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    • A Report From Green Spa Network's 10th-Annual Congress in Carmel Valley, California—and the quest to plant 1 million trees!
    Big news from the spa world! Green Spa Network (GSN), a nonprofit trade association that emphasizes sustainability practices in the spa industry, recently kicked off their GSN Tree Planting Initiative in partnership with WeForest: GSN will initiate the planting of one million trees by Earth Day 2019. Member spas in GSN will donate funds, organize or participate in tree planting events, and continue with already existing tree-planting partnership to help regenerate the earth using trees' natural abilities to reverse climate change. You can help by patronizing a GSN member spa and/or contacting WeForest to see how you can help support or organize a tree-planting event yourself. Wellness Warrior attended the last GSN conference during an inspiring three days near Carmel, California. Let's make this happen together! Make a pledge, make a difference.

    Here's our WellnessWarrior report from GSN 2018, Carmel, California:

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    At Continent's End, Sustainability's Search  For A New Beginning

    A Report From Green Spa Network's 10th-Annual Congress in Carmel Valley, California—and the quest to plant 1 million...

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    A Wellness Warrior Kansas farmer fought for better cover crop regulations...and won

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    Water Water Everywhere...But What To Drink?

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    Teaching Sustainability To Little Wellness Warriors

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    Four Ways to be a Steward to the Soil

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