What Happens When You Add MCT Oil To Your Coffee?

mct oil in coffee

People many years ago would never have dreamed that in the future they would be adding something like oil to their morning cup of coffee!

For some, it sounds positively gross.

And it’s not only the ‘crazy’ celebs either – it is millions of keto dieters all over the world, as well as celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Halle Berry who swear by doing it.

The oil in question to add to your cup of Ol’ Joe is none other than MCT oil.

The super oil has become the supercharged oil of today, made with fatty acids.

Why are people adding this oil to their coffee? To provide them with a huge energy boost and also to help them lose weight.

Nutritionists say that everyone should add the oil to their diet with caution, because it is odorless, sometimes encouraging people to go a bit overboard with their dosages.

Coffee and MCT oil, actually, are not new to the keto dieters

They have been doing it this way for a long time to supercharge their breakfasts.

Fans of the MCT oil and coffee way claim that when you add MCT oil into your daily routine, you help to stay invigorated and focused.

Where did this concept come from then?

Of course, it all really got started back when Dave Asprey introduced people to the bulletproof coffee trend.

Bulletproofing coffee is coffee that has coconut oil and grass-fed butter in it.

Dave Asprey is hoping to live to be 180 years old.

After all, he says, there is established evidence claiming that MCT oil can provide dieters with an added brain boost [1]. Nutritionists do agree that MCT oil-enhanced coffee can be enjoyed without ruining your diet.

A little bit more about MCT oil

  • MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride or medium-chain fatty acids. This is different from standard fats. Standard fats are known as long-chain triglycerides. MCTs have shorter chains, making them easier to be absorbed into the body better. It is also more easily burned for energy.
  • MCT oil has plenty of fatty acids that occur naturally.
  • Usually, MCT oil is made from other MCT-rich sources like kernel oil and coconut oil
  • Keto dieters incorporate MCT oil into their routine. The whole process of drinking coffee with MCT oil helps the body to maintain ketosis [2] (when the metabolism runs on fats) as a main fuel over carbohydrates.
  • MCT oil is a man-made product. It is produced by mixing coconut and palm oils in a laboratory. The mixtures go through a special process called fractionization [3] – the process separates the MCT from the other ingredients in the oils.
  • MCT oil is often available in liquid form that you can measure out. In other cases, you will find it in soft-gel form.

Adding MCT Oil In Coffee: What Nutritional Benefits Does It Add?

adding MCT oil to coffee

Dr. Oz is one doctor who recommends adding MCT oil to your morning coffee.

He recommends it if you want to see health benefits like supporting your heart health and losing weight.

1) MCT oil is known for helping people to lose weight [4]

For keto dieters, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a study suggesting that MCT oil may promote weight loss.

2) MCT oil gets burned up and used as a source of energy

One study from the Journal of Nutrition Science and Vitaminology, dated in 2009, found that those athletes who consumed MCT oil were “able to exercise at a higher intensity for a longer period of time” than those who didn’t have MCT oil. [5]

In another study from 2018 published by NCBI, MCT oil showed promising results in that it was able to increase energy produced in cells.

This means you might get through stronger and longer-lasting workouts at the gym.

3) You stay feeling fuller for longer with MCT oil

According to some studies, MCT oil can help you feel filled up quicker.

This means they end up eating less overall. Because they are satisfied sooner [6], they consume fewer calories.

This also can result in weight loss. That’s why it’s a good idea to consume it in your coffee first thing in the morning.

Dr. Oz suggests that one to two tablespoons could be effective.

4) MCT oil helps with digestive disorders

MCT oil is able to be absorbed better and digested better than other fats.

It is able to prevent harmful microorganisms from invading the gastrointestinal tract.

5) MCT oil supports your cardiovascular system.

A study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Info (NCBI) in 2018 showed that MCT oil has the ability to raise good cholesterol and improve lipid profiles as well.

That means MCT can help to protect your arteries from plaque buildup; which causes heart attacks and other medical problems.

5) MCT oil is known to help power the brain as well!

No wonder Dave Asprey (mentioned above) created bulletproof coffee years back and believes in the powers of MCT oil.

Because not only does it help with the physical body, but MCT oil is known to improve brain function as well.

There is research to show that MCTs have the power to power up the brain.

When you ingest MCT oil, your body produces ketones from the oil (as mentioned above).

The ketones feed the brain specifically, improving your memory and your brain function.

It is believed MCT oil can even fight the dreaded disease, Alzheimer’s disease.

Other ways to add MCT oil into your life, apart from your coffee

Blend MCT oil into your smoothie

If your goal has been to is to use MCTs to support a ketogenic diet, consider using a keto protein powder.

Then use a high-speed blender to incorporate your MCT oil into your smoothies.

Whisk MCT oil into your salad dressing

Experts will tell you that eating low-fat salad dressing is not in your best health or weight interests.

This is because they tend to be not so filling. You will miss out on absorbing some key vitamins from low-fat dressings. MCT oil helps to fill that gap.

Add MCT oil to your pre-workout shake

Just before your workout, taking some MCT oil will offer you quick-releasing energy – it won’t make you feel weighed down.

You will feel even more energized if you enhance your physical performance with other health supplements like green tea extract, cayenne, or branched-chain amino acids.

Use post-workout to support recovery

Some evidence shows that MCT oil can help to reduce lactate buildup in the blood [7].

This can help to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. MCT oil helps to rev up the metabolism.

It has fat-burning effects, which can support your fitness goals.

Melt MCT oil into your CBD chocolate

CBD is absorbed well into the body when combined with MCTs.

The two are in fact said to have a “synergistic” relationship.

They are often found in CBD/hemp extract products. Together [8] they offer relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and more.

How much MCT oil should be taken in a day?

The dosage you take will depend on how long you have been taking MCT oil.

If you are new to taking MCT oil, start with just one teaspoon and then scale up to around one tablespoon per day.

Although seasoned users might well enjoy up to two tablespoons a day.


We all know it’s not unusual to add sugar or sweetener to our coffee.

And we know it’s not unusual to add cream or milk to our coffee.

There are some that claim to add a tot of cinnamon or salt to their coffee to bring out the best of their coffee – for them.

But adding oil to your coffee?

In a nutshell, it does appear that this concept holds some pretty healthy benefits.

According to plenty of keto dieters, it helps them lose weight as well.

In fact, drinking keto coffee has become the most popular way of consuming MCT oil for those who follow the low carb high fat ketogenic diet.

Did you know keto coffee is also called bulletproof coffee and butter coffee?

Yup, it was invented by Dave Asprey, mentioned above.

He understood that reaching ketosis on the keto diet requires dieters to drastically reduce their carb consumption while increasing the healthy fats in their diet.

That’s why he “invented” the bulletproof coffee.

It’s coffee with lots of added fat.

Keto coffee supplies extra ketones which gives that extra energy and which supercharges the fat-burning process.

At the same time, you add health benefits and see yourself losing weight.

Just remember this – people don’t simply replace their normal morning coffee with a cup of bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee is pretty filling so it actually replaces the entire breakfast, especially if they’re trying an intermittent fasting regime.

Keto coffee comes with extra calories too so remember this too – Bulletproof coffee should replace a single cup of coffee per day, not become a full-time substitute for normal coffee.

So, since when did coffee become the main meal of the day – since when did it become such a big deal?

Not since MCT oil was introduced into it, and it has changed many a keto dieter’s ways of life – entirely!