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Deborah reports from the field

On the cutting edge with Permaculture and Michael Pollan

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      News Roundup: Wednesday 4.16.2014
      As Passover begins this week, food, liberation, and celebration is on many of our minds. As Wellness Warriors, we can appreciate these sentiments and appreciation for familial gatherings even if we are not of the...

      News Roundup: Thursday 4.10.2014
      In a world of serious issues, maintaining the light-hearted optimism of youth—along with deep dedication and passion—is of the utmost importance to leading a healthy life. We’ve found plenty of things to be optimistic and...

      DEBORAH & FRIENDS: Deborah reports from the field
      “Hello Michael!” I exclaimed to the tall, fit man who we all know so well as the guru of “Food Rules.” Writer Michael Pollan turned, gave me a big smile, and said, “Are you following me?”...