Tru Niagen Reviews: Is This NR Supplement a Scam Or The Real Deal?

  • Does Tru Niagen really work?
  • Is True Niagen safe to take?
  • What are the side effects of Tru Niagen?
  • Is Tru Niagen a Scam?
  • What are Tru Niagen health benefits?

Those are the kinds of questions sent by The Well subscribers almost every day since the beginning of the year. 

So I and Deborah have come up with the most comprehensive review of Tru Niagen that'll help you decide if this NR supplement is right for you or not. 


Tru Niagen Bottle

That’s what you heard your mom say to you many times and probably also your doctor, ‘Take your Vitamins!’

But even though it’s been said through the years, today, it’s no less old-fashioned than hearing the words years ago.

Actually, it’s become more of a controversial topic today.

This is because there are many more studies showing that if you eat a decent diet, it does not really benefit you to take vitamins. 

That being said, there are millions upon millions of people who swear by taking nutritional supplements and vitamins today. 

We can all see that it’s a multi-million-dollar business, there’s no doubt about that!  

After all, it speaks for itself; supplement sales reached $41 billion in 2020. With coronavirus and other pandemics that sweep the world every now and then, you can probably double those figures.

Aging and holding the years back is also a multi-million-dollar business...

These days, being old no longer has to look like it did in your dad’s day.

Gone are the days when old age meant dying a slow and painful death at the ancient age of 50.  

These days, new breakthrough medicines and technologies allow people to live longer and die often quickly and painlessly somewhere in their 90s.

Many golden oldies are blowing out 100 candles on their birthday cakes because of these amazing advances in medicine.

Reaching a good age starts with caring about your body and health

If you want to be one of those people who reach a ripe old age without looking like you have a foot in the grave, you can!

This is exactly why TruNiagen was developed.

Tru Niagen is proving that it is possible to add enthusiasm, passion, vigor, with all your faculties intact, into the 90s and 100s.

Does it sound too good to be true? 

As we said, it is very possible, if you take care of yourself and take Tru Niagen.


This is what doctors and scientists from Natural Partners Fullscript and ChromaDex are offering you – they’ve made some amazing discoveries about the workings of the body and they are sharing it with you... can decide to take it, literally, or leave it.

Cutting a long scientific story short...

The amazing NR (nicotinamide riboside) (that’s what Tru Niagen is all about) and NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) story that is so critical in aging.

So the scientists thought about this problem of our bodies and what happens to them, really, when our NAD+ stores start disappearing.

 They dedicated their time to figuring out how it could be possible to increase our NAD+ – scratching their heads to find a solution to this vexing problem.

After all, it was causing people to age because it was decreasing...

...they wanted to find a way that the NAD+ stores could increase again to what they were, so that at least for people reaching their 80s, 90s, and perhaps 100s, they could do it at least in peak condition.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? For sure! 

They knew they had to come up with something that would actually trick the cells into making more NAD+.

And they did. It’s the amazing story of NR (nicotinamide riboside).

Fortified NAD+ becomes the fuel for many biological processes that happen in the body...

Once it is fortified with NR, NAD+ can get down to the job of doing a few positive things in your body such as these:

  • Converting the food you eat into energy
  • Repairing damaged DNA – good one!
  • Fortifying your cells’ defense systems
  • Setting your body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm

Finally, a supplement, NR, that actually supplements NAD+!

As the body ages, like many things in the body, it begins to deteriorate.

And the NAD+ stores in your body also get depleted to the point that you could develop some chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and sadly, vision loss even

It is interesting, though, that research done on animals discovered that when NAD+ was added or raised... was possible to reverse the signs of aging and lower the risk of the diseases mentioned above. [1] [2]


So it makes sense that nicotinamide riboside supplements, like niagen, have quickly become popular because they appear to be really good at raising NAD+ levels.

Up with NAD+, down with aging...

You see, aging kicks in right there, at the cellular level.

What you will notice is your skin starting to wrinkle, you might notice that a few years back you ran up three flights of steps, now you are panting at just 3 steps.

Your libido is something you hardly know exists anymore.

 Your eyes are droopy and tired and have lost their sparkle.

But in actual fact, long before all that stuff happened, your cells were starting to tire out and get run down, just like a car battery. 

But it is understandable; after all, they have had an awful heap of responsibilities to take care of in your body.

Your body ‘battery’ has to get recharged

One job of NAD+ is to produce something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in your body, otherwise known as adenosine triphosphate.

It’s like your battery in your body, having everything to do with what you do in life, such as blinking your eyes; speeding up the stairs, etc. 

Everything that you do such as your movements and growth has to do with your body requiring ATP.  

Everything runs on ATP, this energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things.

Can you see how important it is? 

But it needs your cells to be healthy so it can draw its strength from them – it depends on the health of your cells.

What happens to NAD+ function and metabolism as we age?

NAD+ in certain tissues has been shown to decline as we age, as does metabolism, our resilience against cellular damage, and our ability to repair the damage.

In other words, we aren’t able to function as efficiently as we once did.

It’s harder to stay up late at night and harder to get up early in the morning and be ready for a meeting at the office in the early hours.

We find we can’t bounce back from a bout of flu as we used to. 

Cells need to make more NAD+ in order to maintain a healthy metabolism.

There are three vitamin precursors of NAD+ – they are all similar and we call them “vitamin B3.”

Since 1938 already, we have known of two forms, niacin, and nicotinamide.

Biochemists at that time realized that these two vitamin forms were precursors of NAD+.

They knew how important these vitamins were for curing pellagra.

Pellagra resulted from eating a diet that consisted of cornmeal and lard.

In those days, the diets of hospital patients and prisoners who suffered from pellagra were very deficient in NAD+ precursors.

Today, that is why flour is fortified with niacin.

High doses of niacin have proven to have fantastic effects on our plasma lipids, because it lowers LDL cholesterol, the “bad cholesterol,” and elevates the “good cholesterol,” HDL cholesterol.

The other precursor to NAD+, nicotinamide, doesn’t have the same good effect on plasma lipids.  

But then the newly discovered NR or nicotinamide riboside occurred...

It is the other alternative form of vitamin B3.

Today, it is often marketed as an anti-aging product and supplement, such as Tru Niagen.

 When you consume it, your body converts it into NAD+

And NAD+ goes on to fuel all the cells with the fortification it receives from nicotinamide riboside.

NAD+ levels do become depleted with age, but now, boosting NAD+ level with NR is viewed strongly as a way of reversing the signs of aging.

This is where NAD+ comes in – to rev up your body again...

Can you see the huge connection between NR and NAD+?

NAD+ is a coenzyme, which is a compound totally necessary for the enzymes to function.

Coenzymes are what make stuff happen in the body, like spark plugs of the car.

You won’t really be going anywhere without these little spark plugs; they are absolutely essential.

It’s what keeps your cells healthy. 

When the cells start wearing down and they start unplugging, well, that’s when you start looking and feeling old and tired.

So as you age, you can imagine that the NAD+ stores are plummeting too because your cells are no longer in peak condition.

Your cells won’t function properly if NAD+ supplies are low


When the NAD+ supplies are low, the cells important functioning also starts deteriorating, and we know the signs of that don’t we - droopy tired, wrinkly skin.

It’s what drives millions of people every year to the plastic surgeon’s office...

...particularly if you live in the Beverley Hills area where youth, beauty, and fitness are king.


There’s always some new craze going on there, whether it’s a new diet, a new kind of exercise, a new face treatment – it all gets the world hanging on to what keeps them looking so sexy, hot, and forever young.

Fads and crazes might come and go, but one thing that does always last is vitamins.

There are plenty of myths as well as important facts about vitamins that you probably know before you just start taking any supplements.

What is Niagen nicotinamide riboside (NR) that boosts NAD+? Sounds very intricate!

To get down to real simplicity, NR is basically a form of vitamin B3, which is called niacin.

It was discovered by the biochemist Charles Brenner in 2004. 

Today it is sold as Tru Niagen, proving just what the scientists and doctors developed it to do; to increase our NAD+ stores.

That’s a pretty big deal.

Now it is 16 years later and Tru Niagen is considered an award-winning supplement to ward off aging.

Dr. Brenner discovered that the body could use NR to produce more coenzymes, NAD+, that are critical to the healthy function and metabolism of our cells throughout our lives.

All his work culminated in the arrival of Tru Niagen.

Today, Dr. Brenner is the Chief Scientific Advisor at ChromaDex.

This alternative form of vitamin 3, Niacin, is approved by scientists and doctors – not all supplements are 

You will know it is always important to consult your doctor if you want to start a new supplement, so ensure that it is suitable for you, particularly if you have a medical condition.

Because there are heaps of vitamins, and they all do particular things.


Like you know that Vitamin D takes care of your bones, and vitamin C is excellent to boost the immune system, and vitamin B12 helps the body's blood cells and nerve cells to keep healthy, and so on.

Some people also think that if you eat badly; eating fast foods, processed foods, and bad fats, for instance, that all you need do is take a multivitamin.

Remember that dietary supplements help you and supplement a healthy diet but they don’t replace your diet.

Another myth that a lot of people believe is that because a supplement says it is all-natural, that it is safe to take.

But in actual fact, it can be harmful to you. 

The nutrients might come from nature, but when they get turned into pill form...

...they actually are no longer natural, making many of them unsafe and ineffective.

About the team who developed Tru Niagen

ChromaDex Corp in Irvine, CA, is the science-based company responsible for developing Tru Niagen...

...they believe it is important to improve the way you age. 

They wanted to develop something that was healthy to take; that would pack in healthy nutrients to target certain people. 

They wanted to help those who felt old and tried, weak after illness, and unable to bounce back.

They started with the flagship ingredient Niagen, finally developing the product Tru Niagen, in partnership with Natural Partners Fullscript.

Let’s look at TRU NIAGEN in a bit more depth...

First of all, there are no clear-cut conclusions yet about its effectiveness for humans yet.

Nevertheless, there are some more potential health benefits that come from nicotinamide riboside, which boosts the NAD+ cellular levels in the body.

To raise the NAD+ levels, a precursor such as nicotinamide riboside is required.

It addresses critical issues that face people today

Since its induction, Tru Niagen is making a huge positive difference in people’s lives and their health.

Natural Partners Fullscript, in partnership with ChromaDex, have brought Tru Niagen exclusively to health care practitioners.

They want to meet the demand of Tru Niagen becoming a hot story in anti-aging; that’s what it was developed for - to replenish the NAD+ cells.

Sounds wonderful – So what more does Tru Niagen do for you?/health benefits

1) Improved mitochondrial function

As we age and the NAD+ levels decline, the mitochondria in our bodies are also affected.

Mitochondria have much to do with energy and respiration; to put it very simply.

Imagine that being improved how wonderful that would be. 

There are scientific findings done on aging mice which shows an improvement in the cell function of their hair follicles when NAD+ with NR was increased.

This gives great hope too for any history of male pattern baldness.

2) It has the potential to take care of liver health and maintain it [3]

Those people who like to indulge in their adult drinks, they often know all about how it goes down with their livers.

The liver has to process all the alcohol they have drunk and in order to it, it needs NAD+.

When you drink too much alcohol, you might not know it, but you are stressing out your cells and affecting the NAD+ that you do have.

In fact, you are stressing out a whole lot of other vital metabolic processes.

3) Muscle function gets maintained

We all know how muscle strength declines as we age; we see it every day amongst the older generation.

With Tru Niagen, their exercise capacity is restored as well as their weakened muscles.

4) It has the potential to help metabolic health

Most doctors try and tell their clients to follow diets that are naturally lower in fat and to possibly eat a plant-based diet.

However, many still continue to enjoy their high-fat meals, without realizing that the cells get stressed, even depleting NAD+.

By taking Tru Niagen, it is possible that they won’t gain weight as fast as they would on a diet that had no NR.


Studies from the University of Colorado [4] found that if you are a healthy middle-aged adult, and even older, when you take supplements of nicotinamide riboside, you effectively stimulate NAD+ metabolism.

And that not only is supplementing with NR well-tolerated, but it can also be beneficial for reducing blood pressure as well as arterial stiffness.

Other potential benefits of Tru Niagen

1) It activates enzymes that may promote healthy aging

With nicotinamide riboside helping to increase the NAD+ levels in the body, certain enzymes to produce healthy aging become activated.

2) Might protect the brain cells

NAD+ plays quite an important role in helping the brain to age well.

Researchers believe that if your mitochondrial function and your oxidative stress are impaired, there is a link between brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Nevertheless, it is not clear yet how helpful it is to raise NAD+ in people with age-related brain disorders.

More human studies will still continue, but it’s worth the try!

2) Could lower the risk of heart disease

Aging is a major risk factor when it comes to heart disease – heart disease is the world’s top leading cause of death.

Aging can cause your blood vessels like your aorta to become stiff and thick; less flexible.

That in turn can raise the blood pressure, with the need for the heart to work harder.

3) May lower the risk of cancer:

Studies show that a derivative of vitamin B3 such as what is in Tru Niagen, might be able to help with the onslaught of liver cancer [3].

4) May help treat jet lag:

Tru Niagen might be able to help to reset the body's internal clock.

5) May help to prevent putting on age-related weight:

There was a study completed in 2012 – is was to put mice on a high-fat diet.

When they were giving an NAD+ supplement, they gained 60% less weight than they did when they were on the same diet, but without the supplement.

You can naturally boost your NAD+ levels with healthy foods too and a healthy lifestyle...

There are certain foods that can boost NAD+ levels in the body.

Some of them include:

1) Dairy Milk:

Research has indicated that cow’s milk is a good source of Riboside Nicotinamide (RN). 

One liter of fresh cow’s milk contains about 3.9µmol of NAD+. By drinking a refreshing glass of milk, you’re getting healthier, and younger!

2) Fish

Enjoy all varieties of fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines, all rich sources of NAD+ for the body.

3) Mushrooms:

Many people love mushrooms and enjoy them as a regular food item in their diet.

 But did you know that especially the crimini mushrooms help in naturally boosting your NAD+ levels?

So enjoy eating the mushrooms as you continue to look more youthful!

4) Yeast:

Yeast is an ingredient for making bread, and it contains Riboside Nicotinamide (RN), which is a precursor of NAD+.

5) Green vegetables:

Green veggies have all kinds of nutrients in them which are beneficial to the body in many ways. 

Green vegetables are also a good source of NAD+ for the body, particularly asparagus and peas.

6) Cut down on alcohol:

NAD+ is responsible for maintaining the overall metabolic processes of the body. 

By drinking alcohol, you interfere with the effects of NAD+ and reduce its efficacy.

The ingredient of 2019 was nicotinamide riboside: it achieved the ‘Healthy Aging Award’

Tru Niagen, available as an oral NR supplement, is an exciting product, so hopeful with its advances in healthy aging, making it very exciting news in the healthy aging sector.

Nicotinamide riboside is a very promising agent with properties in it that support healthy cellular metabolism and energy production.


Of course, there are further studies that are required when it comes to human health, but at the moment, the data that exists around NR safety is very reassuring.

With Tru Niagen, we are getting a not-to-be-missed opportunity of sustaining our own health.

A ‘Tru’ breakthrough ingredient

Last year, 2019, ChromaDex announced that its product, Tru Niagen had been awarded the prestigious prize of the ‘Healthy Aging Award’ in New Orleans.

The judges were the ones who recognized the quality of the science as well as the safe production processes and the huge efforts of manufacturers and scientists.

All of them wanted to provide a supplement that would support healthy aging and cellular health.

The judges awarded it as a breakthrough ingredient in the healthy aging category.  

It certainly is turning out to be a big game-changer, this one.

Taking Tru Niagen

One capsule of Tru Niagen contains 300 mg of the active ingredient Niagen, a patented and FDA safety-notified form of vitamin B3.

Tru Niagen contains no nuts, no caffeine, no gluten, and no artificial colors or flavors.

Not only that, but the capsules are completely vegetarian and contain no animal by-products.

Tru Niagen will start increasing NAD+ levels shortly after you take it

Tru Niagen is capable of continually maintaining elevated NAD+ levels with regular supplementation.

As with any supplement or new health routine, your experience with Tru Niagen will vary depending on your age, exercise, diet, and sleeping habits.

It may take some time to feel the benefits of increased NAD+ in your body, but ultimately, it will be helping your cells remain energized and resilient in the face of everyday stresses.

Tru Niagen only needs to be taken once a day...

It doesn’t matter when you take it though, and it can also be taken with other multivitamins and even alcohol.

There are no side effects experienced with taking Tru Niagen.

It helps to keep you energized no matter how old you are.

Most people at some time in their life are searching for a boost in their energy levels and Tru Niagen might be the supplement that puts a spring in your step.

The Pros and Cons of Tru Niagen


  • There are studies to prove that this supplement increases NAD+ in the body.
  • The FDA has determined that Tru Niagen is safe and has no serious side effects. The company that developed Tru Niagen are dedicated to further scientific study. On their advisory board are two Nobel Prize winners.
  • Compared to other supplements, Tru Niagen is affordable.
  • No caffeine, no gluten, no animal by-products, no artificial colorings or flavorings have been added.


  • The potential health benefits are not 100% guaranteed yet, but there is ongoing research.
  • If you want to benefit from big discounts, you need to order supplies that last you longer, with auto-renewal.

Where can I buy Tru Niagen and how much does it cost?

  • 1 month supply ± $65.00 a bottle
  • 3 months’ supply ± $56 a bottle (most popular)
  • 6 months’ supply ± $54 a bottle
  • 12 months’ supply ± $52 a bottle

No trial period or returns for opened products. Buy your Tru Niagen on their official website.

Tru Niagen CTA

Reviews/Testimonials From Happy Customers..

Chadwick H: Verified Buyer: 5.0-star rating: 01/30/20

The Absolute best product on the Planet!!!!! I have been using Tru Niagen for 4 months now and I look and feel like a completely updated person! I absolutely love this product. My name is Chad Hamilton and I am a Tru Niagen believer!”

Timothy C: Verified Buyer: 5.0-star rating: 04/30/20

“I don’t know and I don’t care but I am guessing it is not a coincidence that since I started taking Tru Niagen I have more energy (working out once and sometimes twice a day), lost around 15 pounds, started sleeping better, and overall feel healthier.

I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol, not sure why but I just don’t.

It really makes no difference to me if the Tru Niagen is why or not, but in my head the two go hand in hand so thank you.”

Want to read more critical reviews about Tru Niagen?

Look on the official website where you will form your own opinion on whether to buy it or not.


Just imagine being a whole lot younger than your actual real age – that fantastic reality might be just around the corner.

Right now, the world is in a longevity revolution. 


Back in the early 1900s, our life expectancy wasn’t much longer than 50 and then in the early 21-century it was around 75-80 and now, today, it’s standing at around 85 or so and climbing.

There are still many people who don’t look after their health...

People that don’t look after their health can end up getting diabetes, or they suffer from drug abuse, or weight problems and the resulting consequences.

But if you are one of those who have looked after yourself health-wise, your life expectancy can exceed 95.

It’s no longer surprising to hear of people celebrating their 100th birthdays. 

The reason for that would be because scientists are learning and finding out more and more about how and why our bodies age like they do; and how they can repair themselves better.

We realize that accidents and illnesses do happen; that’s life...

Things do deteriorate and get broken down and our bodies do too. It’s no use pretending that age doesn’t happen.

But thing is, there’s a secret here and that secrete is how well you do recover and get on the mend again when you do.

Our bodies naturally break down as we get older, that’s what they are designed to do – nobody lives forever.

But our bodies were also designed with an immune system and other parts that have the efficiency and capability of repairing themselves.

You know you are going to get more years out of your car if you make sure it gets regular maintenance, don’t you?

And aging is like that.

The cells will lose their resilience and their ability to repair themselves.

But now there is a maintenance solution

You have heard interesting facts about your body today that the scientists have been talking about, like mitochondria and NAD+ and NR... have learned that when they aren’t working the way they should, you age faster than you should. 

It’s within your power to boost your resilience.

You have been given the gift of Tru Niagen to repair yourself, to repair your mitochondria so that you can get your energy back again.

 All these amazing developments are your chance to benefit from the amazing research.

Choose to follow the advice you have heard today and order your Tru Niagen soon so that you can feel on top of your game and ahead of the pack as you plan your big 90th or 100th birthday bash!

Tru Niagen CTA

Frequently Asked Questions About Tru Niagen?

Is it possible to replenish the NAD+ building blocks with healthy food?

Eating a good diet that is made up of whole foods and no processed foods will help support the body’s supply of NAD+.

If you eat veggies, meat, fruit, and fish, you are eating food that is beneficial to the cells. You will find good supplies of NR in fresh, organic milk, that comes from cows that eat grass and not hormone-injected grains, etc.
But in any case, you will need to drink a lot of healthy milk to get in the amount of NR that a supplement like Tru Niagen can offer you.

That’s why some people choose to supplement their diet with a compound like NR to cope with the stresses of life and replenish their NAD+ cells.

I am worried that my cells become dependent on Tru Niagen and start producing less NAD+ on their own?

The scientists have completed published research on this and to date, have no reason to believe that using Tru Niagen over time will reduce the natural activity levels of the enzymes that make NAD+.

What's the difference between Niagen and Tru Niagen?

Niagen was the first patented and safe form of the naturally occurring molecule called nicotinamide riboside. The developers have called their own product Tru Niagen.

Each capsule that they produce contains 125 mg of Niagen. And Niagen is actually an alternative form of vitamin B3, which is also known as niacin.

What should I expect after taking Tru Niagen?

The sole ingredient of Tru Niagen is Niagen, and it has been developed to support and maintain healthy NAD+ levels (read all about NAD+ above).

When your NAD+ levels are healthy, your body is at the receiving end of all kinds of health benefits which include support of healthy cholesterol levels, support of normal cellular metabolism, and more energy is produced.

Liver function is also supported, particularly after you have been through stressful times. Each person’s experience will be different depending on what their cellular needs are.

The longer you take it, the more you will notice changes.

How long should I take Tru Niagen to see any benefits?

The manufacturers recommend that you take 300mg per day. Studies show that people who took 300 mg a day showed an increase of whole-blood NAD+ by 40-50% in just a couple of weeks.

Check out the results of their clinical studies [5].


Tru Niagen
Posted by David Kessler, MD
September 27, 2020

Last modified on December 26th, 2020

David Kessler, MD

David is a certified personal trainer, a licensed clinical pharmacist, and a practicing rheumatologist and immunologist for 7 years.



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