How to Get Legal HGH Prescription

how to get prescribed hgh

You can increase your human growth hormone levels by consuming foods or taking supplements.

But, did you know that this hormone can also be consumed by the use of HGH prescriptions?

In this article, we will discuss human growth hormone, what it is for, and how you can get an HGH prescription from your doctor and medical professionals online.

HGH Prescription: Is It Legal Or Okay To Have?

HGH prescription drug

Human Growth Hormone: What is it For?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by your pituitary gland.

Generally, it is used for increasing muscle mass and bone growth, cell regeneration, and cell reproduction.

HGH is a protein that is not only important during childhood but throughout adulthood.

Other hormones are also required for growth.

These are thyroid-stimulating hormones, adrenocorticotropic hormones, luteinizing hormones, and follicle-stimulating hormones.

Among these, HGH is the major regulatory hormone in the body.

Benefits of Growth Hormone

According to a study from Germany, the human growth hormone is also responsible for building, maintaining, and repairing tissues in your muscles and brains for you to function efficiently. 

1) Boost athletic performance

Athletes and gym enthusiasts consider oral supplements with HGH as these products can help them increase their energy levels.

According to a study from Australia, growth hormone therapy can improve anaerobic exercise capacity.

2) Increase bone density

Aging can reduce your bone density, and according to a study from Minneapolis, a reduced bone mineral density can cause an increased risk of bone fracture.

Remember, your skeletal fragility is dependent on your bone mass.

Growth hormone is considered an anti-aging hormone which is why it can prevent muscle loss.

Without enough HGH, unhealthy bones and other bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis and carpal tunnel syndrome can occur.

3) Decrease body fat

Hormone therapies also play a role in your body fat metabolism.

According to a study from New York, HGH can reduce your body fat effectively. 

In this study, it was found that having enough HGH levels in the body can promote the loss of body fat tissue and weight loss.

This means that effective supplements with HGH can benefit obese or overweight individuals.

According to a study from Korea, aside from burning your visceral fat, having enough growth hormone levels can also benefit diabetic patients.

In this study, after running an insulin tolerance test in diabetic patients, it was found that growth hormone therapy can reduce insulin resistance. 

4) Increase lean muscle mass

Aside from energy levels and power, the use of hormone therapies can also improve your body composition and prevent muscle loss.

According to a study from Brazil, growth hormone therapy is advisable not only for those with growth hormone deficiency but also for those who want to stimulate collagen synthesis in their skeletal muscles. 

In this study, 14 healthy men were divided into two groups.

The first group has undergone growth hormone therapy while the other group has undergone placebo therapy.

Eventually, it was found that participants from the GH therapy group were able to increase their lean muscle mass and strength, especially in the lower part of their bodies.

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Of course, hormone deficiencies can cause an increased risk of local and systemic illness.

According to a study from Italy, GH deficiency can happen during childhood.

However, there is also adult-onset GH deficiency due to damage to the hormone glands.

1) Poor skin health

Your HGH also plays an important role in the appearance of your skin.

According to a study from Turkey, having dry, pale skin is associated with a skin condition called Sheehan’s Syndrome.

This condition is due to pituitary necrosis and the main effect of it is HGH loss. 

2) Mental health disorders

Because growth hormone binds in some regions of your brain, low levels of it can alter your brain health. 

According to a study from the Frontiers in Neuroscience, growth hormone affects the functions of the central nervous system, thus, it can also affect your mood.

In this study, it was found that low levels of growth hormone can cause anxiety and depression.

Consistent with a report from Turkey, the cause of these mental health disorders is a failure in psychological maturation.

Eventually, this impaired psychological maturation can cause a lack of confidence and induce depressive symptoms.

3) Blood cholesterol changes

Your blood cholesterol levels can also change in the case of GH deficiency. 

According to a study from Norway, low levels of growth hormone can increase your LDL cholesterol levels and reduce your HDL cholesterol levels.

The former is the bad cholesterol and the latter is the good cholesterol.

To speed up the effects of HGH more effectively, you can exercise regularly as well.

4) Decreased sexual performance

It is also interesting to know that your libido and HGH levels are associated. According to a study from Germany, HGH plays an important role in sexual maturation and male reproductive function.

Without it can cause an increased risk of sexual health problems including reduced sexual performance.

Symptoms related to sexual health and low HGH levels include erectile dysfunction, oligospermia, or zoospermia.

5) Frequent fatigue

According to a study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, aging adults with GH deficiency complain about their reduced quality of life.

Frequent fatigue and exhaustion are usually the common symptoms of GH deficiency.

Unfortunately, these symptoms can cause sleep disruptions. 

How to Get HGH Prescription

Knowing that low levels of HGH can affect your daily life, it is essential to supplement yourself with products that contain HGH.

However, supplements are not technically approved by the FDA.

Only performance-enhancing drugs are shown to be the most effective ones.

But, how can you get a prescription for HGH?

1) HGH Prescription from a Doctor

If you want to get a legal HGH prescription, the best thing to do is to get an appointment with your doctor or other medical professionals that can prescribe.

Generally, supplements do not contain the actual human growth hormone.

Instead, they are only made of organic ingredients that mimic the effects of HGH.

On the other hand, if you will get a prescription medication for HGH, you will be assured that the pill you are taking contains the real HGH hormone.

Currently, there is one approved HGH drug and that is Somatropin.

Unfortunately, this is an injectable HGH prescription drug and you can only purchase it if you get a prescription from your medical doctor.

Before a doctor can give you an HGH prescription, your medical history will be checked and you will have to undergo some blood tests to identify the current status of your HGH levels.

It is also from the results of these tests that the doctor will base the dose required for you.

2) HGH Injections Administration

Once the results are out and you are approved for a prescription for HGH, prescription HGH injections will be handed to you.

However, these prescription HGH injections or any other growth hormone injections will only be administered by a medical doctor. 

Administration can be done in the clinic and even in the comfort of your home.

If you want to go for the latter, only a healthcare professional can do the administration. 

3) HGH Prescription Online

It is different to get a prescription for HGH online compared to when you visit your doctor. 

Although it is possible to get an online doctor to prescribe HGH, many illegal products are being sold online which you have to take note of.

Telehealth has allowed doctors to prescribe HGH online but the measures, such as blood testing, before being given a legal HGH prescription will still be followed. 

There are also some pros and cons of getting an HGH prescription online.

Some of the advantages include the following:

  • Faster transaction
  • Less waiting time in offices
  • Less paperwork
  • Usually free consultation

Furthermore, the disadvantages of getting an HGH prescription online include the following:

  • Less physical time with a doctor
  • Inadequate full-care accessibility
  • Safety over patient information

Personally, it is preferred to go visit a medical doctor physically.

Although this is time-consuming, you will be assured that the necessary physical examination, specifically the GH stimulation test, and blood test to get the proper dose of HGH will be covered. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, HGH treatment is an effective way not just to increase your lean muscle mass and promote healthy bone and muscle growth but also to improve your overall health.

HGH treatment can boost your exercise performance and even burn visceral fat.

This is the reason why obese consider HGH therapy.

Additionally HGH therapy can reduce insulin resistance, making it suitable for diabetic patients.

HGH therapy can be done using supplements and prescription drugs.

However, supplements do not contain the actual HGH, unlike prescription ones.

Furthermore, you can get a legal HGH prescription via telehealth and face-to-face.

Although the former usually offers a free consultation, going for the latter is highly recommended.

When undergoing HGH therapy using a prescription, only a medical doctor or healthcare professional can administer the drug.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does HGH cost?

HGH supplements are affordable but if we will talk about the prescription ones, these can range between $800-$3000 per month. If you have insurance, this cost can be reduced.

Does HGH therapy increase energy levels?

Yes, hormone therapy can increase energy levels. This is the reason why many athletes take some supplements before and after working out.

What are the benefits of HGH therapy?

Hormone therapy can increase lean muscle mass, promote healthy bones, and enhance mental health.