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qualia mind review
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For the past few months, my partner had been pointing out how I was zoning out more than usual.

Far from successfully contributing to our business, I was reversing the trends by not being focused enough.

What with businesses dipping in the current situation, all we needed was one of us not quite ‘being there’ and dragging the whole venture down.

When he suggested a nootropic supplement, I was enthused enough to try it out.

Since he knew someone who had used Qualia Mind Essentials and spoke highly of the same in a Qualia Mind review, I pitched in with the same.

To be honest it took a couple of weeks for the supplement to show full effect in me. However, I could feel the change myself but for validation, I asked my partner as well.

When confirmation comes from another person, one knows for sure that they are on the right path.

I mean to continue my Qualia Mind for the upcoming future. I have since read up a lot on the product and the science behind it.

There are some doubts raised by some reviewers about the inclusion of a couple of ingredients, but I am fine with the product as long as it is good for my brain health and alertness.

Read this Qualia Mind review to know more about it.

Introducing Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind Nootropic

What is Qualia Mind?

Qualia Mind is a nootropics supplement that helps give a cognitive boost to the user. Regular use of this product helps to improve focus and brain function.

It helps the user concentrate better on the job at hand as well as to approach the job at hand with enthusiasm and mental energy.

Qualia Mind is designed to improve cognitive performance by leaps and bounds with visible results in a short period of time.

Its positive effect on working memory is exceptional.

The Makers

Qualia Mind is a quality wellness product from Neurohacker Collective, a company founded in 2015.

The objective of Neurohacker Collective is to provide solutions based on what they term ‘complex systems science’.

The belief here is that our bodies have the innate mechanisms to self-regulate and when channeled in a proper manner, can work much better than forcing this regulation using chemicals.

Qualia Mind is the result of Neurohacker Collective’s venture into cognitive products.

It is supported by a very competent team of medical and scientific people and has been set up by Jordan Greenhall and James Schmachtenberger.

The impressive team that drives Neurohacker Collective puts in all their wisdom and experience to make a superior product.

Why was Qualia Mind created?

Qualia Mind has been created by a stellar team of scientists and doctors to help with cognitive function, improve mental clarity, and better long-term brain health.

It helps with improved cerebral blood flow and to put in sustained mental effort.

Qualia Mind is actually a nootropics supplement that uses only natural components to get the brain up and going.

It also helps users get adequate sleep and function optimally.

What is brain fog?

Brain fog is described as the reduced ability of the brain to process certain commands related to cognition.

This can result in issues with memory and focus as well as thinking logically.

Brain fog is a collection of conditions that can be caused by a number of factors.

Some reasons for brain fog include:

  • Nutrition deficiency.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Too much sugar consumption.
  • Unbalanced diet.
  • Inadequate stress management.
  • Lack of adequate activity.

How does Qualia Mind work?

According to the makers, Qualia Mind works by focusing on the following areas:

  • Clears brain fog.
  • Provides better energy levels.
  • Improves focus and concentration.
  • Provides mental clarity.
  • Has nutrients to provide nourish the brain.

From the above, it seems that this nootropic supplement works on cognitive function in the short term, providing immediate relief.

How far that goes to the root of the problem or work in the long term remains to be seen.

But rest assured, there are many positive Qualia Mind reviews to validate the benefits of the product.

How does Qualia Mind help with mental clarity and cognitive function?

The human brain has definite pathways that help it to assimilate and process information.

This information is collected from various different sources and is processed in order to produce a response.

How fast and how accurately this processing happens affects mental clarity and cognitive function. There is a standard measure of cognitive performance that is expected of each person.

How and why this level decline is another matter altogether.

It could be age, it could be peripheral factors, it could be stress, or it could be due to some insult to the brain at some point.

When we think about how does Qualia work, the question that arises is how it helps to counter these conditions and help restore optimal cognitive function.

Ingredients that go into making Qualia Mind are chosen very carefully after thorough research and only picked for their contribution to better brain health.

These components help in strengthening neural health and neural connections.

Synapses in the brain are the instruments that help to connect with each other and transmit accurate information to and from the brain.

Qualia Mind helps promote nerve health and strengthen nerve cell structure at the very basic level.

With better synaptic health and robust nerves, there are fresher and more sensitized pathways and better results.

Are nootropics really helpful for brain function?

Qualia Mind is a dietary supplement that works on complex systems science and is basically a nootropic composition.

The question is, do nootropics really help sharpen brain function?

To understand this we need to know what a blood-brain barrier is.

This is a barrier made up of blood vessels and tissues in the brain. Its main function is to stop harmful substances from reaching the brain.

This way the brain gets a fair degree of protection from unwanted elements.

The only things that go past this barrier are water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and general anesthetics.

This is where nootropics play a very important role in improved brain function.

There are studies to suggest that nootropic supplements might be able to penetrate this barrier.

How exactly they do this is not established beyond doubt, but it is suggested that nootropic supplements do enhance neurons and neural connectivity.

Synapses become more receptive to carrying information to and from the brain, thus improving cognition levels.

When good nootropic components are chosen and brought together in optimum percentages to form a supplement, it is believed that their goodness is able to go through the blood-brain barrier and reach proper nutrition into the brain.

Like everything else in our body, the brain also needs proper nutrition to function at its best.

It is wrong to assume that brain function deteriorates only with age.

It is increasingly seen that younger people are experiencing mental fatigue, brain fog, and slowing of their cognitive abilities. A lot of this is attributed to stress and the toll it takes on the body and mind.

Speaking of the body, there is a tangible mind-body connection about which I will expand in the next segment.

It has been shown repeatedly that mental health or brain health depends on the body and vice versa.

In their quest for holistic wellness, Neurohacker Collective follows the ‘complex systems science’ way and incorporates it into the very essence of Qualia Health.

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What is complex systems science?

Qualia Mind is a product developed by Neurohacker Collective and is based on the idea of a complex systems science.

There is a saying that goes, ‘Be careful what you think, your body is listening’.

The mind-body connection is not a simple theory tossed around but a very real thing.

The idea of ‘embodied cognition’ is exactly this – the mind is connected to the body and vice versa.

Our body influences our mind and the state in which we find the human brain.

Studies have shown that a lot of our cognitive abilities like memory, focus, perception, and reasoning (which are all brain functions) depend a lot on how we maintain our body and move it around.

Many scientists and scholars have dedicated their lives to studying the complexity of dependent systems and how these systems have the ability to influence each other.

Suffice it to say that the premise for Qualia Mind is based on this theory.

The makers believe that with the use of effective biohackers, it is possible to reduce brain fog and activate brain cells for the best outcomes.

The positive effect of Qualia Mind on cognition has been felt by thousands of users worldwide.

Along with that, they have also experienced healthier bodies at the same time.

Users have noted significant improvements in cognition with regular use over a period of time

Qualia Mind Ingredients

Following is a list of components that Qualia Mind contains, in proportions arrived at after arduous research and clinical trials. 

1) Acetyl L- Carnitine HCL

Abbreviated often as ALCAR, it is found in lots of sports supplements because of its ability to boost metabolism. It is a bit questionable what it does for cognitive function though, at 500 mg.

2) Artichoke leaf extract

Artichoke Leaf Powder Extract

This has been a good nootropic for some time now.

The extract, Luteolin, helps increase brain signaling. This is the reason for its inclusion in the list of ingredients.

3) Bacopa Monnieri Leaf Extract

Bacopa Monnieri

Known for improving memory, this ingredient is definitely one of the USP of Qualia Mind.

At 300 mg per serving, it is present at a potent dosage to truly impact memory and recall in a positive manner.

4) Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract

Rhodiola Rosea

This is known as an excellent anxiolytic agent.

The inclusion of this extract makes it easier to deal with stress.

At 300 mg, there is enough of this in Qualia Mind to quiet the racing mind and help gather thoughts with clarity and focus.

5) DL-Phenylalanine

This is basically an amino acid that is included in the formula of Qualia Mind.

How it helps with cognition and mental agility is really not clear.

Amino acids are known as building blocks for proteins, but how relevant that is as a nootropic is quite baffling.

6) Uridine 5 Monophosphate Hyptahydrate Disodium

One of the driving ingredients in Qualia Mind, this is believed to accelerate learning.

This in turn means more cognition and mental stamina.

Studies are ongoing about the effect Uridine has on brain functioning and synapse formation.

7) N Acetyl L Tyrosine

Another amino acid that is included in Qualia Mind, because it is definitively found to improve cognition.

This is especially true in those who have been exposed to severe situational stress, like exposure to extreme weather or lack of adequate sleep.

8) Taurine

Another in the series of amino acids included in Qualia Mind, it is more present for overall wellness. It has no nootropic property at all.

9) L-Theanine


This is also an amino acid and is actually a very good nootropic.

It is present in black tea and has some caffeine properties.

This gives a high to the user and helps to keep mental alertness at an elevated level. Theanine also helps to sharpen focus and concentration.

10) Alpha GPC

Glycerylphosphorylcholine Alpha GPC is definitely the star ingredient in Qualia Mind. Including this ingredient in the supplement helps boost acetylcholine levels in the brain.

Acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter found in the human body, specifically the brain.

It is fuel for the central processing unit of the brain, so to say.

With increased acetylcholine levels, the processing of instructions and information is that much faster. At 200 mg it is a great addition to the formula for cognitive enhancement.

11) Citicoline

This is a popular component in many supplements that target cognitive improvement, better focus, and memory.

It enhances the brain’s ability to perform at its top level.

This component increases acetylcholine levels and helps the brain function well.

At 150 mg it is a minimal dose and can actually be done away with if alpha GPC is adequately dosed. However, Qualia Mind has both in its formula.

12) Coffeeberry WCFE

This can be called talk of the town in biohacking these days.

The whole coffee fruit extract is believed to protect the brain from the effects of oxidative stress.

The coffee fruit extract is also found to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factors and is an important component of Qualia Mind. At 129 mg, it is equivalent to 90 mg of espresso.

13) Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens

Extracted from mucuna pruriens seed, this is a common addition to many hormone supplements. It has been proved to increase testosterone levels in males.

It also improves mood and adds to cognitive abilities.

14) Phosphatidylserine

Efficient cell signaling is vital for brain function and to remove dead brain cells continuously so that new ones can be added.

It is also good for brain cell membranes.

These are the functions that phosphatidylserine performs.

Although the human body does produce this, it is not adequate at times, and supplementation is needed.

Higher levels increase cognitive performance in older populations according to some studies.

15) Theobromine

At 100 mg, this component derived from cocoa adds to the caffeine presence of Qualia Mind. It helps to keep the mind alert and focused.

Many experts feel that caffeine itself is a better alternative to theobromine.

16) DHA

Human brain’s gray matter contains a large proportion of DHA and ramping up on this helps to keep the brain healthy and functional.

DHA is present at 80 mg in Qualia Mind.

17) Celastrus paniculatus seed extract

Celastrus paniculatus is derived from a tree native to India. It is traditionally believed to have good cognitive effects on the brain.

The oil extract is added to the Qualia Mind formula. Its effects are not substantiated by studies though.

18) Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract


This component is known to improve blood flow in the brain by dilating blood vessels. It also increases blood viscosity.

Gingko Biloba leaf extract use helps to oxygenate brain cells and improve cognition and mental performance.

Gingko Biloba is a very popular component in brain supplements.

19) Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract

At 20 mg, this ingredient finds its place in Qualia Mind formula although it has little contribution to brain health.

There is no plausible justification for its inclusion in a nootropic supplement. It is more common in testosterone supplements.

20) PQQ

Pyrroloquinoline quinine is a powerful antioxidant.

Free radical damage affects all aspects of the human body including executive function and cognitive functions.

It has been found to reduce inflammation caused as a result of oxidative effects. In its capacity, it brings nootropic benefits to the user.

21) Huperzina Serrata Leaf Extract

Huperzine A is extracted from this ingredient of Qualia Mind. Its function is to inhibit acetylcholinesterase.

This helps indirectly to increase acetylcholine values in the brain, which is established for reducing mental fatigue and provide optimal cognition.

Most of the ingredients in Qualia Mind are established nootropics and are proven to enhance cognitive function.

Some ingredients, however, do not find justification in Qualia Mind and are more suited for other purpose dietary supplements.

Who should not use Qualia Mind Nootropic?

Qualia Mind is a nootropics supplement made of all-natural ingredients. It is suitable for most people. However,

  • Do not use if there are contraindications to any components.
  • Do not use if there are serious medical issues for which prescription drugs are already on.
  • Do not use if the user is pregnant or lactating.

What I did not like

There is not much to say against Qualia Mind as it is a superior product from Neurohackers Collective. Some minor cons that I would like to mention here:

  • It can take up to a month for results to kick in fully.
  • Each bottle of Qualia Mind can last about 7 days a week, which means one needs to stock up on supplies before beginning on the supplement.
  • There can be minor side effects in some people because of components.
  • Amount of caffeine can be a bit too much for some users, giving them an artificial high.
  • Dosing is flexible and I personally did not like the concept.

Qualia Mind Reviews From Customer

“Qualia is truly a one-of-a-kind product! Being alert & task-focused wins the day in my daily work and life. Definitely recommend!”

“I am mentally better prepared for the day, and can take on more tasks without the early afternoon burnout.”

Not only for people facing advanced age, but even relatively younger populations are also victims of brain fog these days.

Taking a brain supplement that does not contain chemicals and instead harnesses the power of nature for cognitive enhancement is the way out.

Qualia Mind has been helping users with this for quite some years now with satisfactory results. 

I have noted steady improvement in my ability to focus as well as to remember things better after I began on Qualia Mind.

Regular use of this supplement is helping me cope with stress in a much better way.

It is a big YES from my end for Qualia Mind.

The Pros: What I liked

  • Qualia Mind is an all-natural brain supplement that helps brain health and cognition.
  • Ingredients are all clinically tested.
  • Qualia Mind is produced under strict quality control in labs situated in America. Results kick in relatively quickly with this supplement.
  • Users experience mood upliftment after using Qualia Mind.
  • There are clear instructions on the website as well as the bottle on use and dosage.
  • It is a complete nootropic and does not need stacking with anything.

Insider Information

While the product has been found to be useful in an efficacy study among the older populations, its effect on the healthy population is not so well documented.

It is good to remember that one does have multiple choices when it comes to choosing a good brain supplement.

Qualia Mind definitely worked for me.

Buying Advice

For best deals and coupons as well as offers, the place to go to is the Neurohackers Collective website.

Not only Qualia Mind, one may look at their entire range of products here.

Qualia Focus is one such stellar product that I began using recently.

One may visit their stores too if they wish to check out the different products themselves.

Qualia Mind ensures it reaches all its customers through efficient shipping. Due to current restrictions due to a global pandemic, it might take slightly longer for products to ship though.


Qualia Mind is an effective nootropic supplement that ticks a majority of boxes for cognitive benefits.

Whether regular use of this supplement can prevent further cognitive decline is a matter of more in-depth study.

For the time being, as a first-time user, I will definitely say it has helped me become a sharper version of myself.

Instead of going on drugs and conservative medicine, one may easily consider this brain supplement to improve their working memory as well as to be in a better mental and physical state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Qualia Mind Nootropic really work?

Qualia Mind has a whole lot of users praising its efficacy and saying it really worked for them. It is a safe product to use over the long term, according to safety and efficacy study.

Is Qualia Mind the best nootropic?

Like everything else, Qualia Mind reviews have positive as well as negative content. Nootropic supplements are very much in focus these days and there are multiple products in the market. This is definitely one of the popular ones currently available.

Does Qualia Mind improve memory?

Qualia Mind contains a lot of ingredients that are established nootropics. By boosting the physical structure of brain cells and synapses, it takes care of all the aspects of brain health. With better signaling and a stress-free mind, memory and recall are improved after being on Qualia Mind.

What does it do?

Qualia Mind enhances the brain cells to improve blood flow. Its ingredients also allow more dopamine synthesis. By taking care of mental fatigue, this product helps the brain to function at more than optimum levels and gives the user an edge on their cognitive abilities.

How do you take Qualia Mind?

Neurohacker Collective recommends taking 5-7 capsules every morning on empty stomach. They recommend this supplement on a 5-day on and 2-day off routine. The only thing is to be careful never to overdose and not go over 10 capsules at a time.

Is Qualia Mind caffeine-free?

No, it is not caffeine-free, since it contains two different ingredients that contain caffeine in significant amounts to a total of 90 mg of caffeine. Those who cannot tolerate a caffeine high and prefer natural energy might choose some other product. There is Qualia Mind Caffeine Free for such users.