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UMZO zupoo reviews

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The colon is the organ responsible for processing harmful wastes and bacteria, preparing to eliminate them.

A colon cleanse is stated to free our body from waste buildup, which will help improve digestion and gut health.

This method may relieve us from symptoms like constipation, abdominal pain, and bloating.

Although maintaining a healthy bowel movement is initially managed with lifestyle changes by increasing fluids, fiber-rich foods, and regular exercise.

It can feel like persistent stomach issues such as constipation, or we may have difficulty keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.

We turn to supplements to help us with these minor symptoms yet unbearable inconveniences.

A laxative or a colon cleansing supplement is a good solution.

Unfortunately, taking just any product from cheap drugstores or supermarkets is not a wise decision.

It is essential to know what we are taking and how they work. A known product we will look into is UMZU zuPOO colon cleanse gut support.

We will determine its potential to promote digestion and increase elimination.

UMZU zuPOO is advertised as a natural product that supports digestive health and weight loss.

Hence, this review will examine the research backing up its claimed benefits.

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zuPOO Review: Is it Safe and Legit? Let’s Find Out…


What is UMZU zuPOO?

UMZU zuPOO, formerly Digestive Refresh, is a colon cleanse and gut support supplement in capsule form.

It is a natural product that contains a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and bark.

The company claims it can detoxify your digestive system by a flush of waste and hormone blockers.

UMZU zuPOO is manufactured to deal with stomach issues using organic products without toxic chemicals.

Other claims of UMZU zuPOO are relief from temporary bloating, excretion of toxins, and support for weight loss.

The UMZU webpage also states that improving intestinal and immune health through UMZU zuPOO can only take 8 hours, cleansing 5-20 lbs of toxic waste.

zuPOO ingredients

Most of its ingredients are herbs with laxative properties and traditional remedies with antioxidant or anti-inflammatory effects.

Its six active ingredients are cascara sagrada, bentonite clay, aloe Ferox, milk thistle, cayenne pepper extract, and slippery elm extract.

This UMZU zuPOO review will look further at its ingredients through clinical research or peer-reviewed studies that support its benefits.

1) Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract (Rhamnus purshiana)

Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract

UMZU claims it is a natural gentle laxative and can aid your gut and immune system.

It is a popular herbal ingredient for treating constipation.

However, the Food and Drug Administration criticized its safety.

The use of cascara sagrada in the proper dosage for a short period is generally safe, but long-term use at high doses causes cases of liver injury.

The injury ranged from mild to severe but usually resolved rapidly upon discontinuation.

Its safety and efficacy are under more research.

2) Senna Leaf Powder (Cassia Angustifolia)

Senna Leaf Powder

It is a popular stimulant laxative like cascara. Senna is included in several laxative teas for weight loss.

The active component of senna is anthraquinone derivatives, similar to cascara sagrada.

It is also considered safe with proper use but can cause liver injury with abuse.

3) Fennel Seed Powder (Foeniculum vulgare)

Fennel Seeds

They are a good source of fiber that can support digestion.

Fennel is a well-known medicinal plant used in treating respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders.

Different experiments on animals and humans have demonstrated its ability to protect the liver as an antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant.

4) Burdock Root Powder (Arctium lappa)

Burdock Root Powder

It is a medicinal herb and health supplement that exhibits potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Burdock has attracted attention for years due to its promising effects on inflammation, infection, metabolic disorders, and brain dysfunctions.

It was traditionally used as a digestive aid and diuretic.

However, its benefits focus on inflammation rather than the digestive system.

5) Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is claimed to work as a detoxifying agent by drawing out the waste from the body.

It also contains nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Bentonite can absorb negatively charged toxins and can help nutrient absorption by increasing gut flora activity.

Researchers discovered these findings through the administration of bentonite on mice.

It is also associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by treating constipation and modulating bowel movement.

However, zuPOO contains other ingredients that may have contraindications with IBS.

6) Buckthorn Bark Powder (Frangulus alnus)


Buckthorn bark is similar to cascara bark, which is a short treatment for constipation.

It can also cause side effects at high doses and prolonged use.

7) Cape Aloe Leaf Extract (Aloe ferox)

Cape Aloe Leaf Extract

Some studies have found aloe vera for gut support may reduce symptoms of IBS. However, cape aloe Ferox in zuPOO is not the same as aloe vera.

UMZU claims Aloe Ferox is a colon cleanser and an antioxidant.

It also contains anthraquinone, like the other ingredients of zuPOO. It is a strong laxative that must be used as directed.

8) Slippery Elm Bark Powder (Ulmus fulva)

Slippery Elm Bark Powder

Slippery elm is used in Ayurveda to improve digestion. It is demulcent and emollient for the gastrointestinal tract.

It can benefit the gut flora by promoting the growth of gut bacteria as a prebiotic.

Another study evaluated its effect on gastrointestinal symptoms and gut health.

Supplemented with a herbal formula containing slippery elm, participants experienced less indigestion.

It also aids in stomach pain, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

However, slippery elm is only one of the ingredients in the formula studied.

9) Milk Thistle Seed Powder (Silybum marianum)

milk thistle powder

It supports liver health by strengthening liver cells.

Milk thistle also detoxifies the liver by helping to remove waste.

People used it for centuries as a supplement for gallbladder and liver conditions.

Milk thistle is still a liver tonic for liver disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

It is encouraged to be used for various health issues, including indigestion.

10) Cayenne Red Pepper Fruit powder (Capsicum annuum)

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper extract has significant benefits for digestive health.

It stimulates gastric juices and enzyme production to aid the body’s ability to metabolize food and toxins.

Capsaicin found in cayenne pepper extract has numerous beneficial roles.

It can treat inflammation, pain, and arthritis.

Capsaicin also has weight loss effects and may be an anti-obesity treatment.

No adverse effects with capsaicin were observed in most studies.

Its potential for metabolic health and weight loss can be attributed to different mechanisms.

It can suppress appetite, modulate the function of the gastrointestinal tract and support the gut microbiome.

Who Made The Colon Cleanse?

The company called UMZU is the manufacturer of zuPOO.

Hence, it is often called a UMZU zuPOO colon cleanse gut support supplement.

UMZU sells balanced dietary supplements for hormonal health and claims only to use organic products and ingredients without fillers.

Christian Walker, a neuroscience student, founded UMZU.

He believes in natural hormonal health for overall health, with the proper dosage of ingredients in a formulation to solve a health problem.

They created UMZU zuPOO with this belief and marketed it as a natural gentle laxative for your colon and gut health.

What is zuPOO For?

UMZU zuPOO is a colon cleanser with claimed benefits which are:

  • Flushes your gut and intestine of waste buildup
  • Support waste elimination and gut system
  • Improve digestion by clearing out the digestive tract
  • Weight loss by eliminating 5-20 lbs of harmful wastes
  • A complete flush of toxic waste in your body within 12-48 hours
  • Promotes immune system function and nutrient absorption
  • Provide increased energy levels

There are several types of laxatives. UMZU zuPOO is a stimulant laxative because its ingredients promote intestinal secretion and motility.

The colon can affect our overall health, so it is necessary to keep it free of excessive waste.

A healthy diet and lifestyle maintain a normal bowel function.

It consists of better nutrient absorption in the intestine, electrolytes, and water from the gut.

People who have trouble eliminating waste from their bodies experience constipation. Any healthcare provider’s initial management of these symptoms is a change in diet.

However, chronic constipation caused by a medical condition, medicine, or surgery is approached with laxatives.

The right type of laxative will be recommended by a doctor, depending on the evaluation of an individual’s condition.

Constipation is commonly overlooked in clinic visits, even though it causes significant distress.

It can also cause secondary complications like urinary retention, stomach pain, and nausea.

Among gastrointestinal disorders, it is the most prevalent diagnosis.

A gastroenterologist will identify which patients must need specific treatments that a supplement cannot replace.

Despite taking laxatives, a change in diet is still recommended.

Increasing fluid intake and fiber-rich foods such as a vegetarian diet are advised to patients.

People with severe digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease may have risks in taking colon cleanse supplements.

UMZU zuPOO is not for…

1) Preexisting conditions

People with a serious medical condition, heart problem, or taking prescription medicines must first consult a qualified healthcare provider to provide medical advice.

Supplements, including UMZU zuPOO, may interact or cause unpleasant side effects with specific individuals, particularly if misused.

2) Pregnant and nursing women

Generally, pregnant women are advised by obstetricians to avoid laxatives.

Most of the ingredients of supplements like UMZU zuPOO are not extensively studied for safety in pregnant and lactating women.

There are risks of taking certain substances that may endanger pregnancy.

Always consult your doctor for professional medical advice if you experience digestive problems.

3) Have restricted access to the bathroom

Taking laxatives will result in numerous trips to the bathroom to flush out waste.

Not being able to do this comfortably and holding it in will cause stress and discomfort.

If you start taking UMZU zuPOO, ensure that you have unrestricted access to the bathroom throughout the day.

4) Ages under 18 years old

UMZU zuPOO Colon Cleanse Gut Support is not recommended for children.

This formulation is made for adults that have difficulty removing waste buildup or want to detoxify and lose weight.

These are not concerns for children, and the supplement may not be well tolerated.

If a child experiences constipation or any problems in digestion, always consult a doctor to provide medical advice.

5) People with eating disorders

The prevalence of people who misuse or abuse laxatives is most familiar with individuals suffering from an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

Stimulant laxatives, like the ingredients found in UMZU zuPOO, are fast-acting, so people who want to lose weight may abuse this supplement.

It should not be used by individuals with a history of eating disorders or reckless crash diets.

Laxatives are an unhealthy and unsustainable method to lose weight.

The Cons of UMZU zuPOO

1) Claims

Detox diets for weight loss or to remove waste from the body have no compelling proof to substantiate this method.

There is a lack of research on the long-term consequences of detoxification or the use of a colon cleanser.

UMZU zuPOO is advertised as a colon cleanse and gut support to remove toxic waste from the body and improve digestion.

2) Not a long-term or sustainable solution

Long-term use of the ingredients such as cascara sagrada, senna leaf powder, and Aloe Ferox may pose risks and side effects such as liver injury.

Cascara sagrada was used in many over-the-counter laxatives until 2002, when the Food and Drug Administration ruled it as not generally safe or effective.

Although senna leaf powder is relatively safe, it is recommended for short-term use only.

High dosages and long-term use may cause severe diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and liver injury.

3) Side effects and Contraindications

Individuals taking over-the-counter or prescription medication must consult a healthcare provider. UMZU zuPOO may interfere with specific treatments and conditions.

Despite using natural plant ingredients, high dosages and long-term use of stimulant laxatives will still cause severe diarrhea.

 zuPOO Customer Testimonials

Advice some people give in reviews is to drink a lot of water for the UMZU zuPOO colon cleanse to work.

A mix of results could be seen in individuals; some experienced extreme effects while others only felt bloating.

On the other hand, UMZU zuPOO reviews shared funny experiences because of the product’s efficacy.

Some people had excessive trips to the bathrooms, and those who achieved a regular bowel movements.

Individuals with persistent issues with their digestive tract significantly changed motility.

However, those with normal bowel functions found little difference using UMZU zuPOO.

This result may be caused by the difference in sensitivity of the gut system per individual. Despite this, the majority of the reviews had positive ratings.

Amazon had an average of 3.8 out of 5 from 4386 global ratings, and the UMZU Website resulted in 4.8 out of 5 stars.

UMZU zuPOO review on Amazon…

“Please, please please read before purchasing – A lot of people are complaining “doesn’t work for me or for some, not much of a difference.” I did some research and listen when you take this product- DRINK WATER FOLKS!!!! Seriously! Your body needs the water, to help push the herbs. Man can’t live on herbs alone! For your body’s sake for this to work please drink more water! I was bloated and looked pregnant. I needed help fast and I haven’t pooped for a long time. It’s almost a week and with drinking WATER I lost WATER WEIGHT, and not bloated! I look thinner and healthier and my bowl moments are intense but are becoming more on a schedule. Seriously not just take the herbs but drink ALOT of water. Or yes it won’t “work for you”

The Pros of UMZU zuPOO

1) Other Health Benefits

UMZU zuPOO colon cleanse has certain promising ingredients that benefit the digestive system and the immune system function.

In particular, Bentonite clay, cayenne pepper, and milk thistle are safe and have numerous benefits.

2) Potential of Ingredients

UMZU zuPOO uses natural laxatives that have been researched in animals and clinical studies.

It is widely acknowledged that active constituents isolated from herbs are close to traditional remedies.

It is a holistic approach to treating gut health and different ailments. The efficacy of zuPOO as a laxative is evident with the ingredients used.

They are recognized to have potent laxative properties and will increase the elimination of waste or relieve gas.

Detoxing with natural herbs and diets has become popular.

Clinical studies have shown that detox diets enhance liver detoxification and eliminate waste buildup, although further studies are needed.

There are animal studies that found particular foods to have detoxification properties. This alternative treatment undeniably has potential benefits.

However, further investigation of detox diets must be done to provide more information on their benefits and risks.

3) 60-day Money-back Guarantee

UMZU offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for every first purchase for zuPOO.

A discount is available after subscribing for an auto-ship of products every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Where to buy zuPOO?

You can buy Umzu zuPOO colon cleanse on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

A bottle contains 30 capsules for a 15-day supply.

You can select a one-time purchase or subscribe for an auto-ship every 30, 60, or 90 days at a discounted price.

Make sure to choose the correct method of purchase.

UMZU offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on every first purchase.

Verdict on UMZU zuPOO

UMZU zuPOO has potent laxative properties, with the natural ingredients included in the formulation. Its ingredients are recognized in studies.

They effectively eliminate waste, given that it is used as directed and not too often.

Weight loss may also occur due to increased waste excretion, but it is not a sustainable weight loss solution.

This supplement has possible benefits in improving symptoms like bloating, constipation, and detoxification of organs.

According to some UMZU zuPOO reviews, its effects were primarily positive.

However, there is a gas buildup at first, but it dissipates eventually.

Although relatively safe, minor side effects can be concerning if a laxative is overused. Excessive bathroom visits can also become distressing.

These side effects usually disappear after discontinuing.

It is a mix of beneficial and controversial ingredients.

They are not severely harmful and may only cause some discomfort.

With the proper use and accompanied by a fiber-enriched diet, UMZU zuPOO may improve digestive health.

Supplements are generally safe and are better tolerated than other prescription medicines.

However, allergies and contraindications to certain ingredients are still a concern.


If you experience persistent and severe side effects, discontinue use and consult a healthcare provider. Results per individual will vary.

The purpose of this zuPOO review is to provide general knowledge.

Do not take this information as professional medical advice or diagnosis of your condition.

Speak with a qualified healthcare provider if you’re unsure of the symptoms you’re experiencing before taking any supplements.