Best Calorie Counter Apps: Top Food Trackers (Free & Paid)

best calorie counter apps

Every day, the world improves, and as it improves, technology booms.

Likewise, technology upgrades the world and the lives of almost everyone.

There have been lots of mobile applications that help every individual live a better life, such as pill reminders, appointment notes, menstruation notifications, online exercise coaches, etc.

Now, as we face this pandemic, we cannot deny that staying at home makes us snack on a lot of foods, and this is kind of alarming for those who want to stay fit but cannot go out due to some quarantine advisories.

So, how could one track his or her calorie intake?

Luckily, many programmed calorie counter apps are available for download.

Also, there are ones that are accessible online!

In this article, you will be able to find out the most unique, reliable, and simply the best calorie counter apps and websites.

 Popular Apps For Tracking Food At a Glance

Top 7 Apps For Calorie Counting in 2024

1) Cronometer – Best Overall


Cronometer is not only a calorie tracker.

This fitness app comes with a feature for tracking your exercise.

With this, you will be able to get a balanced diet-exercise ratio.

Moreover, this application focuses on your whole nutrition as it lets you see the number of calories and carbohydrates you take for every serving you consume.

Around 5 million people have used this mobile fitness app, and according to these users, this application is accurate and provides data privacy and security for all its users.

These features are quite important for safety reasons. So, if you are looking for a safe application, you might want to consider Cronometer.

Compared to other calorie counter apps, one great thing about this product is that it offers pregnancy features.

If you are pregnant or a lactating mother, you can customize your profile based on your calorie needs.

Also, as a pregnant woman, this app can help you have healthy eating habits.

Another feature it has that is unique from other health and fitness apps is that users can choose a specific diet.

So, for example, if you opt for a low-carb diet, you just have to click that option, and everything else will be adjusted. Simple, unique food tracking feature.

Lastly, Cronometer is available on the website and can be downloaded in the AppStore and play store.

Additionally, both the website and mobile application are completely free to use. Still, consumers who want a full version of the mobile app must pay a decent amount of money.


  • Lowers the risk of micronutrient deficiency as it also tracks all vitamins, elements, and micronutrients
  • Aside from showing you the total calories consumed, it provides a breakdown of fats, carbs, and proteins.
  • Very simple to use
  • Helps manage and control cravings and eating habits
  • It can be used as an exercise and food diary
  • User-friendly
  • Accurately track calories
  • Syncing health data from other applications and health devices are allowed
  • Also available on the website, and the website is free
  • Comes with a meal planner tool based on your weight


  • The addition of home-cooked meals can only be added on the app and not on the website, but after adding, the meal will be reflected in the mobile application.
  • No social community for users
  • The full version of the mobile application is not free, but it is affordable ($2.99)

2) Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator

For those having trouble reading a weight chart, graphs, and related information, Calorie Calculator might be the best option for you.

This product is available for download and on the website.

Moreover, in this application, individuals may search for the recipes they would like to cook for the day, and included in these recipes are the number of calories and how long and how to cook these foods.

One great thing about this application is that it allows you to track your exercise history and water consumption.

Talking about exercise, this calculator offers around 800+ exercises and 300,000+ recipes.

Surely, with this app, you will never have a hard time thinking about what to cook for the day!

This application also allows you to set your own fitness goals. Also, this app helps you cook the best recipes based on your ingredients at home.

Generally, this app talks about healthy foods, and you can also share your recipes with others as this app offers supportive community sharing.

People can post their recipes, and others can comment and interact with them.

This app is available for download on the google play store and the app store.

Very handy, and very easy look at its advantages below:


  • The recommended foods are based on the US Department of Health and Human Services Dietary Guidelines.
  • Allows the user to make their recipe based on their ingredients at home
  • Supports community sharing
  • Easy to read and understand weight charts and graphs
  • Offers exercise guide
  • Allows users to set their calorie, carbs, and other fitness goals
  • It can be used as an exercise and food diary
  • Accurately track calories (it does the calorie count for you)

3) MyFitnessPal


In this application, you can gain nutrition insights from every food you eat.

For example, if you want a healthy afternoon snack, you search for an apple, and the application will offer or tell you the list of the nutrients that are included in an apple.

It is not only a food tracker, but it also encourages you to eat healthily.

It is amazing, right?

MyFitnessPal is a great calorie counter and, at the same time, a great application to log food and your everyday activities.

This application is accessible on the website and can also be downloaded on your mobile phone.

It is perfect for those who want to lose weight and tone up their muscles.

It is not just a simple calorie calculator but helps you improve your overall health.

Furthermore, this application allows you to track your losing weight and overall health journey and offers supportive community sharing.

This application can show a demo.

However, the free version is very limited and cannot be used.

But, with all of its features and database information about millions of foods and their nutrition data, this application is surely worth the try.

On the homepage of this application, you will be able to see how many calories you have consumed already and how much more you can take.

Also, you will see on the homepage the number of calories you have burned.

How about that?

One great thing about this application is that it comes with a barcode scanner and can recognize many food products, including brand-name foods.

Indeed, this product is very flexible to use.

You can also upload your progress photos and see what other people can say about them!


  • Provide a large food database
  • The data on the food information is verified
  • Includes barcode scanner
  • Automatically calculate calories
  • It can be connected with other applications
  • It helps people lose weight
  • Easy logging tools
  • Simple interface
  • Comes with restaurant-logging features
  • Tracks exercise history and number of calories burned


  • Most foods are user-generated, which makes them less accurate

Now, if you are looking for an application that is extremely free to use, then Lose It! application might be what you are looking for.

This product is a top-rated application because of its ease of use.

It also offers a large amount of food information and focuses on counting calories. Furthermore, Lose It! has four main features:

  • Goal-setting
  • Food and exercise tracking
  • App and device integration
  • Community platform

As a consumer uses this application, he or she will be able to pursue the goal he or she is aiming for.

This app quickly logs the calories you consume and comes with a barcode scanner that can scan packaged foods.

Moreover, it offers weekly and monthly reports about nutrient and calorie intake.

Lose It! application can also be linked or connected with other devices and applications for easy sync-in.

On the homepage, you will already be able to see the number of calories consumed. With this, it can be said that this app is really easy to use while eating healthy.

Compared to other fitness logging tools, this application has an alarm to remind you to log your activities.

One unique feature of this application is that it comes with a tab called “challenges.”

On this tab, you will be able to see the dietary challenges which you need to finish. This will encourage you to eat healthier and stay more fit.


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Large food database that consists of million of foods
  • Comes with restaurant-logging features
  • Comes with a barcode scanner
  • Comes with reminder alarms to log the foods you snack on


  • To gain access to premium features, a subscription is a must
  • Daily weigh-ins are required, which can be a hassle for some people
  • Home-cooked meals are hard to log

5) Calorie Counter by FatSecret


Calorie Counter by FatSecret is the key to your success wherever you live or wherever you go.

This application is available worldwide and comes with online tools and support for more convenient use and additional nutrition tips.

Also, this application is free, and it allows you to make a journal about the food you eat and your exercise history.

Moreover, Calorie Counter by FatSecret comes with a barcode scanner.

On the homepage, you can see the number of calories consumed for the day and the breakdowns of all the macronutrients you have snacked on.

Additionally, this information is displayed based on the recipe you have consumed.

Furthermore, this application also offers a monthly report which tells you about the average calories you have taken for a specific month.

This is very convenient because there is no need for you to calculate the calories one by one! Also, Calorie Counter by FatSecret is easy to use and provides supportive and engaged online community sharing.

One great feature of this application is that it can recognize food easily and its unique calendar. Surely, visualizing the things you must do and the foods you must eat will be very easy with the use of this mobile application.


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive food database filled with healthy recipes
  • Information uploaded can be verified by other users
  • Can present carbohydrates intake
  • The free version is already enough
  • It can be used as an exercise and food diary
  • Shows a graph for your body fat percentage
  • Helps people lose weight

6) Carb Manager

If you are on a keto diet plan and looking for an application to help you stay on this diet, Carb Manager might be what you are looking for.

This application is accessible on the website and is also available for download.

On the homepage, you will see the net carbs, proteins, and fats you have already consumed.

Along with this, you will also see how much more you can take.

According to their website, you can already see great and healthy results from your healthy eating habit in just three weeks. Additionally, using this application is a time-saver.

Automatic meal plans and grocery lists are already saved.

So, going to grocery stores is more convenient! One unique feature of this application is that it helps you track the following:

  • Ketones
  • Insulin
  • Glycemic load
  • Blood glucose
  • Intermittent fasting

Because of the following features above, this application may be also fit for those with diabetes and other blood sugar problems.


It not only focuses on calories, carbohydrates, and fats, but it also focuses on the other health conditions of the users.

Moreover, this application is perfect for those who want to personalize their low-carb journey.

Also, this app can be linked with different applications in the google play store and apple app store.

Another perfect feature of this product is that you can see and scroll through different articles about the keto diet and exercise on their website.

Reading these articles will help you understand the best keto diet for you.

Also, there is a support tab that can help you out whenever you need someone to help you navigate the application.

Around 8 million customers have used this application, and if you want to be one of them or if you want sustainable low-carb living, Carb Manager might help you out.


  • Helps people lose weight
  • Supports energy optimization
  • Restores balance
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Supports cognitive function and mental clarity
  • Helps manage and control cravings and eating habits
  • It can be used as an exercise and food diary
  • Easy to use
  • Can calculate macronutrients
  • Provides plenty of keto-friendly recipe ideas


  • The free version is limited, and there is a possibility of hitting the limit after several food searches

If you are looking for the best fitness app that is simplified, easy to use, and easy to understand, Lifesum may suit your preference.

This mobile application helps you get better health from the food you eat and the exercise you do.

Moreover, Lifesum has been featured in famous sites such as Yahoo! Vague and Forbes.

Regarding its reviews, Lifesum currently has a 4.6 rating from iOS users and a 4.4 rating from Android users.

So, what is this application all about?

Lifesum allows you to plan a diet that fits your food preferences and lifestyle.

For example, if you are an active or outgoing person, this app helps you generate an exercise that perfectly fits your outgoingness.

Moreover, Lifesum allows you to have a simplified diet plan.

You can choose a 7-day or 21-day diet plan, and any of these is healthy.

Moreover, like the other fitness apps, Lifesum allows you to choose the recipe you wish to have for the day.

The recipes on its database are easy to cook and prepare, and at the same time, they are filled with nutritional value or data.

Additionally, Lifesum comes with a barcode scanner, and this scanner is very easy to use.

In fact, in 2019, this calorie-counting app became the “App of the Day” on the Apple App Store.


  • Provides a combination of nutrition and calorie tracker
  • Comes with a barcode scanner
  • Picture recognition
  • Can track exercise and macronutrients
  • Can be used as an exercise and food diary
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated platforms
  • Provides a weight loss program to help people lose weight
  • Impressive food database filled with healthy recipes
  • It can also track carbohydrates intake
  • Also works for those who are on a keto diet


  • Other features must be bought via a subscription
  • Apple Health is the only application where you can sync data together with it
  • No community support and coaching

The Difference Between a Calorie Counter App and a Nutrition App

First, the best calorie counter apps are programmed to help you build healthy habits and track calorie intake.

These calorie-counting apps can scan barcodes, search foods, and everything related to consuming calories (and sometimes net carbs for some apps).

These calorie-counting apps can help people lose weight.

On the other hand, nutrition apps count the nutrients a consumer takes.

In the calorie counting apps, you will be able to see how many calories you have consumed, while on the nutrition apps, you will be able to get an insight into the nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates you consume.

Benefits of Counting Calories

Downloading an application means that a consumer can potentially benefit from it.

Of course, no one will ever take the time to download something without use!

So, what are the benefits of considering calorie-counting apps and the advantages when you count calories?

Take a look at the list below:

  • Calories counters, either by mobile apps or websites, can help you make better decisions regarding the food you consume. Moreover, logging your food intake lets you see your healthy weight progress and current health status.
  • Calorie-counting apps on your mobile phone can inform you how many calories you can put inside your body (daily calorie budget). Setting up a profile on a calorie-counting app includes logging your age, height, body weight, etc. With this, your calorie limit can be calculated, allowing you to see how much you really need.
  • As you stay at home during the pandemic, staying healthy is not quite easy. So, with the help of calorie counting apps, you can control yourself from consuming bigger portions of calories. Calorie-counting apps can tell you how many calories you consume per serving. If you see that a certain serving comes with lots of calories, you will need to adjust the amount of that serving.
  • When you log your details in a calorie counter, you will also log your goal. So, whenever you look at your calorie counter, you will always be reminded of that specific goal. Eventually, when you are reminded, you get inspired to only stay healthy, and fit and choose better.

Disadvantages of Calorie Counter App

The main enemy or disadvantage of a calorie-counting app is inaccuracy.

For this reason, ensure that the one you are downloading is legit and has some positive reviews.

Furthermore, calorie counter applications usually come with a demo version where interested individuals can try using them.

However, some features need to be bought. In this case, a consumer must subscribe and pay some money to enjoy the full version of the app.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, calorie counter apps are very specialized applications that have evolved and continually evolving today.

They contribute a lot to the health of every individual, especially during this time of the pandemic.

Many calorie counter apps are available today to check your weight loss progress, and these products are accessible on the website or downloaded to your mobile phones.

Although most of these have a free version, premium features must be bought.

So, when buying, it is advised to always look for the features the application is offering.

Think then if the features fit you and your health needs.

Doing this will make the buy worth it and improve your healthy habits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the top calorie counter?

The best calorie counting app is not the one that is expensive and not the one that is free as well. Instead, the best one is the one that offers you the benefits that suit your health needs.

For example, if you are on a keto diet, a calorie counter app that focuses on calories and exercises is not considered the best for you.

Do apps that help in counting calories really work?

Mobile applications that help you count your calories are indeed helpful in improving your overall health. However, you have to watch out for those calorie counting apps that promote themselves but offer lies and inaccuracy because these inaccuracies will never help you improve your life.

Will it app help me lose weight?

The best calorie counter app that comes with exercise features is the most effective calorie counting app for losing weight. This is because these mobile applications will not just help you lessen your calorie intake but will also help you burn the stored saturated fat and all the calories you have.

As you burn those fats, you also help yourself lose weight.

Is the food database in them reliable?

The foods that are present in a calorie counter’s food database are usually reliable since they are mostly verified. However, there are calorie counting apps that are user-generated which makes the food database inaccurate.

Better, avoid these user-generated calorie counting apps in order to get reliable results.