Do SARMs Cause Hair Loss? – Can They Prevent Hair Loss?

sarms hair loss

Just go onto the internet and you will find plenty of unapproved drugs for sale. If they are ones for muscle building, they are big, big business.

These unapproved chemicals are called SARMs [1].

Have you heard of SARMs before?

Often you will see them under the name of “dietary supplements.” 

Bodybuilders, athletes, fitness gurus, and others, use them as performance-enhancing drugs.

But these drugs could pose a risk for them, and they should consult with their doctor first before taking them.

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.

They are wildly popular because they are perceived to be safer than compared to anabolic steroids [2].

Nevertheless, the health risks of SARMS are still widely unknown.

SARMs & Hair Loss vs Hair Growth

Body image is hugely influenced by images in society

We are seeing beautiful, honed, and toned bodies on the internet, on all the social media, advertising, dating, and fitness apps.

For heaps of people, these social images create an understanding in their minds of what their bodies should look like.

That look is fat-free, lean, well-proportioned muscles that ooze strength, power, and sexiness.

Millions of people strive to achieve these idealized images.

When they see something that can transform their bodies into what they see in magazines and on the internet, and that is even good for their hair, well, they are all into it.

They want to obtain these products to achieve that look. One study notes the association between social media use and body dissatisfaction [3].

SARMs, being perceived as safer than steroids, can be purchased easily online

Many are desperate to achieve the look of a hyper-muscular body. SARMs have been studied for over 20 years as treatments for medical conditions.

But today, they are not approved by the FDA.  SARMs might end up being safe for medical conditions when used properly.

If not used properly, liver damage, testosterone suppression, and cardiovascular issues can occur [4].

The most popular SARM currently on the market today is Ostarine.

There are others though; Testolone, Ligandrol, and Andarine.

It is legal to buy and sell SARMs that are marketed as research chemicals and this commonly occurs online.

But it is illegal to sell them and buy them when they come packaged in capsules for consumption by humans. 

SARMs were discovered in the late 1990s already; performance-enhancing agents that stimulate anabolism – giving the muscles extra strength and mass.

They also help with recovery from exercise.  SARMs are synthetic ligands that bind themselves to androgen receptors.

SARMs have been known to affect hair, both negatively and positively

Are SARMs bad for the hair in that they can cause hair loss?

Or is it possible that there is something in the products that can actually improve the quality of the hair – that it enhances hair growth?

There is no doubt about it; SARMs are getting a lot of attention today and some of it has to do with hair

To cut a long story short, when it comes to hair, critics say SARMs haven’t been well researched enough yet to make either negative or positive claims about hair.

But there are known to be some SARMs that can cause hair loss [4].

But cutting a long story short, there are going to be SARMs that can cause hair loss, and there are some that can also prevent hair loss.

There are different types of SARMs.

Each one has been created differently and uniquely.

So each different type has a different relationship with hair. It really depends on how suppressive the SARMs are [5].

Hair Loss

All SARMs will suppress natural testosterone hormones produced in the body

Some will suppress to a great extent and can harm the body. Others don’t suppress that much.

But, you might be asking, what has testosterone got to do with hair growth? Testosterone is a key contributor to DHT formation.

]And the formation of DHT is a key contributor to hair loss [6].

If you are taking a SARM that suppresses testosterone safely, you can actually slow down hair loss or prevent it even [7].

Here are the SARMs that might be more likely to cause hair loss than others do –

How do you deal with hair loss whilst taking SARMs?

It can be pretty stressful for anyone to lose their hair, no matter what age you are.

Sometimes the stress of hair loss is even greater than the stress of worrying about SARMs themselves – what they can do for your physique.

If you are taking high-quality pure SARMs, it is not likely that you will experience hair loss.

Whatever the reason might be for your loss of hair; if you want to combat it while you are on a SARM cycle, try and use MK 677 – that’s your best choice [8].

Even when your SARM cycle ends, use it for a few more weeks.

Using the MK 677, your body will produce more growth hormones and this will lead to healthy hair and skin.

Are you using Finasteride with SARMs?

Many of us have heard of the prescription treatment for male pattern baldness called Finasteride. But guys wonder if taking it affects the results if they are also taking SARMs.

But not to worry, because SARMs don’t work on the 5AR receptor, which converts testosterone to DHT. So it won’t affect hair thinning caused by using SARMs.


So we learned that some SARMs suppress testosterone in clinical trials. And since DHT is derived from testosterone, it is thought that SARMs could lower DHT, lowering your risk of thinning hair.

There are also other mechanisms at play here though that might be counteracting hair loss. It is known that some SARMs can lower the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) levels.

This leads to higher levels of DHT in the body. More DHT means more risk of hair loss. There are some reports that Ostarine and Andarine can actually promote hair restoration.

It can sound pretty complicated, but let the scientists explain how SARMs can out-compete DHT, making it a benefit to your hairline.

When could you experience hair loss from SARMs?

You can experience hair loss from SARMs if you are going beyond the recommended dosage; or if you go over the SARM cycles that exceed 10 weeks.

This can cause your hormones to become confused and don’t know what to do, so to speak. This could possibly result in hair loss.

You also need to understand the role of androgens in hair loss

It’s very important to understand the role of androgens in hair loss [9]. ]

When there are excess androgens, you can get what is called follicular miniaturization.

Another name is hair thinning. As soon as androgen levels are raised in the body via external compounds like SARMs, you could expect some hair loss.

No matter what dosage of SARMs you take, you can expect it to have an impact on the hair follicles, whether it is growth or loss of growth.

Many times hair loss during SARM cycles can be attributed to nervousness and stress

Often, the thinning of hair during SARMs cycles can be due to stress and nervousness.

Usually, the hair grows back again once the cycle is complete. Also, if you are buying products that are not high in quality can also result in loss of hair.

Untrustworthy companies and bad products can well be the reason behind hair loss rather than the SARM itself.

Often these untrustworthy companies add nasty elements to their products. These are called prohormones.

Hair Gain

Of all the benefits that SARMs are supposed to provide to the body, one top one is can help with hair growth.

These are some SARMs that are noted to be the more friendly ones towards hair growth –

  • Ostarine
  • LGD 4033
  • MK 677
  • Cardarine
  • Stenabolic (SR9009)
  • Andarine


Ostarine is also known as MK 2866. It’s the most popular SARM and taking it doesn’t lead to hair loss at all.

Some reports reveal that Ostarine and Andarine are the two SARMs that actually promote hair restoration. If you were going to experience hair loss from Ostarine, it would be from taking over 50 mg a day!


Ligandrol is also called LGD 4033.

People love it for its ability to promote lean muscle and cut fat. Only around 2% of people who use Ligandrol claim to have experienced hair loss on their SARM cycles, although mild.

But the hair does start growing back once the cycle is complete. As we mentioned above, it could also be stress that caused the hair loss, rather than the Ligandrol.


Ibutamoren is also known as MK–677. It promotes the secretion of the GH growth hormone and encourages the body to promote more natural growth hormones.

Ibutamoren is very well researched, with plenty of studies and research on it. In 2020 it underwent successful medical tests to discover its benefits.

These benefits include skin and hair health. Those who use MK677 report that their skin improves and their nails grow faster.

Some report that their hair gets thicker and stronger. Furthermore, Ibutamoren is said to prevent the balding process and help to develop hair follicles.

After using Ibutamoren for 2 months, the body is already showing noticeable benefits in fitness and shape as it starts burning fat and the muscles start expanding.


Cardarine is a controversial drug, but still, bodybuilders and athletes are attracted to it.

They take it hoping it will increase fat-burning, and get them a leaner body, whilst boosting their sports performance. As far as hair growth or loss is concerned, taking Cardarine has no effect on the production of testosterone.

So no hair loss has been reported. If you do happen to experience hair loss from taking Cardarine, it could be that you are not using a pure product or you have overused the dosage.


Stenabolic or SR9009 is a non-hormonal compound.

It’s actually not a SARM. It’s a type of chemical, known as a metabolic modulator. 

Because it is non-hormonal, it won’t get involved with testosterone, and so also has no impact on hair growth or loss.


Andarine is a mix of Ligandrol and Ostarine. Taking Andarine won’t cause hair loss.

In fact, one of its benefits is that it is said to help with preventing hair loss and also being good for baldness (alopecia).

In the long run, all SARMs will have some kind of an impact on hair

Each SARM is different and each person is different and so the effects on the hair will be different from one person to the next. SARMs that cause testosterone suppression could result in hair loss.

If you do experience hair loss on your SARM cycle, it is advised that you also check out your stress levels as well as your dosage of your SARM.

Remember, there are ‘junk’ products out there in the SARM market.

Some will do more harm than good. It is essential that you buy the best products.

As we mentioned above, untrustworthy companies that have added prohormones into their products mean your health can be adversely affected – to a great extent.

The brands listed on the SARMs site are all safe, tested, and verified.

Ultimately, high-quality, pure SARMs won’t cause hair loss

This could be even though they are suppressive. If you take them correctly and in the right dose, you could experience hair growth and better hair.


Everybody wants to have a full head of hair from the time we hit our teens to our last breath – we don’t want to risk anything along life’s path that will jeopardize that.

And nor do we want to be eating anything or ingesting any supplements that are going to risk losing our hair.

We have spoken about many different types of SARMs in our article and that’s why it is important that you know all about them; whether you are buying them for better hair or for a better-muscled body.

If you use SARMs incorrectly, like taking the wrong doses or going past your SARM cycles, it can result in hair loss.

Remember, too, that stress and anxiousness can also cause hair loss. If you really want to avoid the risk of losing your hair, stay with the real, pure, high-quality SARMS.

It is true that SARMs can either prevent hair loss or promote it; it will depend on the length of time you use it as well as the dose. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the worst SARM to use which will cause hair loss in people?

RAD140 is one SARM that you should consider as being of the least hair-friendly types. YK11 is another. It’s not fully known why RAD140 does cause hair loss. So if you are prone to balding, rather avoid using this one. Rather use something like Ostarine or LGD-4033 (Ligandrol).

Are SARMs hair-friendly?

Not all of them will do wonders with your hair. We have listed above the ones that can cause hair thinning. SARMs will be easier on your hair than some of the traditional anabolics and prohormones will.  SARMs cycles usually are between 8-12 weeks. This is not enough time for hair loss to take hold to such a significant degree.

Do SARMs increase hair growth?

They can help to increase hair growth simply because they usually lower the amount of DHT. DHT usually binds to androgen receptors in the scalp. These factors have not yet been proven and more research needs to be carried out.

Is MK677 (Ibutamoren) legal?

Yes, it is legal to buy all over the world. The only place it is not legal is in Australia. If you want to use this product in Australia, you will need to get a prescription from your doctor. The reason for this is that MK677 is a Schedule 4 medicine. It is also illegal for athletes who are professional sports players who play competitively. It is because it gives the user unfair advantages over his or her competitors.