V Shred Review: Does it Really Work?

V Shred Review

Losing weight can become frustrating and arduous when unfamiliar with the right supplement, diet, and workout plan.

People will have different goals and body types.

One standard formula will not work for everyone.

A combination of different approaches is also more effective than just one.

For these reasons, fitness programs are created specifically for every individual. Many of them claim to give the best results you need.

One of these companies is the V Shred program. They promise to personalize a workout program, meal plan, and supplement guide for you.

V Shred claims to give you results without the need for extreme diets and exercise, doing the minimum with the most efficacy.

In this V Shred review, we will look in detail at what they offer in their programs and if these claims are valid.

The V Shred Program – All You Need to Know

What is V Shred?

V Shred is a fitness program that claims to help you lose weight efficiently. It caters to everyone and all body goals.

It is a series of fitness programs tailored to your body type, metabolism, and lifestyle.

They claim that every V Shred program will help you reach your goals at home with minimum effort that delivers results. In addition, they provide you with customized workouts, meal plans, and 24/7 support.

V Shred is also an online fitness app and supplement brand for men and women.

Moreover, the company has a monthly subscription called V Shred University with additional perks and access to its program.

It has a large following on social media and has been featured in prominent media outlets.

The Vincesanity Shred or V Shred was founded by Vince Sant, known to many as the “V Shred guy.” He is a fitness author, celebrity trainer, cover model, and famous fitness Youtuber.

V Shred claims are:

  • Work out at home without going to the gym with less effort while still eating the food you like.
  • Customized diets personalized for you.
  • Nutritious, great-tasting meals that will help you burn fat created by professional chefs
  • Supplements with the right ingredients to build muscle and promote fat loss
  • Access to their private online community and a trainer will support and motivate you throughout your journey.
  • How-To video exercises, follow-along ab workouts, and 15-minute HIIT cardio
  • V Shred app or web app accessible on your phone and computer
  • Easy to follow calendar schedule

When you open the V Shred website, a body-type quiz will be found on the home page. This quiz will ask you questions that eventually determine the category you fall under.

Categories include endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. “V Shred guy,” Vince Sant, then explains what fat destroyers are and how your body type works.

Depending on your diet, he will explain V Shred carb cycling, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and custom meal plans. Every V Shred program will vary depending on your preferences and needs.

V Shred Programs

You can also directly select a workout program you want.

Their most popular V Shred programs are:

  • Fat loss extreme program for him or her
  • Move: At home
  • Ripped in 90 days
  • Toned in 90 days
  • Six-pack shred

Other programs include:

  • Custom diet plan for him or her
  • VSU University membership
  • Clean bulk program
  • Big arms program
  • The booty builder
  • Recipe guide

Some V Shred programs will have different difficulty levels, either beginner or advanced. Once you select a program will direct you to further information on what to expect during your workout and diet.

Each program will have a different goal in mind. Your limits and capabilities will be your basis for what to choose. Moreover, the length of a program can range from 8 weeks to 90 days.

A V Shred program contains detailed instructions and tips to help you stay on track and commit to your diet and workout routine.

The meal plan, workout videos, nutrition information, and supplements will differ for every program.

A Custom Diet and Training Plan is the best program you could choose for a personalized experience. In addition, you will have an online personal coaching experience to guide you on your weight loss or strength building.

Six-Pack Shred is a program for people keen on having sculpted abs. It is designed by Vince Sant, a fitness model and certified trainer.

Six-Pack Shred is for all people who have beginner or advanced experience in working out.

Ripped in 90 days is a training program for men of all skill levels. It is for men who want to bulk up and build muscle.

Fat Loss Extreme

The Fat Loss Extreme program is popular for those who want to shed 20 to 50 pounds. This program is for beginners and has an option for “him or “her.

The Fat Loss Extreme page contains details for people who have difficulty losing weight. Moreover, V Shred claims 3-body transformation secrets for your body type and goal.

It further explains that you can lose 20 to 50+ pounds in just 90 days by working out 30 minutes a day and not starving yourself.

With Fat Loss Extreme, you are recommended a diet called carb cycling, HIIT exercise, and a guide to using precise macronutrients, calorie timing, and timing your HIIT correctly.

Burn Evolved V Shred Supplement

burn evolved

Numerous V Shred supplements are marketed on their website as supplement guides. Burn Evolved is their best-selling fat-burning supplement taken during the duration of their program.

This may be recommended depending on your V Shred body type and goal.

Burn Evolved contains cayenne pepper fruit extract, grains of paradise seed extract, caffeine, EGCG, and yohimbine.

They claim that its formulation increases energy levels and metabolism. More information on their supplements can be found on the V Shred Website.

V Shred University

A V Shred subscription service is available for people who want further incentives and access to their services.

Additionally, it gives more hands-on and personalized feedback on your program.

V Shred University membership provides additional workout plans, custom meal plans, exercise guides, live coaching calls, and nutrition and supplement tutorials.

It is a monthly subscription and gives you a discount on your first month.

V Shred App

You can access your program on your computer and phone. The V Shred app was made to make your programs accessible to you.

The app is free to download, but you will have to pay for new content after five days. Additionally, the prices for each workout will vary depending on their services and length.

Carb Cycling

V Shred describes carb cycling as a method to trick your body into activating its fat-burning ability and boosting metabolism.

They explain that no and low-carb diets do not work because it causes your body to produce less leptin. This effect forces your body to store fat and slow metabolism, resulting in weight gain.

V Shred further explains that leptin is the top fat-burning hormone. The program states that they will give you step-by-step meal prep to create healthy recipes.

Carbohydrate intake is usually restricted or excluded in weight loss diets.

However, carb cycling is a dietary approach that manipulates your carb intake to match the body’s need for calories or glucose.

However, how carbohydrate causes weight loss or affects insulin sensitivity is not known.

Hence, studies have concluded that weight loss accounted for the reduced calorie intake.

The long-term effects of this diet are uncertain. A ketogenic diet is a more common diet approach researched for its impact on metabolism and fat distribution.

High-intensity Interval Training Plan

V Shred programs promote HIIT workouts. High-intensity interval training is a time-efficient exercise strategy to improve metabolic and cardiorespiratory health.

V Shred claims that excessive cardio workouts are not healthy and ineffective. V Shred persuades that the company has looked into the benefits of HIIT.

The company describes HIIT as an anaerobic activity that targets fat cells to use for energy. Oxygen stores are used up to burn calories for 24 to 48 hours.

A simple 15-minute HIIT session by V Shred supposedly can burn calories for up to 2 days, calling it the “afterburn effect.”

This strategy may seem promising compared to exercising an hour every day. However, V Shred reminds you to follow the HIIT sessions on the day they appointed it to work.

The basis of these statements is unclear. Nevertheless, HIIT has been studied to be more efficient than any other workout regime.

HIIT combines short periods of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods.

The most significant advantage of HIIT as a workout regime is that you can lose weight in minimal time.

The duration of HIIT workouts is usually 10-30 minutes. HIIT is more enjoyable and time-efficient than MVCT (moderate to vigorous continuous training).

Nevertheless, both improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

HIIT can vary depending on your target body goal.

Caloric expenditure during HIIT is higher compared to aerobic and resistance training.

You can burn more calories in a short period. This exercise program lets you burn more calories with less time spent exercising.

V Shred claims that you burn calories even after exercising with HIIT. This effect may be based on the ability of HIIT to increase your metabolism more than jogging or a weight training plan.

A study compared HIIT over MICT (moderate-intensity continuous training) and sprint interval training on their effect on EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

HIIT had greater EPOC than both, but further studies are needed to determine the optimal EPOC time.

V Shred also mentions EPOC in their V Shred workout plan. When exercising, you increase oxygen consumption while in the resting post-exercise state.

EPOC and HIIT cause this increase in oxygen. It is associated with an elevated metabolism and contributes to total daily energy expenditure.

Nevertheless, both HIIT and MICT promote weight loss, insulin sensitivity, and cardiac health.

Who V Shred Is Not For

1) Anyone Under 18 years of age

Children under 18 years old should maintain a normal diet and physical activity.

V Shred mentions that their digital programs apply to teens, adults, or the elderly.

However, children that are not obese should not resort to planned fitness programs.

If your child is overweight, consult a pediatrician to recommend a proper nutrition plan and physical activity for your child.

2) Pre-existing Conditions

If you have pre-existing conditions, talk to your doctor before making changes to your diet. For example, some conditions may be compromised by changing recommended dietary allowance or calorie intake.

Furthermore, HIIT can be straining for people with muscle, joint, lung, or heart conditions.

Depending on the V Shred program, you select the intensity and length of the workout regime, and the meal plan will vary.

A restrictive custom diet plan is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and people with a history of anorexia.

Always consult your doctor before making drastic lifestyle changes if you have compromised health.

3) Unrealistic Expectations

Some V Shred customer reviews criticize the programs for being too difficult to follow or time-consuming.

However, there is no shortcut to weight loss, every effort to maintain a healthy weight requires substantial commitment and motivation.

Despite the marketing made by V Shred to persuade people to take on the program, every V Shred training program will need an investment of time and lifestyle changes.

V Shred only serves as a guide to making your weight loss journey less hassle by preparing every step you need to follow, personalized for you.

The Cons Of V Shred

1) Expensive

Some customer reviews criticize the prices of their products and services.

A few consumers complained about the lack of complexity and expected more from what they paid.

2) Exaggerated Claims

The science behind the V Shred diet and workout regime is lacking. There is inefficient proof of their effects.

Many of these studies are not conclusive or lack quality in their methods.

Recent long-term human clinical evidence should be the standard for any brand claims.

Somatotypes, HIIT, carb-cycling, and EPOC are a few of the references made by V Shred to achieve weight loss or build muscle efficiently.

Their programs, diets, and supplements are not proven by scientific evidence.

Although they claim that their service is based on a thorough study of the human body, nutrition, and metabolism, their reference studies need further research to make conclusive claims.

The association of HIIT, EPOC, metabolic rate, and weight loss are still unfounded.

Although early research on its potential exists, further long-term research is still needed.

Moreover, carb-cycling is a relatively new diet approach, and only a few studies are investigating it.

How V Shred markets its brand can also be too “salesy,” creating unrealistic customer expectations. Hence, this resulted in complaints and criticism on V Shred reviews.

3) Poor Customer Service on Purchases

Some complaint made on V Shred is their unresponsive customer service.

In addition, there are unclear instructions and confusion on the prices and additional charges for services or products.

Although V Shred has made steps to resolve complaints, there are still a few unsatisfied customers with their service and response.

You will find mixed opinions on the quality of V Shred on Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

V Shred Reviews

V Shred Review from 2,033 customer reviews on Trustpilot gave V Shred a 3.3/5 customer satisfaction average. In addition, the V Shred site contains a collection of over 700 5-star reviews.

This programme is very good, clear and helpful for those not used to fitness or probably even those who are a little bit already. It gives easy-to-follow workouts with a weekly plan, help figuring out how to manage your diet but with different options, and a private Facebook support group, which helps answer any questions or doubts you have.

I have been doing the Tone in 90 days on 2 different occasion along with a meal plan and a supplement (Greens Peach). I can honestly say that the Vshred programs are the real deal. You must simply commit to it and you will get results. What I like also is the fact that there are home workouts and when your ready, like I am, head to the gym. They supply you with gym workouts as well. You can’t ask for a more well rounded plan to get you healthy and in shape. Please give Vshred a try, you won’t be disappointed.

I have tried several different weight loss programs, diets and pills but nothing worked for me. VShred has custom plans built for my personal needs, body and goals. Awesome service and products. I’ve only been on it over a week and already feel and see the difference. Love it!!!!

Several testimonials and before and after transformations are posted on the V Shred site and social media accounts.

Other pages, such as Trustpilot and BBB, have a mix of positive and negative reviews.

There are several BBB complaints about hidden charges and unresponsive customer service.

A few negative reviews have accused the company of being deceptive. V Shred has attempted to resolve most of the complaints.

However, there is a clear need for improvement in this sector.

Among the complaints about the company’s services, there is much positive feedback on the success of V Shred Programs.

Some people have found amazing results during their journey. Many of the positive reviews have praised the Fat Loss Extreme program.

As a result, people have lost weight they struggled to burn on their own.

For some people, it has been the only workout regime that works.

With different fitness goals, body types, compliance, and response to the program, results will vary for every individual.

A lot will rely on the person taking the program. Hence, feedback will be inconsistent.

The Pros of V Shred

1) Tackles Diet, Workout, and Compliance

If you are seeking ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, combining healthy meal plans, training plans, and guidance is the best approach a person can take.

Most people try to lose weight by using supplements or doing crash diets which then tend to relapse into old habits.

Without tackling both physical activity and eating habits, results may come slower with no significant changes.

However, because there are numerous responsibilities to juggle as adults, it is a struggle to comply with and create your meal plan or exercise program.

V Shred serves to personalize a workout for you. It will comply with your preferences, capabilities, and body type.

A personal online coach or the V Shred online community will help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

2) Customized Programs Tailored for You

The program determines your category based on somatotypes.

Studies have been made associating somatotypes with nutrition and obesity.

Your nutritional status, body mass index (BMI), and food consumption are analyzed to differentiate different somatotypes.

V Shred will categorize you under endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. The guidelines, tips, diet plan, and workout program will differ for every category.

3) 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

V Shred, fortunately, has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can try a specific program for 30 days, and if it doesn’t satisfy your expectations, V Shred will give you a full refund of your payment.

The refund will be reflected on your online credit card statement in a few days. You can email V Shred for more details on your refund.

Things To Watch Out For

V Shred offers numerous programs and services.

Products such as supplements may be offered to you. It is important to remember that some of these recommendations have additional charges.

Always check the information provided by V Shred. A few customers have complained about being charged without clear notice.

There may be confusion on the payment information, always ask customer service and confirm the prices of what you are purchasing.

Every program will be different for everyone, and your ability to cope with them may be uncertain.

It is crucial to find the right program that fits your needs. You can always ask for a refund with their 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Buying Guide

You can take the V Shred body type quiz to purchase a program tailored for you through their website or select from the numerous programs V Shred offers.

For promos or discounts:

  • There is a 1$ trial on the first month of a V Shred University membership.
  • Many of their programs are on sale constantly, and some flash sales on certain services.
  • The V Shred app is free to download and gives you five days of free access to any 90-day program.
  • You can also get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied with the results of your program.

The Verdict

V Shred is commendable for its approach to fitness by combining diet, exercise, and supplements to tackle overall health and wellness.

A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by changing your habits.

With a complete fitness program, you can achieve results much faster. V Shred combines different strategies and methods to achieve your goals with ease and sure results.

HIIT and carb cycling are methods in different studies investigating their efficacy in improving weight loss and metabolism.

However, V Shred will only work if you comply with the whole program.

Despite the attempts of V Shred to convince you that losing weight will be easy with their program, every weight loss journey will warrant you to invest patience and effort.

Customer reviews on V Shred are a mix of positive and negative feedback.

The mix of opinions may be accounted for the dependence of the program’s success on both the individual and V Shred.

V Shred is a hands-on and personalized guide to follow to achieve your fitness goals. Without your initiative, results may be slow.

Regardless, a refund can be obtained within 30 days of purchase if V Shred is not for you since weight management can be a complex journey from person to person.

If you have long-term issues with losing weight and obesity, we recommend you consult your doctor for professional medical advice.