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Provestra Women’s Libido Enhancer – Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, & Buying Guide

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Provestra Libido Enhancer – An Honest Comprehensive Review

Moving around listlessly and getting through the motions was all my life had become about a year back.

I had never known this grumpy, moody side of me.

To make matters worse, this mood was rubbing off on my partner and general ambience of my household.

Unfortunately, this was the same scenario in the bedroom, with complete disinterest and lack of passion.

I confided in a friend of mine who had herself begun using Provestra recently for very same reasons.

I was swayed by how effusive and radiant she looked and sounded.

My journey of rediscovery and rejuvenation with Provestra has been nothing short of wonderful.


I am giving a detailed review of Provestra in the hope that many more women like me will come forward and embrace this path-breaking herbal supplement and turn their lives around...

What is Provestra? 

Provestra is an herbal supplement formulated to offer women respite from vaginal dryness and increase their appetite for enjoyable sex.

It is a libido enhancer that helps women to balance their age-related hormonal upheavals. 

Using Provestra has helped millions of women worldwide reclaim their interpersonal physical relationships.

Who made Provestra?

Provestra is a stellar product from Leading Edge Health Inc., a company that is one of the market leaders in the health supplement sector.

They have their office in Limassol, Cyprus.

Their marketing centers are located in USA and Canada.

They are headquartered in Elizabethton, Tennessee USA.

Provestra is one among many supplements that they manufacture to address needs of men and women.

All of their products are 100% herbal in composition and very effective in addressing specific issues as the need may be.

They are into general health, sexual health, anti-ageing and skincare products of different kinds.

Why Was Provestra Created?

Provestra was formulated with the aim of providing women past menopause a safe solution to enjoy their sexual life.

For a long time, women were resigned to the inevitability of their natural cycle of menstruation.

In other words, they had accepted that once past a certain age, their ability and desire to enjoy quality sex will dwindle and there was nothing that could be done about this.

This was, however, proved wrong with knowledge about hormones and how their levels affect libido and desire in people, irrespective of gender.

With increasing focus on promoting wellness and research on extending not only lifespan but also enhancing the quality of life, newer products began to be launched

These were increasingly directed towards restoring hormonal levels to youthful days.

Steroid-based supplements are noted for their fast action but they invariably have too many side effects.

These tend to overshadow their positive action, leaving users to handle too many health issues.

Herbal supplements on the other hand became popular because of zero side effects.

There are many players now in this sector. 


Leading Edge Health Inc. is one of the leading names in this industry and Provestra is one of their products aimed at helping women live a fuller and more satisfied sexual life with their partner of choice.

Why do women lose interest in sex?

Losing interest in sex is very common in women as they age.

The stress of achieving work-life balance, irregular work hours, global nature of work irrespective of times zones, family demands and menopause all come together to hamper sex life.

It is common to feel too overwhelmed and drained to even think of sex.

Even if the partner wants to engage, the final outcome is more often than not of being ‘done for the day’. 

There is no passion or pleasure whatsoever.

I always thought it was about me and somehow my fault that I was no longer feeling the passion or urge to be intimate.

I realized later that this is how many women think.

Not all women are blessed with understanding partners. 

In such cases, the mutual dissatisfaction manifests in irritability, anger outbursts or moving apart and moving on in many cases.

This need not be so, at all.

When I was faced with the menopause situation, I did a lot of reading up on this.

This phenomenon is a natural consequence of ageing and is inevitable

What this means physically is a complete imbalance of hormones, leading to numbers of problems.

  • Mood swings.
  • Irritability.
  • Easy fatigue.
  • Hot flashes.
  • Decreased vaginal lubrication.
  • Waning interest in sex.
  • Low libido.

All of these can be ascribed to hormonal changes ravaging the body.

Instead of suffering the effects and creating room for misunderstandings with partners, it is better to address the problem.

Getting hormones back in balance is the key to this problem.

Ways to achieve hormonal balance

Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT is one of the most popular methods to achieve hormonal balance in postmenopausal women.

This therapy aims to alleviate their problems by artificial means to balance hormone levels in the body.

However, there are side effects of synthetically administered hormones that women have to contend with, like:

  • Increased fluid retention.
  • Marked breast tenderness.
  • Tendency for depression.
  • Indigestion.

In an effort to counter these side effects, Leading Edge Health has formulated its herbal supplement, Provestra.

It has since been successfully used by postmenopausal women across the world with very satisfactory outcomes

The best part is that they have achieved this without any negative side effects at all.

The results might not be instant but they are noted substantially over a period of use.

What does Provestra do for its Users?

Leading Edge Health has created this magical pill called Provestra that seeks to provide all answers to women users.

This is a proprietary formulation that brings together nature, science and biology in a unique blend. 

Provestra helps its users to enjoy sex with renewed interest and enthusiasm.

  • Increases sexual urge.
  • Intensifies orgasm and pleasure.
  • Boosts libido.
  • Lubricates the vagina.
  • Enhances sensations in the vaginal region.
  • Sensitizes the walls and clitoral area.
  • Makes sexual arousal profound.
  • Protects vaginal health.

One pill is all a woman needs to take to bring back fulfillment into her intimate moments.

Not only does she stand to benefit but also her partner, resulting in renewed vigor in physical intimacy.

All of this is achieved by Provestra using naturally occurring ingredients.

Read on to know about them in detail.

What ingredients go into the Provestra formulation?

As mentioned already and the norm with Leading Edge Health Inc., only herbs and naturally occurring ingredients are used in their supplements.

Same holds true for Provestra.

It is a combination of ancient herbal knowledge with modern science for improving sexual desire and performance in women.

Here is a list of the ingredients used in Provestra:

1) L-Arginine

This is an amino acid. Its presence helps to synthesize more nitric oxide.

This leads to dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow.

The vaginal area becomes more active, healthy and strong with increased blood flow and is able to function better.

2) Theobromine

Ancient wisdom is harvested in inclusion of this component in Provestra.

Theobromine is well known as an aphrodisiac and mind relaxer.

The former property especially has been utilized to increase sexual desire.

3) Indole-3-Carbinol

Balance of hormones is vital to functioning of the human body and is an essential factor that drives libido and sexual desire.

IC3 plays a big role in stabilizing estrogen levels in women.

This in turn helps to fuel the desire for sex in them.

4) Ginseng

Chinese people have long known the effect of ginseng in increasing sexual desire.

Having said that, ginseng is also helpful in battling menopause symptoms.

Along with being a powerful aphrodisiac, it is also known to boost immunity in users.

5) Gingko Biloba

This herb is known to increase flow of blood to genital regions.

This contributes to increased sensations ‘down there’ and promotes more satisfactory sex.

6) Damiana Leaf

This is also a known aphrodisiac.

It helps address problem of dry vagina and provides better muscle contraction in this region. 

It also helps to balance hormone levels in women and hence provides a perfect environment for better sexual experiences.

7) Black Cohosh

This is an herb native to North America.

It is like a wonder ingredient in the context of what Provestra seeks to address.

It helps counter hot flashes, provides relief from vaginal dryness, and addresses cramping issues in postmenopausal women.

8) Red Raspberry

A beautiful looking fruit sourced naturally; it helps to balance estrogen levels in women

It is also believed to soothe PMS symptoms and helps to manage hot flashes better.

Raspberry helps to rejuvenate the entire reproductive system and helps it to function in top gear.

9) Licorice Root

A lot many of us might have chewed on a licorice toffee or sipped licorice tea at some point in our lives.

The great thing about this plant is that its properties are many and go from tips to roots.

An extract from the root of this plant is one of the components of Provestra.

It is known to help with fluid retention.

It also helps with managing hormone levels, managing stress and deal better with mood swings.

10) Ginger Root

Ginger is a wonderful ingredient in Provestra, which acts as an aphrodisiac.

It also boosts blood flow to the genital region which makes for healthier vagina and more ability to perform.

With healthier vaginal wall muscles and more efficient contractions, ginger extract helps improve quality of coitus.

11) Valerian Root

This is an herb native to Europe but is also found in parts of North America.

Root extracts from this plant act as a cure for insomnia.

Users feel more relaxed and better able to handle stress with medicines made from this extract.

12) Kudzu

This is a group of trailing vines found in many countries in Asia and North America.

It was in fact introduced to America as far back as 1876 during the Philadephia Centennial Exposition. 

It is rich in plant estrogen, which is a vital female hormone that helps address issues in postmenopausal women.

It also helps maintain hormone levels.

13) Vitamin A

This helps to regulate the hormone progesterone which is also known as the sex hormone.

It keeps the reproductive system in great working order.

14) Vitamin C

Dry vagina?

Take more vitamin C and ‘C’ the difference.

Vitamin C is known for anti-ageing properties. 

It keeps the urinary tract in good working condition thus preventing infections and also helps fight menopause effects.

15) Vitamin E

Synthesizing and regulating hormone levels in the body is vital to normal functioning of organs.

Vitamin E does this.

It also helps to combat vaginal dryness and ease hot flashes.

16) Vitamin B Complex

This ingredient is included in the Provestra formulation to boost blood flow to the genital region and to boost sex drive.

17) Folic Acid

Indirectly helps to boost up energy and endurance by building up a healthy bank of red and white blood cells in the body.

18) Biotin

It performs one of the basic bodily functions by making fatty acids and cells in the body.

It plays a major role in maintaining blood sugar levels and keeps the metabolism in great working condition.

19) Calcium Carbonate

Muscle contractility plays a big role in facilitating mega orgasms. Calcium carbonate helps in this. It also boosts nerve function.

20) Iron

Iron and red blood cells and oxygen go hand in hand. It is the natural order of things in the human body.

Increase in iron in the blood level will help carry more oxygen to all parts of the body.

In the feminine context, this element helps regulate menstrual cycles and provides more vitality.

21) Zinc

It is known to provide stamina in users and help in a variety of sexual functions.

It is common for menopausal women to have low reserves of zinc and Provestra helps to fulfill this requirement.

Working on one’s own wellness

Supplements and medicines are all very well and help to a large extent in alleviating problems.

However, one should always strive towards holistic wellness.

It is good to remember that Provestra, like any other health supplement, is merely that – a supplement.

It will work better when the user is aware of their end goals and works towards those.

1) Regular exercise

It is important to exercise regularly.

Even something as pleasant as a daily brisk walk can get those happy hormones going in the body.

It is even better if you work around your schedule of exercise with your partner.

This will help to cement the bonding further and create good opportunities to discuss the reasons behind the current impasse in the bedroom.

2) Eating healthy

A well-balanced diet is essential to replace and fulfill the body’s requirements.

With age and change in family and work situations, the commonest casualty is nutrition.

This can lead to several problems without noticing.

3) Getting rest

Adequate and quality sleep is a big requirement in fighting stress in our daily lives.

More the stress, less will be the activity in bed.

Work towards getting enough rest so that the body feels rejuvenated to begin a new day.

4) Being in a good mind space

There are some changes that are inevitable.

Being able to accept these and going with the flow is important to overall wellness.

Working out a good understanding with your partner will help to combat the effects of menopause.

Without being resentful or guilty about inadequacies there are always ways to work around.

Who should not use Provestra?

Although Provestra is an all-natural product, there are specific groups of people who should avoid it:

  • Those with pre-existing health conditions.
  • Those who are under the age of 18.
  • If there is any known allergy to any component.
  • Those already on medications.
  • If there are liver and kidney issues.

What are the cons of Provestra?

  • It does not ship free for all products.
  • It is only purchasable online.
  • The product may give varied results from person to person.
  • Some users found the taste and smell mildly offensive.


Barbara is an extremely happy user who says..

“I have tried other vitamins and nothing worked. When I take these I feel more normal. They really work”.

Kristine S. has this to say about her experience...

“I bought this product with the hope to finally achieve a vaginal orgasm after reading the reviews. And it def does work, it has made me more sensitive to the touch, increased sexual arousal, although a bit expensive but worth every penny.”

Freddy writes this about his wife...

“I found out three months ago when my wife started using Provestra. Since she got on it, she is always high on energy and cannot wait to make love.”

From these examples above and many others on different websites, it is plain and clear that Provestra has been a magical purple pill for ageing women worldwide

Some even call it the ‘female Viagra’.

The changes in brings about in women are all worth the price tag that goes with it.

I can speak for myself here by the remarkable improvement in my performance in bed.

Provestra has lifted me not only physically but mentally to an altogether different plane.

Women should definitely give this a try and get a shot at improving their sex lives.

What are the pros of Provestra?

  • It is a 100% natural product.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • The product is approved by doctors for use.
  • Users have noticed marked changes after only a few weeks of use.
  • There is an upswing in sexual desire.
  • Marked increase in vaginal lubrication, paving way for smooth intercourse and heightened pleasure.
  • Women experience more frequent and pleasurable orgasms with Provestra use.
  • There are more savings on bulk purchase.
  • There is a 67-day period for refund/return.
  • Even used and empty containers are eligible for refunds when they are returned to the manufacturers for reasons of dissatisfaction.
  • There are no side effects.
  • The product comes in an easy to use pill form.
  • One package of 30 pills in enough to last a month.
  • It is manufactured in cGMP authorized laboratories.
  • It will not affect your birth control plans.
  • Provestra does not contain synthetic hormones.
  • Results may become apparent as early as 7 days.

Out of all these, the fact that it is approved and prescribed by doctors helped me make up my mind.

Obviously, the product had to be effective and safe in the long run for doctors to endorse it.

Provestra review

Insider Information on Provestra

Right now, there is a free worldwide shipping offer on all orders above $150.

This is the right time to avail this offer.

With its wide range of products Leading Edge provides multiple options to choose from.

Check out the website and pick products that will work for you to an order value exceeding $150 for free shipping eligibility.

Buying Advice

It is always recommended to get Provestra directly from the website itself.

This eliminates the possibility of getting fake products.

It will also ensure that the user gets the best value for money.

Leading Edge Health has different packs for Provestra on its website.

It is cheaper to buy it in bulk and makes sense to do so. 

My Verdict on Provestra

I was avoiding any intimacy with my partner, kind of running away from any mention of sex.

All of that dissatisfaction and low libido and energy is simply not there now after being on Provestra.

I am delighted at this new person I have become, and my partner is overjoyed.

That a completely natural formulation could turn my physical relationship around to this extent was something I would not have believed had I heard it from someone else.

Try Provestra today and feel the difference yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Provestra (FAQs)

How safe is Provestra?

Rest assured that Provestra is 100% safe to use without any harmful side effects.

Does Provestra contain synthetic hormones?

While Provestra claims to achieve and maintain hormonal balance in the body, it does so without any synthetic hormones. It only uses plant-based estrogen and many other naturally extracted ingredients to achieve balance of hormones.

What is the recommended dose of Provestra?

One pill per day is all one needs to experience better sexual pleasure. It is recommended to follow the prescribed dosage and results will manifest within a few weeks of use.

Is Provestra approved by FDA?

Although all safe and naturally occurring ingredients are used in the formula, as a supplement Provestra is yet to be approved by FDA.

What is the refund/return policy?

There is a 60-day money-back policy by the manufacturer. Refunds are valid within 67 days of purchase, minus the shipping and handling charges.

Provestra review

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