alex maintains that her exercise routine is designed in a manner that addresses the problem of diastasis recti. Before we go into how scientific this is, let us look at what diastasis recti is.

Diastasis recti is defined as…

the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis, or six-pack muscles, which meet at the midline of your stomach.


Diastasis recti is very common during and following pregnancy.


This is because the uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen to accommodate your growing baby

This is what almost every woman experiences after childbirth.

Diastasis recti is one of the main reasons for causing pelvic floor muscle weakening, leading to a number of issues already discussed.

The question is does exercise help with this condition and how scientific it is.

Studies have been regularly conducted with women doing targeted exercises that would activate their rectus abdominis and obliques.

It was found that all women in the group registered a decrease in diastasis recti.

They had also lost belly fat during this process.

In a separate 2019 study, it was shown that a deep core stability exercise program carried out on postpartum women was effective.

Diastasis recti was corrected significantly in them.

All of this lends credence to the Pelvic Floor Strong program and its claims of success.

And it is proven by the happy and satisfied clientele that Pelvic Floor Strong has.

My own routine with Pelvic Floor Strong

I have said so already and will continue to state that my improvement with this program has been nothing less than amazing.

Was it only by doing these exercises outlined in the instructional video, or there is more to it for the sort of results I got?

To be honest, I have to say I was very diligent about following the instructional video.

I have performed these regularly every day with a day off each week.

They do not take much time, and anyway I save time having to travel outside to seek rehab or physical therapy.

My problem was too pressing not to give this my all.

I went all out and still continue to be very regular.

Along with this, I took a healthy diet and watched everything I ate.

I followed a diet program that allowed for my exertions and provided enough proteins and nourishment but still cut out calories as much as my age and condition allowed.

And then there have been my daily walks.

Not always brisk, sometimes I have just gone out for a stroll but I have continued on them pretty regularly.

A little bit of mental wellness in the form of meditation has also been part of my routine.

I know all this sounds like ‘too much time’ for many younger persons, but at my age and situation, I do have the luxury of time.

For anyone reading who is pressed for time, I would simply suggest following the instructional video regularly.

And eat healthy definitely.

The results will come and no one will be happier than you. Just give it time and patience, ladies!

Changes that women may expect when they begin on Pelvic Floor Strong

The routine of Pelvic Floor Strong really works!

I am only too happy to enumerate the benefits it brought me:

  • I can hold my bladder and bowel movements much better.
  • Trivial it may seem to others, but I have no fear of sneezing or coughing.
  • My social life is in much better shape now with better confidence.
  • I can actually hold my bladder when I have the urge to urinate. There is no more rushing to the loo and hastily seeing the seat and still having an accident.
  • My partner is happy and so am I. There could not have been a better way to enjoy the sunset years.

I have put forth the changes I noted in myself after beginning this program.

I am sure many women have experienced this.

This is a physiological issue with how our bodies are built and there is nothing that can be done about that part.

Where we can help ourselves is to do the utmost to ease and reverse these problems.

Who should not use Pelvic Floor Strong?

  • Pelvic Floor Strong should not be used by those below 40.
  • It is a program designed for women, so men may desist.
  • Those suffering intense back pain must consult their physician before taking a decision about Pelvic Floor Strong.

What I did not like about Pelvic Floor Strong?

  • Pelvic Floor Strong is strictly an online program and there is no option of one-to-one meetings or in-person instructions.
  • Unsupervised workouts online do not have the advantage of mistakes in posture and other details.
  • Another problem is that the user might not feel motivated or be dedicated enough to do these day-in and day-out from home, unsupervised.


Jacqueline D., Wisconsin

“Gone are the days when I had to worry every time my nose tickled, fearing a leak.

This was especially bothersome at work.

Leaving everything and running to pee, only to find I had messed it up once again, was horribly embarrassing.

With Pelvic Floor Strong I have regained my confidence to go out in public places. I know I am in control when I need to find a toilet!”

Conrad P., Miami

“I am happy the missus bought Pelvic Floor Strong and using it regularly. She is no longer on guard when we are intimate.

It is a big change from some time back when she would find every excuse to avoid getting close.

Thank you, Alex!

Even I do these routines off and on and they are wonderful for my back pain.” 

There are users world over, overwhelmingly women, who have benefited hugely from using Pelvic Floor Strong.

Since there is really no medical cure for this condition and the only ways out are therapies outlined above, it is only natural to move towards this method.

I can strongly identify with the feedback that women world over are leaving for this product.

I have been in this situation and I know how it feels to be able to cough and sneeze in a relaxed manner without getting worried sounds or fluids will escape me.

I have since recommended this to some of my women friends and each of them is happy to have access to something so wonderful.

There are users world over, overwhelmingly women, who have benefited hugely from using Pelvic Floor Strong.

Since there is really no medical cure for this condition and the only ways out are therapies outlined above, it is only natural to move towards this method.

I can strongly identify with the feedback that women world over are leaving for this product.

I have been in this situation and I know how it feels to be able to cough and sneeze in a relaxed manner without getting worried sounds or fluids will escape me.

I have since recommended this to some of my women friends and each of them is happy to have access to something so wonderful.

What did I like about Pelvic Floor Strong?

  • Pelvic Floor Strong is a set of exercises devised by a fitness instructor and women’s health expert, so it has the best insider perspective.
  • It is tested and endorsed by doctors and even midwives about effectiveness and safety.
  • One can do these exercises from the comfort of home without having to visit gyms or venture out.
  • The whole program is structured in a manner that helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a graded manner.
  • Instructions are very succinct and easy to follow.
  • These sets of exercises will not take too much time but need to be performed regularly.
  • Any woman over 40 can do these exercises and will gain more control over her pelvic musculature, irrespective of whether she has experienced childbirth or not.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who are not happy with the results.
  • The program is a one-time purchase product, and once you have it, you are done. Any updates or new additions can be looked up or upgraded directly.

Loose pelvic floor muscles are a bane for most older women and come in the way of enjoying life in many ways.

The fact that this program has been designed by a woman herself gave me a lot of confidence to begin on this.

I must say I am glad I chose this. It has made an enormous difference in my way of life.

Pelvic floor strong CTA

Insider Information

Not only the pelvic floor muscles but this program also targets what the website calls the ‘mommy pooch’.

In other words, every woman choosing this program can be assured that her abs will be worked with equal intensity.

This is an added bonus that the program addresses.

A mommy pooch tummy is very common in women who have borne children.

The condition is further accentuated with age and menopause.

Doing these workout exercises regularly and following instructions correctly can certainly help in this regard.

In fact, there are complementary videos for flat belly along with every purchase which will help users in this direction.

While speaking of purchase, my advice is to always stick to the website for this purpose.

That is the most reliable place to get your copy of the Pelvic Floor Strong program.

Buying Advice

As stated in the section just above, always buy directly from the website.

This offers three advantages to the buyer:

  1. Genuine product.
  2. Guarantee and money-back offers.
  3. Additional free resources.

What are these free resources that one may avail of for purchases on the website?

As we speak, there are three such on offer.

These are:

  • Pelvic Floor Strong information handbook and diastasis recti improvement checklist.
  • Flat belly fast exercise manual and 10-minute quick start routine.
  • Back to life, three stretch pain-free video.

In addition to these features, the website often runs promotional discounts and offers that one may take advantage of.

For example, there is an offer of direct access to ‘Back to Life – 3 stretch pain-free video’ on every purchase of the Pelvic Floor Strong program right now.

This video shows how important it is to stretch on a daily basis in order to keep the body fit and going strong.

My Verdict

As with many women I know, I had come to accept the fact that embarrassing leakages and the inability to have satisfactory intimacy were part of my advancing years.

With Pelvic Floor Strong, I finally have started believing and experiencing otherwise.

I have followed the instructions diligently and done these exercises on a regular basis ever since I joined the program.

The improvement in my pelvic floor muscle strength has been remarkable.

I would suggest this to everyone looking for a lasting solution for all issues related to the loosening of pelvic floor musculature.

You will thank yourself for choosing the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pelvic Floor Strong (FAQs)

Should one do the exercises daily?

Ideally, these exercises should be done daily and regularly for the best results.

In the initial days when starting out, some people might experience soreness, in which case a break day in between is recommended.

Does Pelvic Floor Strong help women with Cesarean section?

Pelvic Floor Strong works for women of all circumstances, and yes for those with C-sections as well.

They too may experience leaks and hence they would benefit from these exercise routines as well.

Are the exercises challenging?

Alex maintains that all the exercises are in a graded manner so that there is a gradual strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

In case anyone feels them too tough, there are always variations suggested in the videos for them to follow.

Is there an age limit on who may perform these?

Anyone above 40 can do these routines. In fact, older women often have much better results.

Does the user need to be in great physical condition to benefit?

There is no fitness requirement for any user to be able to benefit from this program. The exercise routines are pretty basic and there is a gradual gradation to tougher exercises.

In case one has any difficulty doing any of these, Alex always provides for alternatives or modifications.

How can one get hold of the Pelvic Floor Strong program?

It is very easy to get one’s own copy of this wonderful program. All one has to do is to check into their direct website, click on the program and pay online.

Is payment secure on the website?

Pelvic Floor Strong has a secure and safe payment gateway so one need not worry about that at all. The only thing is to visit the website and carry out your payment.

Pelvic floor strong CTA

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