Weight Loss Journey of Sean Murray NCIS (AKA. Tim McGee): His Diet, Health, and Before and After

Sean Murray weight loss

Sean Murray once said of his weight loss…

“You can see me gradually lose weight over the 24 episodes of Season 7. Slowly, a pound every week or two. Watch the DVDs.”

Isn’t that amazing?

He had to start explaining his weight loss because viewers started noticing the huge difference in his ‘looks’ in the popular show.

They wanted to know if he had been ill or was ill – they wanted to know why he had become so thin.

What is interesting is that Sean lost his weight slowly, as you can see from his above strategy.

For some, it seems as if it might have been drastic, but he has assured his fans that that was not the case.

Taking it slowly had been his goal.

He had chosen to lose one pound per episode, meaning he had around seven days to lose one pound.

He was inspired to follow the strategy of one pound a week

He knew he had a fantastic timeline to lose weight, which inspired him – he set about that to-do task, and the weight started falling off, and he kept it off.

People wondered if they should toss out quick fad diets and quick weight loss programs.

But don’t worry; Healthline says some fad diets work, so you can check them out here.

Fad diets are very popular for losing weight in fact, promising rapid weight loss; even some health benefits.

But no scientific evidence supports their use because they are often nutritionally not sound and can prove ineffective over the long term.

What did he do – what was Sean’s secret to his weight loss?

Tim McGee before after

Sean Murray’s secret to losing 25 pounds in 14 months was “no alcohol and almost no sugar – I ate strictly organic”.

Let’s look at each one of these and see why doing what Sean did makes it so possible to be successful.

And for anyone else who wants to lose weight, and keep it off, just look at how Sean did it, and in a very healthy way!

1) First of all, he cut out all alcohol

Sean Murray, to lose weight, decided on the zero alcohol consumption route.

He said farewell to alcohol forever and then started doing regular exercises instead.

2) Second, it was out with the sugar

Next, Sean eliminated sugar from his diet.

He was used to eating high levels of junk food.

He became virtually sugar-free to keep his promise of losing a pound a week.

Most of us humans are eating much too much sugar than what the authorities recommend [4].

3) Thirdly, Sean went strictly organic

Organic food

Sean quit drinking alcohol, cut out sugar, and now he quickly shifted to eating a virtually organic diet.

It was out with all the junk, processed, and fast foods.

What is organic food, you might be asking?

It’s all about how agricultural products are grown and processed.

Regulations will vary from different countries but in the US, organic crops must be grown without using things like synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, or bioengineered genes, sewage sludge-based fertilizers, or petroleum-based fertilizers.

As far as organic livestock goes, if it is meat, eggs, milk, etc., it has to be animals that have lived a natural outdoor life that all animals should live; that also eat their natural grasses outdoors.

That means organic foods are not pumped with hormones, antibiotics, etc., and have more beneficial nutrients.

Organic foods won’t have preservatives in them and will have more antioxidants.

Why did Sean start this weight loss journey – any specific reasons?

Sean Murray

The weight loss process is incomplete without exercise, and Sean did intense daily exercise routines.

But whenever he did get interviewed by the press, Sean would always tell them his weight loss was motivated by just a very simple reason – he just wanted to be healthier and have a better physique, and he has certainly achieved that.

He didn’t try and make it all complicated, nor did he drastically starve himself and, at the same time, work out harder.

He made three major dietary changes to his life, as shown above, and because of these changes, he shed four pounds every month, which was his goal.

Doing it this way made it easy for him to see that he was gradually achieving his targets.

Along with diet change, he would do a couple of home exercises, such as push-ups and planks, etc., which helped shed off the fat.

He also followed these rules:

  • Drink at least 3 liters of water daily to eliminate fat, calories, sugar, sodium, and cholesterol.
  • Close the kitchen at night time – don’t go there.
  • Trim food portions.
  • Say a big no to oily foods.


Sean Murray’s weight loss journey has taught all his fans and others who follow him that fad diets and complicated diet routines don’t have to be the route to go if you want to lose a lot of weight and keep it off.

How he did it was really simple; it amounted to a few mindful habits that he changed and followed a simple exercise schedule.

Sean didn’t use any spectacular, heavily marketed weight loss program with diet supplements, personal trainers, etc.

He followed his diet and had a strategic plan for how he would do it, and he kept to that.

He fixed his goal of losing weight by doing just three things.

He cut out alcohol and sugar and started eating only organic foods.

If you are overweight and long to lose weight but feel it will be too expensive to find a personal trainer or to buy specific foods and supplements, you are wrong!

You can do it too because Sean Murray is the ideal candidate to show you that it doesn’t require a lot of money; it’s a change of mind and lifestyle.

He has incredible weight loss to show for it.

Just make a very simple goal for yourself as he did.

His goal was to make sure that he lost one pound a week; with every new episode he made with NCIS, he would lose a pound, and he made sure he did it.

This inspired him to keep going at it because he set himself the target to lose one pound after a short time frame of only one week.

He started with small achievable goals, but the more the weight fell off, the easier it was to keep going at it and maintain his weight.

It is an inspiring weight loss story that makes it difficult for would-be dieters to make excuses not to lose weight.

Not only did he achieve fantastic weight, but dropping alcohol and sugar has made him more alert, filled with energy, and feel on top of the world.