Skinny Fit Detox Tea Reviews: Ingredients, Side Effects & Results

Sknnyfit detox tea reviews

Since the pandemic, losing weight has been one of the biggest dilemmas for many people.

The difficulty to stay active while indoors and the temptation of food is only among the reasons.

However, what we should prioritize, other than weight loss, is our health.

What products are out there that both promise good health and weight loss?

Dietary supplements in the market are filled with unhealthy ingredients that only provide temporary solutions.

We should prioritize a healthy way to lose weight while supporting our immune system and lifestyle.

Staying fit for a summer is not enough; we need a supplement that supports regular weight maintenance.

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SkinnyFit Detox Tea: Does it Help You Lose Weight?

skinnyfit detox

Skinnyfit detox tea claims to have multiple health benefits that support a healthy weight, energy, digestion, mood, and immunity.

It uses natural ingredients in the form of herbal tea. This Skinnyfit detox review will assess the benefits and risks of Skinnyfit tea and its ingredients.

About The Detox Tea?

Skinnyfit detox tea is a dietary supplement drank as a morning tea.

The natural formulation is a blend of all-natural ingredients.

Skinnyfit tea is a daytime blend and contains caffeine. It is popular among women and claims to be a better method to achieve a healthy weight.

Additionally, it contains peach powder to add a pleasant taste to the drink.

Skinnyfit tea is a weight loss supplement that has several health benefits. It helps maintain weight loss when combined with a proper diet and exercise.

A tea bag contains 13 superfood herbs and berries.

Moreover, Skinnyfit detox tea is laxative-free, which makes it safe and sustainable.

The claimed benefits of Skinnyfit tea are:

  • Weight loss
  • Boost metabolism
  • Reduce bloating
  • Release toxins
  • Reduce stress
  • More energy
  • Support immune system

Skinnyfit tea claims its product has been tested in an 8-week, randomized, controlled clinical trial.

Sixty-five participants experienced a reduction in water weight and less bloating.

Various detox teas are used for energy and fat oxidation. Given that teas contain caffeine to increase energy and contain nutrients.

These nutrients enhance the immune system.

Additionally, the antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory effect of its ingredients can reduce damage to cells and protect the body from toxins.

Skinnyfit tea company is relatively new and offers weight loss products.

The company’s goal is to promote beauty, health, and wellness. They claim to have research-backed ingredients in their formulations.

Furthermore, Skinnyfit Tea states that its team of nutrition coaches is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Skinny Fit Detox Tea Ingredients

The 13 metabolism-boosting ingredients found in Skinny fit detox tea are:

1) Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea increases metabolism and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It has caffeine, which helps boost energy levels and mental focus.

However, the amount of caffeine is safe enough not to cause palpitations. Matcha tea also contains L-theanine, which helps reduce stress.

A randomized controlled trial assessed the ability of green tea to enhance fat oxidation with light exercise. It contains catechins and caffeine, which enhance fat oxidation during exercise.

The antioxidant effect of green teas may aid against diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Additionally, green tea can boost collagen and improve skin elasticity or anti-aging.

However, studies on the benefits of green tea are lacking in human models. More clinical trials will be needed to find the optimal dose of green tea leaves to achieve the best results.

2) Yerba Mate

It is a tea with a small amount of caffeine to boost energy levels.

A study was conducted on 119 overweight women to assess the ability of Yerba Mate to reduce body fat and cholesterol. Researchers suggest patients eat healthier with a low-calorie diet to improve the effects of yerba mate.

Other studies investigated the benefits of yerba mate in obese individuals. It helps burn fat and support weight loss.

Yerba mate capsule supplementation is safe and has no harmful side effects. Nevertheless, the effects of a tea blend of yerba mate may not pose the same potency.

3) Hibiscus


Hibiscus tea contains antioxidants and is a common ingredient in detox teas.

A randomized controlled trial was performed to assess its potential to prevent obesity and liver disease. It can help you lose weight by regulating metabolism and inhibiting body fat accumulation.

Another clinical trial on hibiscus evaluated that a healthy diet and exercise are needed to provide its effects. Additionally, a gram of hibiscus per day is insufficient to result in significant results.

More studies are needed to determine the optimal dose of hibiscus.

4) Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a fermented tea blend that contains polyphenols. Tea polyphenols are rich in antioxidants.

However, green tea has higher concentrations than oolong tea, also included in Skinnyfit tea.

Numerous clinical trials were performed to investigate the ability of tea polyphenols in diseases and cancer.

Weight loss is also a well-known effect of fermented teas.

It can influence gut microbiota and lipid metabolism.

They can also prevent obesity by inhibiting digestive enzymes, which results in weight loss. Moreover, tea polyphenols are known to provide an energy boost and diuresis.

However, specific human studies on oolong tea alone are needed to assess its potential.

5) Goji Berries

Goji Berries

Goji berries are considered a superfood because it is rich in antioxidants.

It is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb and has long been used for its anti-aging effects.

Studies have been made to investigate its potential to fight numerous diseases. It provides an energy boost and increases circulation in the body.

Despite the potential of goji berries for treating different ailments, further clinical trials are needed to assess their safety and optimal dose.

6) Milk Thistle

milk thistle powder

Milk thistle is well known for its benefits to liver health. Its active ingredient is silymarin, which protects the liver from harmful toxins.

Additionally, studies have found its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can aid in healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Milk thistle is safe and well-tolerated in human clinical trials but further studies are needed to determine its potency.

7) Ginseng


It is a popular traditional medicine in Asia.

Ginseng is used to reduce blood sugar levels and regulate stress. It has implications to aid in diabetes and respiratory ailments.

Randomized controlled trials were performed with no serious side effects. Moreover, different types of ginseng were reviewed for their antimicrobial properties.

It has the potential to treat infections with minimal side effects.

The claim of Skinny fit tea boosts energy and reduces stress can be attributed to the effects of ginseng.

A review on ginseng has determined it as a promising treatment for fatigue. Consequentially, ginseng can increase energy and improve physical and emotional health and well-being.

8) Lemongrass


Lemongrass is claimed to reduce bloating and promote healthy digestion. Like other Skinnyfit tea ingredients, lemongrass has diuretic properties.

Citral is the main component of lemongrass, which is widely used in scents, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. It exhibits various therapeutic properties that can support the immune system.

Furthermore, citral has been supplemented to improve digestion at a 2 mg dose.

However, more clinical trials on lemongrass should be performed to find the optimal dose for its effects.

9) Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf has anti-inflammatory properties, which support the immune system. It has multiple benefits.

Additionally, nettle leaf is most commonly used as a diuretic for treating painful muscles, eczema, and gout. Some studies have determined its potential in treating joint pain and infections.

A randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of nettle leaf on arthritic pain resulted in a significant difference from the placebo.

10) Dandelion Leaf

Like most Skinny fit tea ingredients, the dandelion leaf has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Studies have reviewed the potential of the phytochemicals found in dandelion.

It is claimed to relieve gas and reduce fat. The dandelion leaf contains antioxidants and increases urination.

As a diuretic, it can reduce water weight and be taken for an upset stomach and indigestion.

However, research and clinical trials are insufficient to assess the efficacy and safety of dandelion leaves.

11) Guarana


Guarana is a well-known stimulant and astringent.

It contains stimulants that can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Nevertheless, a study was conducted to evaluate its safety. They determined that its caffeine content does not have serious health risks.

Additionally, a review demonstrated that guarana could treat obesity. It may support fat burning and promote weight loss.

12) Stevia Leaf

Stevia leaf is a natural sweetener that is used as an alternative to reduce sugar intake. It has zero calories and is often taken by people with diabetes.

A review determined that stevia has limited data on its effect on weight loss and gut health. Further studies are needed to confirm its safety and benefits.

However, it has promising potential in preventing obesity because of reduced sugar intake.

13) Apples

Apple is rich in polyphenols and dietary fiber and a good source of vitamin C. It can support the immune system. Research shows that apples contain nutrients that reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Moreover, it includes a positive effect on weight management and the prevention of diabetes.

Another review presented evidence on the weight loss effects of apples.

However, improved clinical trials are needed to determine which kind of apple and what amount is needed.

This Tea is not for

1) Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Skinnyfit detox tea contains caffeine. Unfortunately, pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to reduce caffeine intake.

Moreover, its ingredients are not tested for their safety in pregnant women.

2) Ages under 18 years old

Skinny fit tea is formulated for adults as a weight loss supplement.

Children will not benefit fully from its effects. It may also cause unwanted side effects.

3) Pre-existing medical conditions

Skinnyfit tea may cause interactions with individuals taking medications and who have existing diseases.

We recommend you consult your healthcare provider to provide medical advice before taking any supplements.

People sensitive to caffeine or who have heart problems may experience unwanted effects.

If serious side effects occur, decrease intake or discontinue use.

The Cons

1) Proof of its claims

Skinnyfit tea claims to have conducted a randomized controlled trial using their product.

However, there are no links on their website or journal articles about a Skinnyfit tea clinical trial.

Many of the studies linked to the ingredients of Skinnyfit detox tea used a capsule supplement of the herb and not tea leaves.

The potency of a capsule form and a tea drink will not be the same.

Specific clinical trials with the right dosage form should be conducted to provide evidence of its claims

2) The exact amount of ingredients

The dosage of each ingredient in one tea bag of Skinnyfit tea is not specified.

When determining the efficacy and safety of an ingredient, the company should provide transparent details of the formulation in Skinnyfit detox tea.

Without these details, it won’t be easy to compare the results of studies on the herb or plant.

You can only claim it as evidence if the used material is comparable to the ingredients included in the tea.

3) Taking a higher dosage

Drinking more than specified may cause unwanted side effects from its caffeine-containing ingredients.

You should only take Skinnyfit detox tea as directed.

Too much caffeine may cause palpitations, anxiety, and increased stress levels.

Likewise, with caffeine, too much Skinnyfit detox tea will result in unwanted effects from its diuretic ingredients.

The diuretic effect of Skinny fit tea leads to a reduction in water weight. You will need to drink water regularly to avoid too much water loss.

Additionally, some ingredients in detox teas may also cause low blood pressure.

Skinny Fit Detox Tea Testimonials from Customers

Skinnyfit detox tea has good reviews on both Amazon and its website.

However, there are customer reviews that complain about digestive issues.

These people may have a sensitivity to some of the ingredients in Skinny fit tea. It is given that results will vary for everyone.

Moreover, Skinnyfit tea provides a refund if the product is not for you.

Nevertheless, some people experienced good results. Positive feedback included the following reviews.

From the Official website:

“As a senior woman, I have had a major struggle dropping weight. Weight I have put on during the COVID pandemic. Since I have been using the detox I have lost 7 pounds! I still have a long way to go, but it is a good start–finally! And, since I have been using the super youth the skin under my neck and on my arms is firming up. I love Skinny Fit!”

From Amazon:

“It’s been around 3 days of drinking this, and the first thing I noticed is the delicious peachy smell. It comes exactly as pictured, and the tea is individually wrapped in silky steeping bags. As said on the back, you can steep it hot or cold, and I’ve tried both. It tastes great both ways! It tastes similar to Snapple Peach Green Tea with the bonus of no sugar and extra energy!”

The Pros

1) All-natural and laxative free

Skinnyfit detox tea does not contain laxatives, is all-natural, and is vegan. It contains 13 plant-based ingredients or superfoods.

Fortunately, it also complements any diet because of its herbal formulation.

Most detox teas in the market contain senna leaves and other laxative herbs with strong effects.

These teas can induce diarrhea and are not sustainable solutions for weight loss.

With Skinnyfit tea, you can take it daily without worrying about abdominal cramps or stomach upset.

2) 90-day money-back guarantee

Supplements will have different effects on everyone. Some people may have sensitivity to certain foods or herbs.

Fortunately, Skinnyfit tea offers a refund for customers who are not satisfied with the product.

3) Safe

Skinnyfit detox tea has caffeine-containing ingredients.

Each tea contains 17.89 mg of caffeine, and the safe amount is 400 mg.

If you follow the suggested dose of Skinnyfit tea, the amount of caffeine you intake will be enough to boost energy.

Nevertheless, It does not have an equal amount to regular coffee beans.

Additionally, the ingredients of Skinnyfit tea have been tested safe for supplementation.

Clinical trials assessed the ingredients in Skinnyfit detox tea to have no serious side effects.

4) Improves diet and exercise

Skinnyfit detox tea contains metabolism-boosting ingredients. It can help you lose weight by living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, Skinnyfit detox tea is a drink that complements a diet.

Skinnyfit advises its customers to maintain a healthy diet and light exercise to benefit from the product.

What to watch out for

Skinnyfit detox tea is a daytime tea and contains caffeine. It should be taken before or during activities.

Skinnyfit tea has stimulant effects, so you should take the recommended amount and limit your coffee intake.

Skinnyfit tea can also increase bathroom breaks because of its diuretic effect.

Hydrate regularly to avoid dehydration.

Unfortunately, drinking Skinny fit detox tea in the evening may interrupt your sleep because of trips to the bathroom.

Where to buy It

Skinnyfit detox tea is available on their official website and Amazon.

Skinnyfit tea offers a discount when you subscribe. It is for customers who want to purchase their product monthly.

You can also get a refund within 90 days of purchase.

As effects will vary per individual, if Skinnyfit detox tea is not for you, contact Skinnyfit’s customer service.

The Bottom Line

Skinnyfit detox tea contains antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients that benefit your health.

Each ingredient has been tested safe and has no serious side effects. You can drink Skinny fit tea as an energizing daytime tea.

If you take the recommended dosage of Skinnyfit tea, the caffeine content is just enough to start your day.

However, you should monitor how Skinnyfit works for you.

Most of its ingredients have stimulant and diuretic effects, which for some individuals with sensitivities, can cause discomfort.

Based on the ingredients of Skinnyfit tea, it can support your weight loss journey.

Despite its claims, it can only provide significant effects if you accompany it with a proper diet and exercise. Eating whole foods, avoiding junk food, and keeping active will provide better results.

However, if you plan to lose weight, consult your healthcare provider for medical advice on a proper method for your goal.

If you have an existing medical condition, inform your doctor about any supplement you take.

Remember, the information provided in this review is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose any condition or replace medical advice from your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a the tea?

Steep Skinnyfit tea in 8 0z of water for 5 to 7 minutes. Drink once or twice daily to start your day.

How much tea can I take?

Skinnyfit detox tea can be taken twice every day. You can take it anytime with or without food.

When should I drink it?

Since Skinnyfit detox tea has caffeine, you can drink it in the morning or afternoon for better effects. Skinnyfit recommends taking it 30 minutes before breakfast.

When will I see the results?

Many customer reviews experienced results in a few weeks of consistent intake. We recommend pairing it with a healthy diet and exercise. According to the fine print on Skinnyfit's website, many of the results from customers are attained with a healthy lifestyle.

Is Skinnyfit safe?

The ingredients in Skinnyfit tea are tested safe in humans. It contains all-natural plant-based ingredients.

What are the available flavors?

The ingredient peach powder is added into Skinnyfit tea to add vitamins and flavor to the blend.

What are the different ways to drink tea?

You can drink Skinny fit tea hot or cold. Steep the teabag as usual and then add ice. As seen on Skinnyfit's blogs, you can also add other ingredients to your drink.