Tru Niagen Reviews: Side Effects, Benefits, Ingredients & Warnings

Tru Niagen review

In this comprehensive Tru Niagen review, you’ll understand this product thoroughly.

Aging is a natural process, I know that. So do a lot of people.

But I was wary of the process, and so did a lot of people.

This is apparent from the number of anti-aging products available on the market.

To come me, though, I wanted something that would keep the inevitability of aging at bay.

I mean not only the wrinkles and fine lines but weakened body, low energy, stuttering metabolism, faltering digestion, and much more.

I did not wish to have these right now.

I understand these are part of growing old, and eventually, I will have to deal with them.

  • But was it unfair wanting a better life with a good anti-aging dietary supplement and reclaim some of the previous ways of life?

A natural product that would boost my confidence and also catalyze the body’s defenses was what I was looking for.

Tru Niagen seemed like a possible answer to my search, and it turned out to be something I was impressed with.

My own experience has been quite satisfied with the product.

After being on this for four weeks, I can feel the difference in myself.

I have also lost some unwanted weight in the bargain.

My Tru Niagen review is that of a happy customer.

Do read on to know more…

My Tru Niagen Experience – All You Need to Know


Tru Niagen

What is Tru Niagen?

Tru Niagen is an anti-aging product that boosts NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) in NR (nicotinamide riboside chloride), thereby recharging cells at the basic level.

This helps in healthy aging, which is what Tru Niagen is all about. No wonder the Tru Niagen tagline says, ‘Age Better’.

Who made it?

Tru Niagen is made by ChromaDex, one of the industry leaders in providing research-quality materials for products made from natural substances, in conjunction with Dr. Charles Brenner.

Dr. Charles Brenner’s discovery of the connection between NR and NAD led to Tru Niagen.

The company enjoys global acceptance in the bioscience industry with its innovative and dedicated research.

Many of these materials have since been patented by them.

A lot of investment in the form of research goes into each of their products, but they are primarily known for their effective anti-aging range.

Niagen in Tru Niagen is one such product that enjoys patent protection under ChromaDex.

Founded in 1999, the company is based in Los Angeles, California.

Why Was Tru Niagen Created?

Tru Niagen was created to address the common concern of aging. It is a patented version of nicotinamide riboside.

Even further simplified, it is a form of vitamin B3, an essential constituent of any anti-aging supplement.

It works in the human body to produce nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) to help promote healthy aging.

The search for the ultimate elixir of youth has been a human pursuit for ages. Many beauty product makers have joined the bandwagon for anti-aging products.

It is generally recognized that long-term use of some such products might have side effects.

Tru Niagen claims that it uses Riboside supplementation to boost NAD in the body with superior health outcomes.

It is marketed as an anti-aging dietary supplement that helps the user ease the aging process without adverse effects while adding many other health benefits.

Tru Niagen Ingredients

1) Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride

This NAD precursor is the star element of the supplement and is present at 300 mg per serving.

It is the driving force behind this product that helps in multiple ways.

It gives better cognitive function, helps with stress and organ injury, and provides more energy for intense exercise.

It can be a preventive for liver cancer, and clinical trial shows improved cellular energy. It helps brain health by dealing with metabolic stresses.

As stated, this is the only ingredient in Tru Niagen, one of the leading NAD supplements.

NR leads to higher levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD in the body.

This is the main working principle upon which the product is based.

It has been seen in placebo-controlled clinical trials how NAD levels affect overall health.

There is a positive impact on skeletal muscle and better cellular health too.

Regularly taking Tru Niagen has been proven to promote cellular repair, which helps the anti-aging process.

2) Microcrystalline Cellulose

This is a texturizer that is used as an emulsifier and anti-caking agent.

It is found in Tru Niagen FDA-approved pills to hold the contents together.

3) Hypromellose

This is a vegetarian delivery component that holds the oral medicine capsule together.

In other words, it is what constitutes the body of the Tru Niagen capsule.

What does nicotinamide riboside chloride do for our body?

Nicotinamide riboside chloride is a form of vitamin D3 essential for any anti-aging supplement.

It is also a NAD precursor.

Although there is a limited scientific study to show its effect on NAD levels, it is used widely for this purpose.

Also, nicotinamide riboside NR is thought beneficial for obesity, high cholesterol, and other health issues.

Once in the body, nicotinamide riboside chloride is transformed under chemical processes to NAD. NAD is a helper molecule or coenzyme.

Optimum NAD levels are needed for normal cellular function and energy levels and to negate oxidative stress.

While some foods are considered to have NR, it is believed that dietary supplementation is a must to have proper levels of NAD.

NR helps raise NAD blood levels to desired values.

There is also a direct relationship between NR levels and skeletal muscle acetylcarnitine concentrations.

There are changes in energy metabolism in cases where NR levels are optimal.

Nutritional supplement nicotinamide riboside can help in the following ways, although more data is needed to substantiate these.

  • Boosting athletic performance.
  • Help to control cholesterol.
  • Keep blood pressure in check.
  • Good for healthy obese humans.
  • Help to counter easy fatigue.
  • It might be useful for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Macular degeneration prevention.
  • It can help with liver disease.
  • Heart health-friendly.

It is to be noted that there are no major side effects of nicotinamide riboside supplementation except mild stomach issues like bloating and some itching in some people.

Why is NAD important for the body?

Clinical studies have demonstrated the importance of optimum NAD levels for good overall health and fitness.

This is not only for its anti-aging effects.

The Niagen supplement will provide relief from high blood pressure and much else.

As I have mentioned, nicotinamide riboside NR in the form of vitamin B3 gets converted through enzymatic processes into NAD in the body.

This helps raise NAD levels in the body. Good NAD levels help to carry out vital body processes like

  • Using consumed food for energy production.
  • Repair of damaged DNA.
  • Strengthening the body at the cellular level.
  • Setting up and maintaining circadian rhythm.

However much we take care of our bodies, NAD levels decline with age inevitably.

And with declining levels come various issues like aging, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, vision problems, and heart disease.

What makes the scenario more interesting is that increasing NAD levels by riboside supplementation has visible effects on aging in animal studies.

Naturally, nicotinamide riboside supplementation has become highly popular as a practical way to counter aging.

Not only that, higher NAD levels activate enzymes like sirtuins which have the following uses:

  • Helping in DNA repair.
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Helping in healthy aging.
  • Conducting cellular repair for better cellular health.
  • Reducing metabolic stress.
  • Calorie restriction in healthy overweight adults.
  • Protecting brain cells from oxidative stress.
  • Better blood pressure counts by keeping arteries flexible.
  • Interestingly high NAD levels might help to fight jet lag too.

This rather comprehensive list should convince anyone reading this about the importance of NAD for the proper functioning of the human body.

Many of these results enumerated above need more clinical trials and human studies by the scientific community, but the potential to cure is undeniable.

Who should not use Tru Niagen?

  • Tru Niagen is not for children.
  • Pregnant or lactating women should not use without consulting a physician.
  • If there is the possibility of allergy to any component, it is better to stay away from taking Tru Niagen.
  • For any preexisting conditions, it is wise to check with your doctor before taking Tru Niagen.

What I did not like about the supplement?

  • This dietary supplement is only available online.
  • There might be minor side effects for some people.
  • The effects take some time to manifest and are not uniform across the board.

Tru Niagen Reviews from Customers

Tru Niagen testimonials are found to be majorly positive from a range of users on the Internet.

Here are a few of them:

“I am 64 and on blood pressure meds. I suffer from lack of energy and poor sleep quality.

I was researching why 500mg of niacin made me feel better at a time when my doctor said high dose niacin is only good for blood lipid control and 500mg probably would not do anything for me. I know it made me feel just a little better. That was when I came across the NAD+ connection and NIAGEN research papers. Days ago I received my first NIAGEN bottle and started the 250mg daily dosage. My sleep quality immediately improved. I’ll update you on the energy levels after a few weeks. I have noticed a long-lasting, mild, caffeine-like energy boost from this product. It is a lot different than what niacin was doing for me, in a good way.”

“I’ve been taking the NAD+ supplement for over a month and have noticed several welcome changes. The biggest is related to my appetite. I don’t have the cravings for sweets I normally do and I’m eating more healthy foods. My digestion, sleep, concentration, and overall stamina have also improved. I’m extremely pleased with the results.”

There are some critical reviews of Tru Niagen with unsatisfied users, but generally, users seem happy.

I am one of those who are satisfied with how my life has turned out for the better.

I certainly have more energy, along with better quality sleep.

I have since recommended the Tru Niagen supplement to my friends and family for better aging and cellular repair.

The Pros: What I liked

  • It is created by a medical doctor, Dr. Charles Brenner.
  • Tru Niagen has been successfully reviewed by Food and Drug Administration for the New Dietary Ingredient program.
  • It comes with the GRAS (Generally recognized as sage) tag.
  • Tru Niagen is approved by medically acclaimed bodies like Health Canada and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as well as the European Commission.
  • It has the backing of Nobel prize-winning scientists.
  • It is a completely safe supplement manufactured under global standards at state-of-the-art premises in Longmont, Colorado.
  • Tru Niagen comes in two potencies, 150 mg and 300 mg, which helps to split the dose into morning and evening.
  • These are vegetarian capsules that have no artificial flavors and are caffeine-free.
  • There is a blog on the website that is good for providing medical advice and community discussions.

Besides its obvious and multiple roles in boosting cellular energy and promoting cellular health, the panel behind the making of Tru Niagen is highly impressive.

It has some of the biggest names in chemistry and microbiology.

All of this inspires a lot of trust in me.

Insider Information

It is propounded to take a 300 mg dose of Tru Niagen capsules for best results.

This is because the most optimum increase of NAD levels at this dosage of more than 50%.

Any less than this is not enough, and too much is not good either. It is good to remember that overdosing on Tru Niagen will not bring results quicker than usual.

Although there are no reports of severe adverse effects, it is better to stick to 300 mg.

When I first began chronic nicotinamide riboside supplementation, I wondered which dose to choose.

Eventually, I chose the middle path of 300 mg, and the results were excellent.

Being consistent is very important in all of this to get the best results from Tru Niagen FDA-approved capsules.

Buying Advice

I will keep it short and to the point here – buy directly from the site.

Tru Niagen is an acclaimed anti-aging supplement approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

I have always followed this process and have stocked up for a few weeks past my current schedule.

There might be disruption or delay of delivery given the current global situation in light of the pandemic.

Since deliveries are global and each nation has its restrictions and rules, it is better to be aware of delivery times specific to your area.

I am lucky since I live in the US, and longer delivery times do not apply to me.

Bulk buying Tru Niagen will also work out better for your pocket and is, therefore, a good idea.

There are offers and packages on the parent website that work out well.


While there are other supplements in the market, my experience and Tru Niagen review should be good for readers looking for a balanced opinion.

For all anti-aging-related issues of skin, obesity, and cholesterol, among others, I found Tru Niagen a wonderful way of dealing with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How effective is the Tru Niagen?

Tru Niagen is quite effective in arresting the effects of aging and provides the boost needed to increase NAD levels in the body. NAD is essential for healthy bodily function and better levels will obviously provide overall wellness. 

What are the side effects?

This nicotinamide riboside supplement can cause upset stomach or itching in some cases. These are rare and mild cases. Having said that, there is always a possibility that some people might experience these. In fact, some reviews also speak of users who have experienced more discomfort after beginning this supplement. These are rare cases though.

What does it do for the body?

Tru Niagen brings in lots of positives for the body, better cellular function, cellular repair, improved heart health, more energy, and boosted metabolism to name a few. With rejuvenation at the cellular level, it is able to deal with anti-aging in a far better manner.

How long does Tru Niagen take to work?

Tru Niagen takes at least 6 weeks of consistent use at 300 mg to show a marked increase in NAD levels in the body. This means one needs to be a bit patient for some time and maintain a positive mindset to gear up for a more youthful self. As per Tru Niagen claims, 40-50% NAD boost has been registered in users who consume 300 mg daily.