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Volume Pills Semen Enhancer – Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, & Results

by David Kessler, MD

Today’s review is about the popular semen enhancer called Volume Pills.

After receiving and answering hoards of questions such as…

  • What are Volume Pills?
  • How can I have massive ejaculation?
  • Does it really work?
  • What do Volume Pills do?
  • Where can I buy Volume Pills?

…I have decided to write a comprehensive review about it.

So let’s get started…

There is no denying that a big penis and hard erection will give you mind-blowing sex but that is not all there is to good sex.

Other things come into play, like the quality of your ejaculation.

If your load isn’t thick and plenty then you and your partner are going to miss out on toe-curling orgasms.

A poor amount of semen will just come out as a dribble and that could put your woman off because she can’t tell if you were truly satisfied.

If this is a problem you have then this review will guide you on whether Volume Pills are the solution to your problem or not.

How Serious is Infertility in Men

Naturally, a couple trying to conceive without any form of birth control has a 20% – 37% chance of getting pregnant within the first 3 months.

Couples who are unable to get pregnant after the first year of unprotected sex are advised to get checked for fertility problems.

35% of the time, the fault is with the man.

This is why men are strongly advised to know the status of their fertility when trying for a child with their partner.

Causes of Infertility in Men

Infertility in men is related to issues in the following areas:

  • Sperm production
  • Sperm shape
  • Sperm movement
  • Sperm count

And risk factors for male infertility include:

  • Alcohol use
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Obesity
  • Old age

Effects of Male Infertility

Male infertility comes with a lot of physical and psychological effects.

We are going to discuss a few of them:

1) Feelings of Inadequacy

It’s no surprise that people love to boast about their children. Men especially.

You can see the sparkle in their eyes as they talk about their strong songs or beautiful daughters.

Not being able to conceive with their partner creates a feeling of inadequacy.

As it seems some men equate their adequacy with their ability to procreate.

2) Loss of Control 

Male infertility comes with a myriad of problems. One of them is a loss of control over your body.

3) Thoughts of Failure

just like women, society had also made it an achievement for men to have children.

Especially male children.

They are burdened with the need to continue their bloodline.

The inability to have children and continue their line can ignite these thoughts.

4) Guilt

Society has made it an achievement for women to bear children.

Even without society, many women wish to have a child of their own.

And being unable to help their wives achieve this dream leaves them feeling guilty.

5) Physical Effects

Earlier we mentioned that infertility can take a toll on a person physically and emotionally.

Once a man has been diagnosed with infertility, it’s not uncommon for him to start experiencing sexual problems that weren’t there before.

He might start experiencing erectile dysfunction from the stressful thoughts of not being able to get a woman pregnant.

His sex life might also feel less private as, during treatment, doctors may require him to have sex on demand to see if he is progressing.

6) Relationship Fallouts 

the final effect of infertility we’ll cover is the social one.

The intrusive thoughts of your diagnosis could spill into your relationships.

Not just with your wife but with your coworkers and friends.

You find yourself getting upset over small things or blowing them out of proportion.

You may be tempted to have extramarital affairs to prove your manliness.

Or you might suffer from depression and withdraw every time you are surrounded by children.

You may even start avoiding the closest people in your life simply because the children and you don’t.

Volume Pills Review – All You Need to Know

Here’s a summary of what the product is, who made it, and what results you can expect from it.

What it is

Volume Pills is a semen enhancer made by Leading Edge Health.

Its sole purpose is to improve the quality of your sperm and intensify your orgasms.

These pills are made with a blend of natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to aid in quality semen production.

Users of this pill experienced a 500% increase in semen production after using it.

As well as other results such as a boost in testosterone and libido levels.

Who Made Volume Pills

Volume Pills is manufactured and sold under Leading Edge Health, a well known pharmaceutical company in the US.

For over 2 decades they have been producing supplements for men and women.

These supplements go beyond sex as you may be aware of their ProSolutions Pills already.

They also make products in skincare, anti-aging, and other areas.

Leading Edge Health is known for including wholly natural ingredients in their formulas and cooperating with other cGMP- certified companies in America.

Why Was Volume Pills Created

These pills were created to tackle the issue of infertility in men.

Your sperm’s quality greatly determines your level of fertility.

Men who have issues with low sperm count, watery sperm, sperm movement, etc often find it difficult to impregnate their partners.

There are few things as embarrassing as not being able to blow in a proper load after sex with your woman.

Not to mention all the psychological, physical, and social damage it causes an individual.

Leading Edge Health understands how bad that situation can be, and that is why they made this pill.

Volume Pills for semen enhancement promises you these results:

  • 500% increase in sperm production
  • Bigger penis
  • Boosts libido
  • Increased testosterone
  • High self-esteem
  • Improved sperm quality

Because these drugs are considered supplementary pills, you can take them without a prescription.

The use of wholly natural ingredients eliminates the risks of any side effects.

How Do Volume Pills Work

As the name implies its sole purpose is to increase your level of semen and the intensity of your orgasm.

They do this by causing muscles in your penis to contract harder and in closer intervals to help you blow up your load.

Volumes Pills achieve this through their potent ingredients.

The pill is a blend of herbs and aphrodisiacs that have been used in treating sexual related problems for ages.

Alongside increasing your level of sperm production, the pills also produce the following results:

1) Bigger and harder erections

The zinc components in the drug alongside their ingredients like Drilizen boost testosterone levels and nitric oxide in the body.

This causes an increased amount of blood flow in your penile muscles, giving you rock hard erections.

2) Boosts stamina and libido

Many ingredients such as Xian Mou, Ling Zhi, and Zinc Gluconate are responsible for this result.

They all possess properties that help your system perform for as long as it needs to satisfy both you and your woman.

3) Better orgasm control

Being able to produce a good amount of load is one thing but what good is it if you blow it too early?

Volume pills reduce the risk of premature ejaculation.

4) Improved self-confidence

We can’t deny that our sex lives can take a toll on our psychological and social life as well.

Knowing that you are fully capable of performing and pleasing your woman adds extra pep to your steps.

Who Cannot Use It

The following groups of people should steer clear from using Volume Pills:

  • Men below 18 years of age
  • People with pre-existing conditions
  • People with allergic reactions to the ingredients of the pills

Cons of Volume Pills

We listed some cons of the Volume Pills that may cause concern for customers:

1) Can only be purchased online

This makes a lot of people vulnerable to online scammers.

Not to mention it can be a turn off for people with the anxiety of online shopping.

That is why we advise you to buy the pill directly from the product’s site.

2) Minimum of 2 bottles to see results

You cannot expect immediate results.

You would need to take at least 2 months supply to get unmistakable results.

For some people that might be too long since they want to solve their problem as soon as possible.

3) Relatively expensive

Though this supplement is somewhat cheaper than others, it is still relatively expensive.

The cheapest you can get it for is $65 a bottle which will run you down by some hundred dollars since you need more than one to see results.

It focuses only on improving semen production and not your overall health…

…specialization is great but compared to other pills you’ll be missing out on killing many birds with one stone.

Fortunately, you can pair Volume Pills with other supplements to boost your overall sexual health.

Directions for Use and Expected Results

To take this product simply follow the instructions on the pack.

Take 1-2 pills daily without fail and you should see results in 2 months.

All of Leading Edge Health’s drugs have been clinically tested and these are the results you can expect from taking Volume Pills:

  • 500% increase in Semen Volumes
  • Bigger erection
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Better blood flow to your penis
  • Intense orgasms
  • Better libido

Reviews / Testimonials

Here is what some customers had to say about the Volume Pills;

Jason Quinones, Florida

“A Noticeable Increase in Volume and Intensity of Orgasms”

“I have been using Volume Pills™ for about 5 months and am very pleased with the results. I have experienced a noticeable increase in volume and intensity of orgasms. This product works!”

Naudeep Matharv

“Cumming Like There is No Tomorrow”

“Cumming like there is no tomorrow, having the time of my life, Girlfriend loves it!”

Clint Robertson


“I am using Volume Pills™ and the first month was very impressive. I was kind of at a standstill until the fourth month and then…Whoa!!, I’m glad I stuck with it..Thank you!”

From the reviews, we’ve learned one thing.

That you’re going to overflow with semen every time you orgasm.

Pros of Volume Pills

Here are a few reasons why Volume Pills are as popular as they are:

1) Clinically tested

Every product by Leading Edge Health is clinically tested to prove its efficiency

2) Legitimately produced

Leading Edge Health is a well-respected company in the US.

They have been producing supplements for men and women for over 2 decades.

3) No side effects

Thanks to the clinical tests, these drug ingredients have been proven to be safe for consumption with no side effects.

4) Dietary supplements

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to take Volume Pills.

They are considered dietary supplements and can be taken when the need arises.

5) Boost orgasm strength

By causing the muscles in your penis to contract harder, you experience a more intense orgasm.

500% increase in semen production- this pill is a semen enhancer, so it’s no surprise that it boosts your level of semen production.

6) 67-day money-back guarantees

There is a 67-day money-back guarantee on all Leading Edge Health products.

You get a full refund minus shipping on all products that did not produce satisfactory results.

Volume Pills Ingredients

Earlier we mentioned that the effectiveness of this drug lies in its ingredients.

It’s a perfect mix of age-old herbs and aphrodisiacs for treating sexual related problems.

Here’s a quick summary of the pill’s ingredients:

1) Drilizen


Drilizen is known for stimulating the release of nitric oxide in the penile muscles.

The result of this is better erections.

The reason for this is the increased blood flow in the penile muscles due to the increase in nitric oxide.

2) Tian Men Dong

Tian dong

Also known as Asparagus tube, this ingredient works best when paired with testosterone boosters.

It has been proven to aid treat cases of impotence as it enhances sperm count and erection quality.

3) Xian Mao

Xian Mao

Xian Mou is a popular herb used in ayurvedic medicine.

It has been used in treating cases of infertility and impotence.

It is considered an aphrodisiac and a natural viagra alternative.

Xian Mou gives you better control over your orgasm by reducing your chances of ejaculating too early.

4) Ling Zhi

This is a mushroom that is loaded with more than sexual benefits.

It is better known as Reishi to some.

Asides from boosting your libido and enhancing your stamina, it possesses antioxidant properties.

It also boosts your immune system and calms stress/anxiety.

5) Zinc Gluconate

Zinc is a common ingredient found in most drugs.

In Volume Pills, there is about 24mg of it.

Zinc promotes sexual health in men.

It promotes the production of healthy semen, boosts fertility, and mobility of sperm.

And studies have shown a connection between zinc deficiency and low level of sperm.

6) Ku Gua

Ku Gua

Ku Gua is the main thing responsible for the boost in semen production.

It does this by raising your testosterone levels and sex drive.

A bonus of having raised testosterone levels is that it can help shed excess fat.

7) Solidin


Solidin does not focus on only the physical but also on the psychological aspects of your sexual health.

It causes this effect by binding with neurons associated with sexual pleasure. It is also known for boosting libido.

Insider Information: The Truth About Volume Pill Discounts

Now that you’ve gotten to learn about Volume Pills, you might have decided to consider purchasing it.

We’re going to share some things for you to keep in mind to guide your buying decision.

First off, Volume Pills can only be bought online.

And your safest bet is buying from the original product site.

Another thing is that there are no free trials for this drug.

Any form of free trial on these pills is a scam and could be very unsafe.

Volume Pills only come with impressive package deals. The higher the package, the better the discount offer.

If we’re being honest, we wouldn’t put our faith in anyone offering us a free trial for drugs as sensitive as these.

We’d be more comfortable with a refund if we are not satisfied with the results.

The good thing is Volume Pills does just that.

It comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get a complete refund minus shipping.

Buyer’s Advice

The safest place to buy Volume Pills is from their official website.

This can greatly ensure your peace of mind.

Buying your drugs from a random site cannot guarantee that you’ll buy the original product.

And even worse than your body may not suffer severely from being exposed to an imitation.

The website sells these pills in packages with discount offers that become more attractive the bigger the package.

Here are the details of the packages they offer:

1) 1 month

A month’s supply of Volume Pills.

Saving you $14.95 off the retail price on the market

2) 2 months

2 months supply of Volume pills – saving you $49.90 off the retail price on the market.

3) 3 months

3 months of supply of Volume pills.

Saving you $79.85 off the retail market price. And it also comes with free shipping.

4) 6 months

This offer comes with a free pack of prostitution plus and a free membership to erection fitness.

As well as free shipping.

It comes at a rate of $250 saving you $229.70 off the market price.

5) 12 months

This package comes with all the benefits the 6-months package comes with.

It comes at $348 saving you a whopping $610.43 off the market price.

Volume Pills CTA


Volume Pills have been clinically tested to prove the efficiency and safety of its ingredients.

The results promise you not only a 500% increase in semen production, but bigger erections, increased libido, and boosted stamina.

We see no reason why you shouldn’t buy it.

There’s no denying this pill is relatively expensive, you will spend no less than $100 on it to get the results you want to see.

However, after weighing the cost and the benefits of using the pill we overlooked this drawback.

The benefits outweigh the cons by far.

If you’re tired of shooting a dribble every time you’re with your partner, then I strongly advise you to try out these pills.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volume Pills (FAQs)

Are Volume Pills Manufactured Safely?

Volume pills are a product of Leading Edge Health, a renowned pharmaceutical company in the US. They are GMP certified and their products are made from natural ingredients under licensed facilities.

We can guarantee that you are in safe hands with any of their authentic products.

Are the Results Permanent?

It would be nice if these results lasted permanently, but unfortunately, they only last for as long as you take them.

The good news is that there is no limit on how long you can take these pills. Even after getting your results, you may continue to take the pills for as long as you wish.

How do I take the Volume Pill?

To take the pills follow the instructions on the pill. Take 1-2 pills daily.

Don't try to increase your dosage, because it won't speed up your results. It will only increase your risk of suffering side effects.

Can Volume Pills be Taken with Other Supplements?

Yes, they can. Because Volume Pills are seen as dietary pills that need no prescription to be taken.

The main purpose of the pills is to increase the intensity of your orgasm by making you produce more semen during ejaculation.

There's no harm in taking other supplements to boost other parts of your sexual health and overall health.

Do Volume Pills have any Side Effects?

No, they do not. These pills are made of 100% natural ingredients.

They have been clinically tested and proven to be safe for consumption with no side effects detected.

Is There a Free Trial for Volume Pills?

No there isn't. Volume Pills do not offer any free trial. Instead, they offer great discount offers for their packages.

Any free trial you come across related to volume pills is a scam and very unsafe.

Are Volume Pills Shipped Globally?

Yes, they are. Orders from 3 months and above are eligible for free shipping globally. And from 6 months you get other goodies such as gift cards.




Volume Pills CTA

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