SARMs PCT: How To Keep Your Gains & Recover Quickly

sarms pct

You might be one of those who have considered trying performance-enhancing drugs, and you certainly won’t be alone.

There are millions who swear by what these drugs do for their athletic performance and looks.

And now there is a fairly new kid on the block regarding PEDs – Performance Enhancing Drugs [1], and that is SARMs – and still gaining in popularity.

If you do happen to be taking SARMs, you also probably know how important it is to take Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) treatment [2] after you have completed a SARMs cycle.

But first, let’s just quickly tell you and others just a little bit more about SARMs.

 SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a class of therapeutic compounds similar to that of anabolic steroids.

The reason they have become so popular is that they might be similar to steroids, but they have reduced androgenic properties in them.

They were discovered not so far back in the late 1990s; as performance-enhancing agents. These agents stimulate anabolism.

This means they increase strength and muscle mass in people. They also assist with recovery from exercise.

SARMs can mess a bit with your hormones, though, that is one of the side effects.

Other ways it may affect you may be mood swings due to hormonal imbalance, the prostate which can affect breast cancer growth.

But that’s where PCT comes in. PCT works along with SARMs but after your cycle of SARMs.

PCT is putting your hormones back into balance and working effectively again after you have been on a SARMs cycle.

How To PCT After SARMs: 2024 Guide

PCT is Just as Important as Taking SARMs: You Can’t Go Without Them

 So do SARMs need PCT (post cycle therapy supplements)? – A resounding yes to that question.

It is advised that you use only the best PCT supplement after every SARM cycle that you embark on.

In actual fact, just a small amount of SARMs can suppress testosterone and other body’s natural hormone system.

That’s why you should use the best PCT supplements.

Most of the best SARMs PCT supplements were designed to help you get back on your feet after your SARMs cycle has done the job of making your body look toned.

We would go so far as to say it is essential to take PCT 

A lot of athletes and bodybuilders put plenty of effort into their cycles.

Then they forget all about the importance of post-cycle therapy. Lots of people ask this question –

When is the best time to start post-cycle therapy?

If you have used SARMs, you may experience testosterone suppression or there will be minimal natural testosterone production in your body.

So, it is recommended that you start a PCT protocol as soon as your SARMs therapy ends to reverse the effect of the testosterone drop that occurs.

That would be immediately after you stop taking SARMs. If you were taking steroids, wait a week before you start PCT.

It would be best to get advice from a qualified doctor. He or she will be able to outline your treatment and also track your progress.

How Long Does Post-Cycle Therapy Last? 

If you start when your body is free of anabolic steroids or SARMs, the PCT program should last for about a month to six weeks.

But remember, that each person is different, as well as the kind of drugs you have used and also the dosages, and also how long you took them.

For instance, if you have been a regular steroid user, then you will need prescriptions from your doctor for treatment to regulate your hormone levels.

Then the therapeutic treatment might last for a few more weeks. Remember, too, that slow-release steroids take longer to leave the body.

It could take several weeks for the body to rid itself of artificial testosterone.

Can I still exercise while undergoing PCT?

You should avoid over-training whilst undergoing PCT.

Your body needs time to recuperate and also recalibrate itself to where it was before you started taking steroids or SARMs.

Naturally, you want to keep your muscle bulk from your steroid or SARM cycle, but with the PCT program, you would need to make a slight change in your workout routine.

That doesn’t mean you must stop working out altogether. Just cut back on some of the reps and maybe refrain from adding extra weight to your lifts.

The intensity should just be sufficient to maintain your muscle mass. You just have to find the right balance.

Will You Need To Take Ostarine With PCT? 

Why lots of people ask about Ostarine [3] is because it is one of the most popular SARMs that people take.

SARMs still have to be approved by the FDA for safety reasons. And they are still illegal to use.

Still, this has not stopped Ostarine from still being available on the market to use, and still growing in popularity.

Ostarine, in the medical world, has even got a research name.

It’s called MK-2866 and is considered a selective estrogen receptor modulator.

It is suggested if you do use Ostarine, that you take a PCT as well.

Research shows that Ostarine is suppressive [4] – even though it is still considered one of the least suppressive compounds.

Many are Asking – Is a PCT necessary though; is it imperative?

Many think that PCT treatment for SARMs isn’t really necessary; that the body will bounce back on its own.

But don’t be mistaken. Most selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) can be suppressive.

And even milder ones like Ostarine with low dosages are suppressive.

When a compound is suppressive, you will discover that it will impact your body’s natural production levels of testosterone.

You will discover that your hormone levels will drop significantly. Why?

What will be the symptoms that your hormone levels have dropped significantly? You will notice some of these symptoms –

  • Reduced libido
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional changes
  • Decreased muscle mass

You can understand that the above symptoms aren’t going to be exactly conducive to working out in the gym.

You will also find that maintaining your muscle mass will become more complicated.

To prevent the hormone levels from sinking into the gutter, you will need PCT.

When you do start post-cycle therapy, you will be able to sustain the gains and strength that you achieved during your SARMs cycle.

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What Is The Best Post-SARMs Cycle Therapy Treatment I Should Look For?

Lots of people ask what is the best treatment or PCT they should take after their SARMs cycle.

We have an excellent name for the best PCT for SARMs for you and that is Rebirth PCT.

You are probably wondering why this name comes up because there are others.

Well, Rebirth is a supplement that was particularly designed to help you recover from SARMs cycles.

Check out the product here. It has been specially designed to reduce estrogen, boost lean mass gains, and elevate testosterone levels back.

Recovery with Rebirth will take about 4 to 8 weeks.

During this time, you will take the recommended serving size of 6 capsules with our breakfast each morning.

If you have extra money on hand, then you could go also for natural low testosterone boosters [5].

You will notice your recovery takes even faster on these products.


Like a lot of performance-enhancing compounds, SARMs do require taking a PCT.

You shouldn’t really listen to people who say it’s not necessary. Even with mild Ostarine and others, you can’t escape not taking it.

It is essential actually to take this product seriously, so as to avoid the nasty side effects.

And on top of that, you could lose the progress you made with SARMs because of the way that androgen receptors work.

In contrast, selective estrogen receptor modulators make estrogen receptors inhibit the activity of estrogen.

When you compare SARMs to steroids, SARMs aren’t that as suppressive.

But they will still need post-cycle therapy supplements.

Getting a Stunning Physique Requires Hard Training

But it is almost guaranteed that those eye-popping physiques that you see on most bodybuilders are not going to be only a result of eating all the right amounts of calories and then pumping it out in the gym for hours.

Those bulging, strong, ripped muscles probably got a helping hand, didn’t they?

That’s where these amazing drugs like potent SARMs have come into the picture. However, they have come with their side effects.

In fact, SARMS are still in the research stage and are not approved by the FDA yet.

However, many are adamant to use the products that they believe will do wonders for their physiques. 

Post-cycle therapy (PCT) is a suggested protocol to follow if you have been on steroids.

There are many fantastic PCTs out there, and we have named just one, Rebirth, as an example.

It will help to restore your hormonal balance after your SARMs cycle.

You will notice that the natural levels of endogenous testosterone will be restored and your estrogen levels will be reduced.

If you don’t use post-cycle therapy after steroid cycle or SARMs use, you’ll find it’s much harder for your natural testosterone to bounce back again.

And on top of it, you might well lose all the muscle gains you worked so hard to achieve.