SuperBeets Chews Reviews – Best Deals, Ingredients & Benefits of This Beet Supplement

superbeets review

Welcome to our honest SuperBeets Review…

Beets have long been considered a “superfood,” especially for people suffering from high blood pressure.

These vitamin C-packed, nitrate-rich vegetables have a ton of nutrition and may even be good for your heart.

Unfortunately, beets and beet juice can be inconvenient to eat regularly, which is why SuperBeets was created.

SuperBeets is a beetroot powder supplement that makes it easier to get all the benefits of beets in one convenient package.

But does it work?

This SuperBeets review will investigate whether or not SuperBeets lowers blood pressure and supports heart health.

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SuperBeets Review – Is This Beet Juice Powder Worth it?


What Is SuperBeets?

SuperBeets is a line of dietary supplements that aim to harness the cardiovascular health benefits of beets and beetroot juice.

SuperBeets is primarily a nitric oxide supplement made from dietary nitrate and fermented beetroot powder.

SuperBeets also contain magnesium ascorbate, malic acid, and sweeteners.

There are several SuperBeets products that you can choose from, including the original SuperBeets formula for blood pressure control, SuperBeets Energy Plus with green tea extract for a caffeine boost and natural energy, Collagen for skin support, and Immune for immune health support.

SuperBeets was created by HumanN, a dietary supplements company that focuses on nitric oxide supplements and nitric oxide research.

Specifically, SuperBeets was created as a supplement to lower blood pressure.

How SuperBeets Works

Beetroots are a popular “superfood” because they have a very high nitrate content and Vitamin C levels.

Both of these nutrients can be used to improve your heart health and immune system.

As part of a healthy diet, you can increase your nitric oxide levels from beetroot juice or the vegetable itself.

Unfortunately, getting enough beets in food and beet juice can be hard.

In addition, many people don’t love the taste of beets on their own.

So instead, you can get your dietary nitrates from a beet-based supplement.

Rather than getting your beet fix from beet juice or whole beets, SuperBeets come in beet powder form that you mix with water and drink daily.

Several reported health benefits come from taking beetroot powder:

  • SuperBeets have a high dietary nitrate content, which your body converts to nitric oxide. These nitric oxide levels are important because they are vasodilators, which can relax and widen your blood vessels. This can result in healthier blood flow, making it easier for your heart to deliver nutrients throughout your body.
  • There’s also evidence that beet powder can reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage your blood vessels and make your heart overwork, eventually leading to heart disease.

In addition, there is evidence that high blood pressure is also linked to chronic kidney disease.

The two components of high blood pressure are systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Both should be improved to achieve normal blood pressure levels.

Studies have shown that nitrate supplementation can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

  • The nitric oxide equivalent in SuperBeets is also a good source of natural energy. This increase in nitric oxide can also help improve your athletic performance and endurance.
  • Nitric oxide may prevent oxidative damage. Your body develops oxidative damage from various toxins and pollutants in your environment, and reducing this damage can also help reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • Finally, SuperBeets is also a great source of Vitamin C! Vitamin C is essential for supporting your immune health, so beetroot supplementation may help protect you from certain illnesses.

Who SuperBeets Is Not For

SuperBeets is generally safe for healthy adults, but it still is not for everyone.

SuperBeets is not suitable for:

  • A substitute for blood pressure-lowering medications. If you are a heart patient whose doctor prescribes blood pressure medication to lower your blood pressure, do not replace your medicine with SuperBeets.
  • People with sensitive stomachs. Beets can sometimes cause stomach discomfort. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you’d like to try SuperBeets so that they can provide medical advice.

Be sure to talk with your doctor if you are considering using SuperBeets, especially if you want to improve blood flow and blood pressure.

SuperBeets Cons

This beetroot supplement is a convenient dietary supplement with several health benefits.

However, there are some downsides.

Specifically, SuperBeets are:

  • Not a whole food. Getting your nutrition from whole food sources like beets and fresh beet juice is usually best. SuperBeets is a supplement powder, so the nutrition density may vary slightly.
  • By no means is it a cure for blood pressure regulation. Don’t expect any miracles from SuperBeets. While there’s plenty of evidence that eating beets can boost your essential nitric oxide levels, it will not necessarily improve your blood pressure levels.

Some reviewers even reported that they saw no boost in their energy or blood pressure levels.

So taking SuperBeets may provide essential nutrients, but results can vary widely.

If you do decide to take SuperBeets, be aware that consistency is key and that you may not always see the benefits right away.

SuperBeets Reviews & Testimonials

SuperBeets has enjoyed a solid following among people looking to increase their dietary nitrates and lower blood pressure.

Here are some SuperBeets reviews from real customers:

 “I suffer from the condition lymphedema and swell very badly. I’ve been taking super beets every morning for a little over two weeks and my circulation is improving every day. Swelling is going down, pains are lessening and I feel better overall. Good product, I’m glad I gave it a try.”

“I usually use fresh beets in my smoothies, but sometimes fresh beets aren’t available. I’m glad to be able to have Super Beets Powder as a supplement to use instead. The flavor is delicious & is a great way to ensure a complete nutritional start to my day.”

These customer reviews prove that increasing nitric oxide is important for more than just lowering blood pressure.

In addition to its ability to decrease blood pressure, healthy circulation is also essential for healthy movement and for reducing swelling and pain.

So taking nitric oxide in the form of beets can improve the health of your blood vessels overall.

Some healthy adults may also use SuperBeets to improve their athletic performance since it can help increase their energy and stamina.

These testimonials and customer reviews also show that SuperBeets is a great, convenient way to harness the benefits of consuming beet juice or fresh beets.

What We Like About SuperBeets

So there are some very good reasons to be taking SuperBeets if you are concerned about your heart health, blood pressure, and circulation.

We especially like that SuperBeets is:

1) Medically reviewed

A lot of research has gone into creating SuperBeets.

HumanN was created by a science-based company specializing in nitric oxide, so their product’s ability to lower blood pressure is backed by real science.

SuperBeets has been medically reviewed by HumanN’s impressive science leadership team, bringing tons of credibility to their products.

2) A good source of Vitamin C

Beets naturally have a good amount of Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for immune support.

Many people take Vitamin C supplements, but SuperBeets may be a better option overall.

Using beet powder gives you a natural way to support your immune system without having to eat beets or drink beetroot juice.

3) A healthy and delicious drink

Unlike eating beets or using other beetroot supplementation, like consuming beetroot juice, SuperBeets comes in a tasty, delicious formula.

It’s also a more convenient option for many people who don’t eat beets regularly or don’t like the taste but still want the benefits of including them in their diet.

4) Two flavors

You also have plenty of options for buying this beetroot powder supplement.

The original beet powder comes in a tasty natural black cherry flavor and a natural apple flavor.

Both are sweetened using stevia leaf extract.

5) A non-GMO beetroot powder

If you are trying to eat a healthy diet, the source of your food matters.

SuperBeets uses non-GMO beets, unlike some other beetroot juice supplementation options.

This means that you’re not only getting the health benefits of beets but also using a product made from beets of the highest quality.

Things To Watch Out For

SuperBeet’s quality research and production process mean that plenty of benefits can come with taking this dietary supplement.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering trying SuperBeets for yourself:

1) Browse around for different product options

Whether you’re looking for better energy levels, reduced oxidative stress, or a solution for high blood pressure, SuperBeets offers a variety of options.

In addition to the medically reviewed original SuperBeets, you can also buy SuperBeets Heart Chews, Memory & Focus, Energy Plus, and more!

So you can choose from all the different products based on your health concerns.

2) Take advantage of different flavors

While using SuperBeets as a beet supplement is more palatable than eating raw beets, some customer reviews still report that they didn’t like the flavor.

Luckily, there are several different flavor options available if you’re concerned about taste.

You have the option of Black Cherry or Apple.

Even better, you can buy a mixed-flavor pack to try both!

Buying Advice

Though you can find SuperBeets products at your local GNC or other supplement shops, the most cost-effective place to purchase SuperBeets is from HumanN’s official website.

The website offers 10% off for first-time customers.

In addition, they also have a subscription service that can save you up to 45% off per canister and free shipping.

Buying from HumanN’s website is also ideal for first-time buyers since it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Regarding nutrition, whole food sources like raw beets are superior to dietary supplements.

However, eating enough raw beets or drinking enough beetroot juice to improve your blood pressure and fight off heart disease is not always feasible.

So overall, SuperBeets is a great alternative.

Taking SuperBeets can support your nitric oxide production, support healthy blood pressure levels, and boost your heart health.

Check out the different options for SuperBeets on HumanN’s website and see if there’s one that will work for you!

As always, be sure to consult with a doctor before starting any supplement program so that they can provide medical advice for your body’s specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in SuperBeets?

SuperBeets contains non-GMO beetroot powder, malic acid, magnesium ascorbate, and stevia leaf extract.

There is also natural apple flavor or natural black cherry flavor depending on which product you purchase.

Can taking SuperBeets to improve my athletic performance?

Your body converts dietary nitrates to nitric oxide, which can help improve your energy levels and stamina. This can help give your athletic performance a boost.

How do you take SuperBeets?

SuperBeets beet powder can be mixed with water.

Use one teaspoon per 4-6 oz of water and take it daily to increase nitric oxide levels and lower blood pressure.

Why does beetroot juice improve your systolic blood pressure levels?

Beetroot juice can improve your blood pressure levels because they are a great source of dietary nitrates. Dietary nitrates can convert to nitric oxide in your body, which then helps your blood vessels relax and widen for better blood flow.